How to Download BBC iPlayer Videos in Canada

Canadians love BBC iPlayer, but there is a big problem BBC iPlayer is a geo restricted streaming service and is only available in UK but you can get BBC iPlayer in Canada with the help of a reliable VPN.

The programs on BBC iPlayer have an expiry date of 30 days. After that, they are automatically deleted from your device.

There are a few methods to download your favorite BBC iPlayer’s content permanently. And enjoy watching some best movies on BBC iPlayer.

  • You can remove the video’s DRM
  • Burn videos to a storage/DVD device
  • Record the screen when you are watching the video
  • Download videos by using third-party apps.

Read on for more information about each method!

Fix #1: By Removing/Converting Video’s DRM

The main purpose of removing Video’s DRM is to ensure that users can watch their videos without any restrictions or limitations.

DRM protection is often used to prevent users from copying or sharing videos, so removing this protection allows people to access and share their videos more freely.

Luckily there are tools available to remove the DRM from downloaded videos from iPlayer so they’ll work on any of your devices!

One such tool is called DRM Converter for Windows and it has been proven to work with all versions of Windows 10.

Here are the general steps required to remove DRM from downloaded programs using this software:

  • Download and install the Windows DRM Converter.
  • Start the program.
  • Select the “Add” button to add BBC iPlayer downloaded shows.
  • Choose a format for outputting the conversion.
  • You have the option of generating both video and audio files.
  • Finally, click Start to begin processing it.

Fix #2: Burn To DVD or Storage Devices

The best way to enjoy DRM-free videos is by burning them to DVD or storing them in a storage device.

You may also make copies of the DRM-free files to any storage device of your choice, or save them on a DVD for permanent archiving.

Alternatively, users may use Amersoft’s combination program. A DRM Converter + DVD burner is included in this software package. Video Converter Ultimate is its name.

  • Go to the tool interface.
  • Use a DVD into your DVD Drive.
  • On the upper tab, tap on the Burn option.
  • To include all of your file choices, Click on Add button.
  • On the Burn Settings tab, use the buttons under Options to save your file.
  • Choose Burn to begin burning.

Fix #3: Screen Recording While Playing

Another approach to save all BBC iPlayer files permanently on your device is to screen record while using the iPlayer tool.

You have a variety of third-party programs to choose from. Choose one that is compatible with your operating system.

Following are the steps for screen recording.

  • Go to the Screen Recorder Tool.
  • Choose a Recorder Function.
  • The converter offers two options for recording the screen: full and customized.
  • Select depending on your requirements.
  • Make any necessary changes to the canvas.
  • Select the folder in which you want to save your videos, as well as frame quality and rate of recording, if applicable.
  • Begin recording by pressing the button marked (REC).
  • Finally, save the video file in your chosen file.

Following are the steps to record your screen on Quicktime if you are using macOS.

  • Go to the Quicktime tool on your Mac system.
  • Choose File
  • Select New Screen Recording.
  • Stop recording by pressing the red circular button.
  • Finally, save your recorded file in your chosen format.

Fix #4: Third-Party Video Downloaders

You may save videos from many different sources to your PC using third-party video downloaders. These free tools allow users to attach a file link for saving.

Following are the list of a few tools you can use to download BBC iPlayer videos:

  • iTube HD Video Downloader
  • Get_iPlayer

The method is straightforward: all the tools utilize a basic principle of inserting the URL of BBC iPlayer video/audio with the downloader program.

  • Go to BBC iPlayer website on your browser
  • Choose the video you want to download.
  • Copy the URL of the video to be downloaded.
  • Go to your chosen download and Paste the URL there for downloading.
  • The downloads will be saved in the Downloads folder on your computer. After you’ve finished, find them in your “Downloads” folder.

Factors to consider before using Third-Party Tools

There are a few factors to consider before using third-party tools for downloading BBC iPlayer videos.

  • First, you need to make sure that the software is still available.
  • Second, You may be asked to purchase the tool if you download it on a trial basis.
  • Third, you need to check if your OS is compatible with the software.
  • Fourth, some operating systems come with in-built recording tools.
  • Finally, for protecting your device, consider downloading software from reputable sources.

How to Download from BBC iPlayer on Desktop?

To get BBC iPlayer material on a PC or Mac, first, install and download the BBC iPlayer Downloads program. It’s also free to obtain.

Following are the steps to download BBC iPlayer videos and radio shows from BBC iPlayer on a computer desktop.

  • Go to the BBC iPlayer website after installing the BBC iPlayer Downloads app.
  • Find the movie from the categories page you want to download.
  • Underneath the playback area, there is a Download button to click.
  • Select the version you want to download: SD or HD to pick the right video quality.
  • Then the file will be downloaded.
  • The Downloads app will display the downloaded video and allow you to view the film immediately.
  • In addition, instead of other video players, you can only playback the downloaded material from the Downloads app.

How to Download Videos from BBC iPlayer on Mobile?

When you use a mobile device to access BBC iPlayer videos or other material, the BBC iPlayer app is sufficient and no additional program needs to be installed. The procedure for downloading from BBC iPlayer on a mobile device is shown below.

  • Go to the BBC iPlayer from your mobile device.
  • Locate the content you wish to download and click the Download button underneath the description, and the file will be downloaded.
  • To see how much longer it will take for your download to finish, go to Menu then Downloads, and then finally go to Queue option.
  • Find your downloads using Menu then Downloads then finally go to Downloaded option.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we have looked at how to download BBC iPlayer videos in Canada. We have examined different methods and tools that can be used for downloading videos.

Finally, we looked at the factors to consider before using third-party tools.

Now that you know how to download BBC iPlayer videos in Canada, you can watch your favorite shows and movies offline, without an internet connection.

Whether you’re on a desktop or mobile device, the process is simple and straightforward.

We hope you enjoy using these methods to watch BBC content!

If you have any questions about how to download BBC iPlayer videos, please leave a comment below and we’ll be happy to help!

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