SurfShark Discovery Plus – Does SurfShark Work with Discovery Plus in Canada?

Does Surfshark work with Discovery+? Yes, Surfshark Discovery Plus works perfectly fine. Read this guide to find out how to watch Discovery Plus using Surfshark.

Despite being available in Canada, Discovery Plus has a limited content library for Canadians. The US library has some of the best shows like Spring Baking Championship, This is Life with Lisa Ling, and others.

In order to watch US Discovery Plus in Canada and access the full library to stream some of the greatest shows, a VPN is mandatory and Surfshark is a great option!

With the help of Surfshark, you can access the huge Discovery Plus Channel List that includes Animal Planet, Food Network, and other channels.

In this way, you can watch your favorite shows without seeing the geo-blocking error message hitting your screens. Keep reading to find out more!

How To Watch Discovery Plus with SurfShark in Canada? [Step By Step Guide]

Here is how you can watch Surfshark Discovery Plus in Canada.

  1. Download and subscribe to Surfshark VPN.
  2. Log in to SurfShark VPN using your credentials.
  3. Connect to a server in the US. We recommend using the New York server.
  4. Go to the Discovery Plus website.
  5. Log in to the website using your credentials.
  6. Watch Surfshark Discovery Plus in Canada!

What Makes Surfshark the Best VPN to Unblock US Discovery Plus in Canada?

SurfShark VPN is the best VPN for Discovery Plus because it’s a pocket-friendly VPN that offers seamless connectivity and fast downloading speeds. Here are a few other top features that you can get only on SurfShark Discovery Plus.

ByPass Geo-Restriction of Discovery Plus in Canada

Discovery Plus, like other premium streaming services, has to abide by certain content laws such as copyrights and content licensing.

If you try to access Discovery Plus US library in Canada, you will be shown the Discovery Plus Error Code 500 and the following geo-restriction error:


Discovery+ shows a geo-restriction error when you try to access its US library in Canada!

To bypass these geo-restrictions and get access to all your favorite content outside of the US, you will need the help of Surfshark VPN.

SurfShark has 3200+ servers in over 65+ countries worldwide. In this way, you can easily bypass geo-restrictions.


Surfshark is the best VPN to watch US Discovery+ in Canada!

With such a huge server network, you can easily access US Discovery Plus in Canada.

SurfShark offers Unlimited Simultaneous Connections

A feature that sets SurfShark VPN apart from other Discovery Plus VPN on the market is its ability to allow unlimited simultaneous connections on one account, which makes it a great option to use the account as a sharing account with friends and family.

Now you can get Discovery Plus with SurfShark on multiple devices without having to worry about device compatibility and connection issues due to the number of devices exceeding your account.

Considering that Discovery Plus has content for all ages and caters to all genres that viewers enjoy, this means that by using SurfShark, multiple people can access their accounts on Discovery Plus from Canada.

SurfShark Device Compatibility

The compatibility of SurfShark is no joke. The VPN is compatible with almost all of the major streaming devices.

Even devices that otherwise are not compatible with VPNs are compatible with SurfShark due to its SmartDNS feature that converts non-VPN-compatible devices to VPN-compatible ones.

So if you are curious about what devices you can use SurfShark VPN on, we have tested and found some of the devices that you can use the VPN on. Here are the devices that you can use SurfShark VPN on.

Discovery Plus on Roku Discovery Plus on Apple TV
Discovery Plus on DirecTV Discovery Plus on Amazon Prime
Discovery Plus on Xfinity Discovery Plus on Samsung Smart TV
Discovery Plus on Firestick Discovery Plus on PlayStation
Discovery Plus on Google Chromecast Discovery Plus on Xbox
Discovery Plus on LG Smart TV Discovery Plus on iPad

If you want to cancel Discovery Plus on Roku, it can be done very easily.

SurfShark offers an Unlimited Amount of Bandwidth

SurfShark VPN utilizes top-quality and fast servers that are optimized for speed and security. Most of the servers on SurfShark have a 1 Gbps port, and some even go up to a 2Gbps port. This means that these servers can handle a lot of traffic.

SurfShark VPN gives you unlimited data, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited simultaneous connections to devices on one account. This makes the VPN the best VPN for streaming.

Since streaming requires a connection that is fast and has a good bandwidth SurfShark VPN has got you covered with both.

If you don’t have the correct bandwidth and connection, your streaming experience might otherwise be soiled because you will have to deal with constant buffers and lags.

If you wish to stream content in HD and 4K on Discovery Plus, you will need to get connected using SurfShark so you can stream seamlessly.

Limitless Bandwidth allows for a seamless and dependable connection which in turn makes it easy to stream HD content with ease.

Here’s How to Fix if Discovery Plus Not Working With Surfshark VPN in Canada?

Are you facing issues with your Discovery Plus app, or is Discovery Plus not working on your device with SurfShark VPN?

There can be a few reasons that might lead to Surfshark Discovery Plus not working.  Here are a few fixes that can help:

  • Check your internet connection as a poor connection can cause lag.
  • Clear your device cache to fix the problem.
  • Try switching servers and refresh your connection.
  • Check the location of your device.
  • Uninstall your VPN app and reinstall it for a fresh start.

Note: If the problem still persists after trying these possible fixes, contact Surfshark’s customer support as they’re available round-the-clock!

FAQs – SurfShark Discovery Plus

Here is a look at a few of the FAQs about SurfShark Discovery Plus on Google.

Yes, it is legal so if you’re wondering does Discovery Plus allow VPN, you know the answer now!

However, make sure to use only the best VPN with security features and vast server network to have a safe streaming experience. We recommend using Surfshark.

You can get connected to Discovery Plus in Canada by using a VPN. In order to do so you can use these steps.

  • Download and subscribe to a high-quality VPN like SurfShark VPN.
  • Log in to your SurfShark app.
  • Connect to a server in the US like the New York server.
  • Go to the Discovery Plus website and enjoy!

Yes, it is definitely worth getting Discovery+ sharing using SurfShark VPN in Canada. SurfShark VPN has the most affordable yet the most powerful service among other VPNs.

Wrap Up!

In this article, we discussed how you can use Surfshark Discovery Plus in Canada to watch your favorite shows without interruptions.

We hope that you found what you were looking for with this article and it was helpful to you in understanding SurfShark VPN and Discovery Plus.

Enjoy streaming!

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