How To Watch Twilight’s Child in Canada on Discovery+?

Is Twilight’s Child on Discovery Plus? Yes, the third part will be available. If you want to watch Twilight’s Child in Canada on Discovery+, you need to use a premium VPN like ExpressVPN.

This series is available in the US library of Discovery Plus which is not available in Canada due to content restrictions. Therefore, a VPN is required to stream Discovery Plus in Canada without interruptions. Get ready to watch Twilight’s Child cast back in action!

Twilight’s Child is a gripping drama film and the third installment in the VC Andrews film series, following Dawn and Secrets of Morning. It follows the story of a woman named Dawn as she tries to uncover the truth about her family’s dark past.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to watch Twilight’s Child in Canada on Discovery Plus – so keep reading!

How To Watch Twilight’s Child in Canada on Discovery+ – [5 Easy Steps]

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to watch Twilight’s Child in Canada on Discovery+:

  1. Choose a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN and subscribe to their service.
  2. Download and install the VPN app on your device.
  3. Connect to a US server location. Recommended: New York server.
  4. Once connected, go to the Discovery+ website or app and sign in.
  5.  Watch Twilight’s Child in Canada on Discovery+!
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Where To Watch Twilight’s Child?

Twilight’s Child, the highly anticipated main event, can be watched exclusively on Discovery+ through Lifetime. This thrilling event promises to engage viewers with its intriguing storyline and compelling characters.

Make sure to use the best VPN for Discovery Plus like ExpressVPN to get past all the geo-blocking errors.

While awaiting Twilight’s Child, viewers can enjoy other exciting shows available on Discovery+. Deadliest Catch Season 19 and Gold Rush Parker’s Trail are among the captivating series that offer unique perspectives and thrilling adventures.

Now that you know the answer to where can I watch Twilight’s Child, it’s time to check out how to watch Twilight’s Child movie Lifetime free!

Is Twilight’s Child available for free to watch on Discovery+?

Yes, you can watch Twilight’s Child free of cost. Discovery+ offers a free trial period, allowing new subscribers to explore its vast library of content, including this exciting event, without any additional cost.

This free trial provides an excellent opportunity to dive into the world of Discovery+ and indulge in the thrilling journey of Twilight’s Child.

After the trial ends, you’ll need a subscription, and for that check out the Discovery+ pricing here!

What is the Release Date of Twilight’s Child on Discovery+?

The Twilight’s Child release date on Discovery+ is July 22, 2023. You can expect to watch the movie on Discovery+ on that date.

The first part of the series which is called Dawn and the second part called Secret of the Morning were released on July 8, 2023, and July 15, 2023.

What is the Plot of Twilight’s Child?

Twilight’s Child is a thrilling drama that follows the story of Dawn, a young woman who was once held captive by her grandmother and forced to live a life of misery. After being reunited with her long-lost love, Jimmy, Dawn is finally free and has found happiness as a wife and mother to her beautiful baby girl, Christie.

However, her past continues to haunt her as she becomes the rightful owner of Cutler’s Cove Hotel, which has been in her family for generations. It is one of the best shows on Discovery Plus!

As Dawn tries to turn the hotel’s fortunes around, she finds herself unable to escape her grandmother’s presence and can feel her anger and vengeance from beyond the grave.

Meanwhile, Dawn’s brother Philip remains obsessed with her, and her spiteful sister Clara’s rage explodes into violence, threatening Dawn’s dream of a happy life with her family.

The plot of Twilight’s Child is full of twists and turns, as Dawn must confront her past and the dark secrets that have been hidden for so long. The movie promises to be a gripping and emotional journey that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats until the very end.

Who are the Cast of Twilight’s Child?

Before you watch Twilight’s Child in Canada on Discovery+, here is the list of Twilight’s Child cast who will be featured in the upcoming part:

Cast Member Character
Matthew James Dowden Bronson Alcott
Jason Cermak Randolph Cutler
Sean Yves Lessard Charlie
Dane Schioler Philip Cutler
Elyse Maloway Clara Jean Cutler
Bronwen Smith Charlotte
Tanya Champoux Doctor
Corey Woods Tricia
Tanja Dixon-Warren Mrs. Boston
Jason Deline Clayton
Piper Scott Fern
Dean Christy Mr. Garvey

Is There any Trailer Available For Twilight’s Child on Discovery Plus?

At this time, there is no trailer available for Twilight’s Child on Discovery Plus. However, fans of the upcoming movie can keep an eye out for any updates or announcements regarding the release of the trailer.

Recap of Previous Episodes

The episodes or TV movies prior to Twilight’s Child are V.C. Andrews’ Dawn and Secrets of the Morning.

Part 1: Dawn, Jul 08, 2023

It follows the journey of Dawn Longchamp, whose idyllic life is shattered when she discovers dark secrets about her upbringing.

Forced into a new family dominated by her tyrannical grandmother, Lillian Cutler, Dawn struggles to fit in while unraveling the mysteries that haunt the Cutler lineage.

As she uncovers a malevolent curse, her life takes an irreversible turn.

Part 2: Secrets of the Morning, Jul 15, 2023

It reveals more about Dawn’s troubled past. Empowered by newfound knowledge, she outwits her grandmother and moves to New York City to pursue her dreams at a prestigious performing arts school.

While navigating a boarding house and longing for her brother Jimmy, Dawn becomes entangled with Michael Sutton, a captivating teacher and Broadway star.

However, when he vanishes mysteriously, Dawn becomes ensnared in her grandmother’s twisted schemes once again. The Twilight’s Child Lifetime follows from there!

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Twilight’s Child

What Discovery+ Content you can watch other than Twilight’s Child in 2023?

There is a lot of exciting content available in case you were wondering what to watch on Discovery Plus. Here list of the shows and movies that you can watch on Discovery+:

Tour De France 2023 Mary J. Blige’s Strength of a Woman
A Year on Planet Why the Heck Did I Buy This House: Season 2
Deliciously Twisted Classics Midnight Whisper


Twilight’s Child was produced by VC Secrets Productions Inc. with an impressive line-up of executive producers, including Merideth Finn, Michele Weiss, Timothy Johnson, and Stacy Mandelberg.
Twilight’s Child was filmed in the picturesque city of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The stunning locations and scenic landscapes of Vancouver provide the perfect backdrop for the gripping storyline of the series.
Twilight’s Child is legally available to watch in Canada. With the use of a reputable VPN service like ExpressVPN, viewers can securely access the content from anywhere in the country, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable viewing experience while adhering to copyright laws and regulations.

Wrap Up

To watch Twilight’s Child in Canada on Discovery+, you may need to use a VPN like ExpressVPN.

Twilight’s Child is a highly anticipated event set to release on July 22, 2023. This thrilling drama follows the story of Dawn as she navigates her troubled past and uncovers dark family secrets that threaten her newfound happiness.

Enjoy Twilight’s Child online!

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