How to Watch LINGO in Canada

How to Watch Lingo in Canada

LINGO is one of the hit series of the 1980s. The series is one of the most-watched game shows ever. The show will teach you a lot of words. The series also had multiple adaptions. The Primetime revival of the series will be premiered on CBS. It is a US-only platform and only available there, so we will tell you how to watch LINGO in Canada.

CBS is a US streaming platform with rigid geographical blocking that prohibits it from streaming outside the US. But we have a solution for you to let you access it in your location.

You can use a VPN to unblock and watch CBS content in your location. A reliable VPN like ExpressVPN changes your IP address online, and you can appear in any US state.

So, let’s get started!

Watch LINGO in Canada[Quick Steps]

Follow these quick steps to unblock and watch LINGO in Canada:

  • Install and set up ExpressVPN on your device.
  • Connect it to the US server.
  • Go to the CBS site and add the required details.
  • Search for the LINGO show and enjoy.

Where to Watch LINGO?

You can watch LINGO in Canada on CBS via a VPN. The series will premiere on a US broadcasting TV service. The platform has strict geo-restriction policies that make it nearly impossible to access outside the USA.

We suggest you get ExpressVPN to access CBS because it is reliable, affordable and secure. The series will have seven episodes, each 30 minutes long.

When does LINGO Release on CBS?

LINGO game release date on January 11, 2023, on CBS. The series gets a primetime revival after 12 years. The series was first released in 1987-1988 on CBTV.

Then a revival was released in 2002-2005. After six years, the series got a second revival in 2011. Finally, a primetime revival will e released on Thursday.

What kind of show LINGO Is?

LINGO is a reality game show hosted by RuPaul Andre Charles. The series is returning on TV on CBS after 12 years on January 11, 2023. The series is seven episodes long and will be released on the US broadcasting channel.

In this show, the most simple words are used in the LINGO game show, with prizes that might total thousands of dollars. Teams of two competitors are given the challenge of identifying secret words.

Each secret word’s first letter is given to the team in charge, and they have five chances to identify and spell the word correctly. Control is turned over to the other team if the team fails to guess the word within five guesses or provides a misspelled word. A correct letter is also disclosed as a consequence.

Get a VPN to watch all the series episodes, and you will learn a lot.

Who is LINGO Host?

LINGO’s host is RuPaul Andre Charles. He is famous for his craft and skills and is a 12 times Primetime Emmy and two-times Billboard Music Awards winner.

How many Episodes of LINGO will there be?

The wordplay game Celebrity LINGO will have seven episodes. You can watch every episode of the show on CBS. Get ExpressVPN to play the action-packed word game Lingo in all of its episodes.

Who are LINGO Contestants?

RuPaul Andre Charles will appear as the host.

We don’t know the information about the contestants yet as the creators haven’t disclosed this information yet. Anyone over 18 was eligible to participate in the show and must own a passport.

Is there any trailer for Celebrity LINGO?

Yes, here is the promo for the LINGO Reboot gameshow. Watch the trailer to learn more about the series. LINGO is one of the most-watched informative game shows.

This primetime revival show is a CBS original show. The series will be premiered on the US platform, and you will need a VPN to access your location if you don’t live there.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch LINGO in Canada?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch LINGO in Canada, as you can easily access CBS in your location. You can use any of its US servers from the list to stream this Broadcasting network content in your location. If you want a reliable and advanced VPN, then ExpressVPN is your answer.

ExpressVPN: Recommended VPN to watch LINGO in Canada

There are 3000+ servers worldwide spread across 105 countries. You will receive the quickest servers in the area because 25 of the 95 sites are in the US.

Unblock CBS with ExpressVPN

All of ExpressVPN’s servers are effective and quick, but the ones in Chicago, New Jersey, Dallas, and New York specifically provide you with the highest speed and lowest latency. The Atlanta server should be avoided, as it has the worst speed and performance.

You may discover a world of options for geo-restricted movies, TV shows, and even sports using MediaStreamer from ExpressVPN! With only one click, remove obstacles to watching content from other countries. Not only this show you can also other popular shows like Tough as Nails Season 4, SWAT Season 6, College Football Playoff National Championship 2023, True Lies, Survivor Season 44, The Equalizer Season 3, 65th Annual Grammy Awards 2023, March Madness 2023 and many more with the help of this VPN.

Additionally, it enables users to view Lingo on CBS outside of the United States by using the MediaStreamer DNS server for devices that do not allow VPN software.

ExpressVPN’s monthly price on an annual plan is just CA$ 9/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) (Save 49% and receive 3 extra months Complimentary).

Customers’ online traffic is encrypted, which helps to safeguard their privacy and confidentiality while watching. Additionally, ExpressVPN provides users with a 30-day money-back assurance so they may test the software threat-free and get a return if they aren’t happy.

Therefore, subscribe to the preferable way if you wish to see a widely acclaimed show. Get it today!


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The show was canceled for unknown reasons, and no one knows why because the craters haven’t disclosed this information.
LINGO is a gameshow that is premiering on CBS. Get a VPN like ExpressVPN to watch LINGO in Canada.
Yes Lingo is a reality show

Wrap Up

LINGO is coming back on screens after 12 years on CBS. The game show will be released on the platform on January 11, 2023. CBS is a US-only platform; without a VPN, you cannot access it in your location.

Get ExpressVPN to unlock this platform and watch LINGO in Canada.

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