Watch NRL Season 2023 in Canada on 9Now

The 116th Season of the Rugy league is set to start on March 2, 2023. The whole sports league will broadcast live on 9Now. It is an Australian-only platform, so we will tell you how to watch NRL season 2023 in Canada on 9Now.9Now is a streaming service from Australia that offers live and on-demand content.

9Now is a video-on-demand platform that is only accessible in Australia. To bypass its geo-blocking, you must use a VPN. It will let you get around the geo-restrictions set by this platform, and you can watch 9Now in Canada.

NRL 2023 start date is March 2, 2023, and the event will end on October 1, 2023. It is one of the most-watched sports events in Australia and the rest of the world. Get a VPN if 9Now is not streamable in your location.

This problem can only be cleared by using a reliable VPN. A VPN like ExpressVPN masks your IP address and will help you to watch 9Now in Canada. If you are curious what are the devices compatible to stream 9Now in Canada, this post will give serve you the precise answer, plus give you an idea of the top 9Now programs to stream.

9Now has one of the best collections of movies and TV shows in the world, but unfortunately, this incredible collection is limited to Australians. To ensure that people in Canada gain access to it too, we’re here to tell you How to Watch Best Trending Movies on 9Now in Canada.

Watch NRL season 2023 in Canada on 9Now – [Easy Steps]

Follow these easy steps to unlock 9Now and watch NRL season 2023 in Canada on 9Now.

  • Install and set up ExpressVPN on your device.
  • Buy a subscription.
  • Connect it to an Australian server.
  • Go to the 9Now official website and add details.
  • Go to 9Now Website and Watch NRL 2023 in Canada.

Where Can I Stream NRL season 2023?

You can stream NRL season 2023 on 9Now. But due to geo-restrictions, 9Now is only streamable in Australia. Only the people residing there can watch 9Now content. So we recommend you get a VPN to watch its content.

NRL season 2023 Schedule

NRL 2023 fixtures and NRL 2023 pre-season matches will start on March 2, 2023, and will end on October 1, 2023. The whole season will last for 27 weeks. You can click on the link to learn more details.

Matchup Date Scheduled Time (local time)
Eels versus Storm 2 Mar 7:50 PM
Warriors versus Knights 3 Mar 8:00 PM
Panthers versus Broncos 3 Mar 8:05 PM
Sea Eagles versus Bulldogs 4 Mar 3:00 PM
Cowboys versus Raiders 4 Mar 4:30 PM
Sharks versus Rabbitohs 4 Mar 7:35 PM
Dolphins versus Roosters 5 Mar 3:05 PM
Tigers versus Titans 5 Mar 6:15 PM
Panthers versus Rabbitohs 9 Mar 7:50 PM
Eels versus Sharks 10 Mar 6:00 PM
Broncos versus Cowboys 10 Mar 7:05 PM
Roosters versus Warriors 11 Mar 3:00 PM
Dolphins versus Raiders 11 Mar 4:30 PM
Storm versus Bulldogs 11 Mar 7:35 PM
Tigers versus Knights 12 Mar 4:05 PM
Dragons versus Titans 12 Mar 6:15 PM
Sea Eagles versus Eels 16 Mar 7:50 PM
Knights versus Dolphins 17 Mar 6:00 PM
Roosters versus Rabbitohs 17 Mar 8:05 PM
Titans versus Storm 18 Mar 2:00 PM
Cowboys versus Warriors 18 Mar 4:30 PM
Broncos versus Dragons 18 Mar 6:35 PM
Bulldogs versus Tigers 19 Mar 4:05 PM
Raiders versus Sharks 19 Mar 6:15 PM
Eels versus Panthers 23 Mar 7:50 PM
Storm versus Tigers 24 Mar 6:00 PM
Dolphins versus Broncos 24 Mar 7:05 PM
Cowboys versus Titans 25 Mar 5:30 PM
Rabbitohs versus Sea Eagles 25 Mar 7:35 PM
Warriors versus Bulldogs 26 Mar 4:00 PM
Knights versus Raiders 26 Mar 4:05 PM
Dragons versus Sharks 26 Mar 6:15 PM
Roosters versus Eels 30 Mar 7:50 PM
Raiders versus Panthers 31 Mar 6:00 PM
Rabbitohs versus Storm 31 Mar 8:05 PM
Sea Eagles versus Knights 1 Apr 3:00 PM
Dragons versus Dolphins 1 Apr 5:30 PM
Broncos versus Tigers 1 Apr 6:35 PM
Sharks versus Warriors 2 Apr 4:00 PM
Bulldogs versus Cowboys 2 Apr 6:15 PM
Storm versus Roosters 6 Apr 7:50 PM
Bulldogs versus Rabbitohs 7 Apr 4:00 PM
Cowboys versus Dolphins 7 Apr 8:00 PM
Panthers versus Sea Eagles 8 Apr 5:30 PM
Broncos versus Raiders 8 Apr 7:35 PM
Titans versus Dragons 9 Apr 4:05 PM
Knights versus Warriors 9 Apr 6:15 PM
Tigers versus Eels 10 Apr 4:00 PM
Dolphins versus Rabbitohs 13 Apr 7:50 PM
Sharks versus Roosters 14 Apr 6:00 PM
Sea Eagles versus Storm 14 Apr 8:00 PM
Warriors versus Cowboys 15 Apr 5:00 PM
Knights versus Panthers 15 Apr 5:30 PM
Titans versus Broncos 15 Apr 7:35 PM
Raiders versus Dragons 16 Apr 2:00 PM
Eels versus Bulldogs 16 Apr 4:05 PM
Rabbitohs versus Panthers 20 Apr 7:50 PM
Eels versus Broncos 21 Apr 8:00 PM
Bulldogs versus Sharks 22 Apr 5:30 PM
Cowboys versus Knights 22 Apr 7:35 PM
Dolphins versus Titans 23 Apr 2:00 PM
Tigers versus Sea Eagles 23 Apr 4:05 PM
Roosters versus Dragons 25 Apr 4:00 PM
Storm versus Warriors 25 Apr 7:00 PM
Sharks versus Cowboys 27 Apr 7:50 PM
Eels versus Knights 28 Apr 6:00 PM
Broncos versus Rabbitohs 28 Apr 8:00 PM
Raiders versus Dolphins 29 Apr 3:00 PM
Sea Eagles versus Titans 29 Apr 5:30 PM
Panthers versus Tigers 29 Apr 7:35 PM
Warriors versus Roosters 30 Apr 4:00 PM
Dragons versus Bulldogs 30 Apr 4:05 AM
Sea Eagles versus Broncos 5 May 8:05 PM
Warriors versus Panthers 6 May 3:00 PM
Sharks versus Dolphins 6 May 5:30 PM
Storm versus Rabbitohs 6 May 7:45 PM
Tigers versus Dragons 7 May 1:50 PM
Roosters versus Cowboys 7 May 4:00 PM
Titans versus Eels 7 May 6:25 PM
Storm versus Broncos 11 May 7:50 PM
Bulldogs versus Warriors 12 May 6:00 PM
Panthers versus Roosters 12 May 8:00 PM
Rabbitohs versus Tigers 13 May 3:00 PM
Cowboys versus Dragons 13 May 5:30 PM
Raiders versus Eels 13 May 7:35 PM
Knights versus Titans 14 May 2:00 PM
Sea Eagles versus Sharks 14 May 4:05 PM
Broncos versus Panthers 18 May 7:50 PM
Dragons versus Roosters 19 May 6:00 PM
Rabbitohs versus Eels 19 May 8:00 PM
Sharks versus Knights 20 May 3:00 PM
Tigers versus Cowboys 20 May 5:30 PM
Dolphins versus Storm 20 May 7:35 PM
Bulldogs versus Titans 21 May 2:00 PM
Raiders versus Sea Eagles 21 May 4:05 PM
Dolphins versus Dragons 25 May 7:50 PM
Eels versus Cowboys 26 May 8:00 PM
Warriors versus Broncos 27 May 5:30 PM
Rabbitohs versus Raiders 27 May 7:35 PM
Knights versus Sea Eagles 28 May 4:05 PM
Queensland versus New South Wales 31 May 8:05 PM
Tigers versus Raiders 2 Jun 8:00 PM
Warriors versus Dolphins 3 Jun 3:00 PM
Titans versus Rabbitohs 3 Jun 5:30 PM
Sharks versus Broncos 3 Jun 7:35 PM
Roosters versus Bulldogs 4 Jun 2:00 PM
Cowboys versus Storm 4 Jun 4:05 PM
Panthers versus Dragons 4 Jun 6:15 PM
Titans versus Tigers 8 Jun 7:50 PM
Raiders versus Warriors 9 Jun 6:00 PM
Sea Eagles versus Dolphins 9 Jun 8:00 PM
Dragons versus Rabbitohs 10 Jun 3:00 PM
Broncos versus Knights 10 Jun 5:30 PM
Roosters versus Panthers 10 Jun 7:35 PM
Storm versus Sharks 11 Jun 4:05 PM
Bulldogs versus Eels 12 Jun 4:00 PM
Cowboys versus Panthers 16 Jun 8:00 PM
Knights versus Roosters 17 Jun 3:00 PM
Eels versus Sea Eagles 17 Jun 5:30 PM
Tigers versus Storm 17 Jun 7:35 PM
Sharks versus Bulldogs 18 Jun 4:05 PM
Queensland versus New South Wales 21 Jun 8:05 PM
Dragons versus Warriors 23 Jun 8:00 PM
Dolphins versus Eels 24 Jun 3:00 PM
Panthers versus Knights 24 Jun 5:30 PM
Storm versus Sea Eagles 24 Jun 7:35 PM
Broncos versus Titans 25 Jun 2:00 PM
Rabbitohs versus Cowboys 25 Jun 4:05 PM
Sharks versus Dragons 29 Jun 7:50 PM
Warriors versus Rabbitohs 30 Jun 6:00 PM
Storm versus Panthers 30 Jun 8:00 PM
Raiders versus Titans 1 Jul 3:00 PM
Cowboys versus Tigers 1 Jul 5:30 PM
Broncos versus Dolphins 1 Jul 7:35 PM
Bulldogs versus Knights 2 Jul 2:00 PM
Sea Eagles versus Roosters 2 Jul 4:05 PM
Tigers versus Sharks 6 Jul 7:50 PM
Dragons versus Raiders 7 Jul 8:00 PM
Titans versus Dolphins 8 Jul 2:05 PM
Eels versus Warriors 8 Jul 5:30 PM
Rabbitohs versus Bulldogs 8 Jul 7:35 PM
New South Wales versus Queensland 12 Jul 8:05 PM
Knights versus Tigers 14 Jul 8:00 PM
Bulldogs versus Broncos 15 Jul 3:00 PM
Sea Eagles versus Cowboys 15 Jul 5:30 PM
Roosters versus Storm 15 Jul 7:35 PM
Warriors versus Sharks 16 Jul 2:00 PM
Dolphins versus Panthers 16 Jul 4:05 PM
Eels versus Titans 16 Jul 6:15 PM
Dragons versus Tigers 20 Jul 7:50 PM
Warriors versus Raiders 21 Jul 6:00 PM
Rabbitohs versus Broncos 21 Jul 8:00 PM
Titans versus Roosters 22 Jul 3:00 PM
Knights versus Storm 22 Jul 5:30 PM
Cowboys versus Eels 22 Jul 7:35 PM
Panthers versus Bulldogs 23 Jul 2:00 PM
Sharks versus Sea Eagles 23 Jul 4:05 PM
Broncos versus Roosters 27 Jul 7:50 PM
Tigers versus Rabbitohs 28 Jul 6:00 PM
Storm versus Eels 28 Jul 8:00 PM
Raiders versus Knights 29 Jul 3:00 PM
Dragons versus Sea Eagles 29 Jul 5:30 PM
Panthers versus Sharks 29 Jul 7:35 PM
Bulldogs versus Dolphins 30 Jul 2:00 PM
Titans versus Cowboys 30 Jul 4:05 PM
Roosters versus Sea Eagles 3 Aug 7:50 PM
Titans versus Warriors 4 Aug 6:00 PM
Panthers versus Storm 4 Aug 8:00 PM
Cowboys versus Broncos 5 Aug 3:00 PM
Dolphins versus Knights 5 Aug 5:30 PM
Rabbitohs versus Sharks 5 Aug 7:35 PM
Eels versus Dragons 6 Aug 2:00 PM
Raiders versus Tigers 6 Aug 4:05 PM
Sea Eagles versus Panthers 10 Aug 7:50 PM
Sharks versus Titans 11 Aug 6:00 PM
Broncos versus Eels 11 Aug 8:00 PM
Rabbitohs versus Dragons 12 Aug 3:00 PM
Tigers versus Warriors 12 Aug 5:30 PM
Roosters versus Dolphins 12 Aug 7:35 PM
Storm versus Raiders 13 Aug 2:00 PM
Knights versus Bulldogs 13 Aug 4:05 PM
Cowboys versus Sharks 17 Aug 7:50 PM
Warriors versus Sea Eagles 18 Aug 6:00 PM
Eels versus Roosters 18 Aug 8:00 PM
Tigers versus Dolphins 19 Aug 3:00 PM
Titans versus Panthers 19 Aug 5:30 PM
Dragons versus Storm 19 Aug 7:35 PM
Knights versus Rabbitohs 20 Aug 2:00 PM
Raiders versus Bulldogs 20 Aug 4:05 PM
Panthers versus Eels 24 Aug 7:50 PM
Warriors versus Dragons 25 Aug 6:00 PM
Dolphins versus Cowboys 25 Aug 8:00 PM
Storm versus Titans 26 Aug 3:00 PM
Roosters versus Tigers 26 Aug 5:30 PM
Raiders versus Broncos 26 Aug 7:35 PM
Bulldogs versus Sea Eagles 27 Aug 2:00 PM
Knights versus Sharks 27 Aug 4:05 PM
Broncos versus Storm 31 Aug 7:50 PM
Sea Eagles versus Tigers 1 Sep 6:00 PM
Rabbitohs versus Roosters 1 Sep 8:00 PM
Dolphins versus Warriors 2 SeHp 3:00 PM
Panthers versus Cowboys 2 Sep 5:30 PM
Dragons versus Knights 2 Sep 7:35 PM
Titans versus Bulldogs 3 Sep 2:00 PM
Sharks versus Raiders 3 Sep 4:05 PM

What date is the first NRL game in 2023?

NRL’s first game 2023 date is March 2, 2023. The event will last eight months, and the last match will occur on October 1, 2023. The event will last for 27 weeks. You can watch all the games on 9Now.

Who is the new NRL team in 2023?

The Dolphins is the new NRL 2023 team. The NRL team has increased from sixteen to seventeen. It is the fourth Queensland-based club. The team will play its first match on March 5, 2023, against the Roosters.

Who are the teams of NRL season 2023?

NRL 2023 teams are:

  • Brisbane Broncos
  • Canberra Raiders
  • Gold Coast Titans
  • Melbourne Storm
  • Newcastle Knights
  • Parramatta Eels
  • George Illawarra
  • Sydney Roosters
  • Redcliffe Dolphins
  • Canterbury Bulldogs
  • Cronulla Sharks
  • Manly Sea Eagles
  • New Zealand Warriors
  • NQ Cowboys
  • Penrith Panthers
  • South Sydney Rabbitohs
  • Wests Tigers

Where is the NRL grand final 2023?

NRL Grand Final 2023 will occur at the Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. It was opened in 1914, and many events have occurred since then. It can hold 52,000 people.

How much do NRL tickets cost?

NRL 2023 ticket price starts from $59. Check the ticket price on the NRL official website. You can check the tickets and get the one that matches your budget. There are different ticket packages according to the seats.

What channel will be on NRL season 2023?

You can watch NRL season 2023 on 9Now, Channel 9, Foxtel Now, and Fox Sports. 9Now is the official broadcaster, and all matches will be live broadcast on the platform. But Foxtel and Fox Sports will also premiere the matches.

Can I Watch NRL 2022 for free?

Yes, you can watch NRL 2023 for free on Channel Nine or 9Now. Channel 9 and 9Now are only available in Australia. You must use a VPN to bypass their geo-locking policy and access them in your location.

Who is predicted to win the NRL season in 2023?

It’s hard to predict the winner yet, but if we look at NRL Ladder, the Brisbane broncos is expected to win the NRL season in 2023. But it is too early to say who will win this year. All teams are prepared to win the title. Let’s see who will win this time. However, the Brisbane Broncos are at the top of the NRL 2023 Ladder.

Where will the NRL finals be played?

The NRL finals will be played in Sydney, Australia. Stadium Australia played host to both the Grand Final and the preliminary finals based in Sydney, marking the Grand Final’s return to Sydney after a year.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch Watch NRL season 2023 in Canada on 9Now?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch NRL season 2023 in Canada on 9Now. It is the most reliable and trustworthy VPN on the market. It is affordable and has unique features that differentiate it from other VPNs.

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch NRL season 2023 in Canada on 9Now

ExpressVPN is the best VPN as it has a unique system of  3000+ servers spread over 105 countries.expressvpn-9now-in-canada

You can stream without any restrictions imposed by your internet supplier, thanks to the unrestricted bandwidth provided by your VPN. ExpressVPN uses maximum encryption to protect your data as it travels between its servers and devices.

The VPN provider uses AES 256-bit encryption. You can also watch the best shows on 9Now and the best movies on 9Now with the help of ExpressVPN.

The latest VPN protocol from ExpressVPN, Lightway, makes using a VPN faster, safer, and more dependable. You can easily access Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Paramount Plus, 9Now, Channel 9, Fox Sports, and others.

The VPN’s user-friendly apps are supported on Linux, routers, Windows, Android,  Mac, iOS, and Chromebooks. You can access 9Now, on Amazon Firestick, Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, Samsung TV, and Android TV when using a VPN with a smart TV.

ExpressVPN specialists created the MediaStreamer smart DNS utility as a fix for gaming consoles and some smart TVs that don’t fully implement the Vpn connection.

Five devices may connect at once with a single ExpressVPN account. The MediaStreamer does not include network connections towards this cap. ExpressVPN adheres to a no-logging policy because it believes privacy is a fundamental human right.

The one-year special offer from ExpressVPN, which includes three months free and reduces the cost by 49%, is the most affordable payment option. Only a membership cost is required. You can get it for just CA$ 9.14/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) . So get it ASAP!

NRL Season 2023

What Else is Worth Watching on 9Now?

Here is the most popular show list that is available on 9Now.


No, NRL tickets don’t include transport.
Parramatta Eels, Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs, Manly Warringah Sea Eagles, Penrith Panthers, and Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks are based in NSW.
NRL is the most popular in Australia. Get a VPN to watch NRL Season 2023 in Canada on 9Now.

Wrap Up

Get ready to watch the biggest Rugby league. The NRL will start on March 2, 2023, on 9Now. Unfortunately, 9Now is Australia-only video-on-demand platform, so get a VPN. Get a reliable VPN to stream 9Now content in your location. We recommend you go for ExpressVPN to watch NRL Season 2023 in Canada on 9Now.

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