11 Best Shows on ESPN+ In Canada


Sat down with a freshly prepared cup of coffee to watch something worthwhile? Let us guess how it goes: you flicker through channels and recommendations, and by the time you find something interesting, your coffee goes cold! If this sounds like a situation you’ve been in before, it’s time for you to boost your show searching skills.

If you’re a sports fan, chances are that your go-to streaming platform is the highly raved about ESPN Plus.

If you’re new to the platform and are thinking about what shows are on ESPN+ in Canada, you have to. Look no further. A wide variety of sports-related content on the forum is bound to trigger your happiness hormones.

However, the only sad part is that ESPN+ is a geo-restricted service and is only available in the US. But with the help of a reliable VPN, you can watch ESPN+ Canada.

How do you choose a show that will not end up boring you? All you need to do is go through these descriptions to get a basic idea of the best ESPN+ shows in Canada.

Ecstatic to find your next coffee companion? Let’s not keep you waiting and jump straight to it:

What Are The Top On Demand ESPN+ Shows In Canada?

What shows are available on ESPN+ is a query whose answer is in thousands. Don’t worry about the number of shows because we have a list of the best 11s:


30 For 30 (2009)


Runtime: 1hr

Writers: Connor Schell, Bill Simmons

Cast: William C. Rhoden, Brent Musburger, Dick Vitale, Dan Le Batard

This show was meant to air temporarily to celebrate ESPN completing 30 years. The success, however, made the creators continue with the performance, and today it’s one of the most watched sports shows. Each series has a unique story to tell, narrated by aspiring sportsmen.

The films are not contextually linked together, but their aim is similar: to give you a first-hand insight into what it feels like to be on the pitch.

ESPN FC (2013)


Runtime: 30 m

Writers: Gabriele Marcotti, Adrian Healey, Kay Murray, Julein Laurens

Cast: Shaka Hislop, Adrian Healey, Alejandro Moreno, Craig Burley

A treat for all the football fans, ESPN FC, falling in the category of most-watched ESPN+ shows in Canada, has every detail about the soccer world you won’t find elsewhere. The show goes through all the latest news and updates about football around the world.

You’ll have many commentators, sometimes even sportsmen, who give you their roundup analysis of what’s happening in different tournaments. The show airs daily, so ESPN FC will be a perfect choice if you want something to fill up your evenings regularly!

Earn Everything (2018-2019)


Runtime: 25 m

Writers: Zach Lipovsky, Adam B. Stein

Cast: Mike Krzyzewski, Ron Perlman

Earn Everything takes you behind the scenes of the Duke Basketball program from the time when they were battling on the pitch in 2018.

From the intricacies of teamwork to the complex techniques used in the game, this show will give you an insightful analysis of what it’s like to play the ball. You’d see wits breaking down and how they’re built.

If you’ve ever wondered what goes inside the dressing room in basketball matches, Earn Everything will be your go-to!

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More Than An Athlete (2018)


Runtime: 20 m

Writers: Peter Curtis

Cast: LeBron James, Maverick Carter, Rich Paul, Randy Mims

An autobiography of the life of LeBron James, this documentary watch is a must-watch for all NBA enthusiasts. The show breaks down the haughty persona built around athletes and aims to portray them from a more humane perspective.

Like everybody else, athletes also have their breakdowns and family troubles, contrary to the rugged image attached. LeBron is seen struggling to maintain a balance in his life and is left alone to deal with his family issues.

NBA: Year One (1982)


Writers: Doris Burke, Richard Jefferson

Cast: LeBron James, James Harden, Mike Breen, Jayson Tatum

All the games from the National Basketball Association can be found with all their details on this show, from the list of best ESPN+ shows in Canada. It airs every week and has all the info you need about the latest happenings in the basketball world.

The show has new hosts come in from time to time that gives you their personal insights into the ongoing games. If you wish to flaunt your basketball knowledge in front of your friends, tune into the NBA: Year One, and you’ll be sorted!

Stephen A’s World (2021)


Runtime: 1 hr

Writers: Stephen A. Smith

Cast: Stephen A. Smith, Deion Sanders, Richard Sherman, Matthew McConaughey

There’s no way you actively watch sports and don’t know who Stephen A. Smith is. The famous commentator is known for his exciting takes on the ongoing matches and thorough knowledge of the subject.

You’ll find Smith taking you through news events, inspiring stories about athletes, and rough guesswork of which team will make it big this year. The show also has guests from the sports world now and then who’re seen discussing the recent happenings with the host.

NHL on ESPN (1980)


Runtime: 3 hr

Writers: John Buccigross, Sean McDonough, Barry Melrose, Steve Levy

Cast: Alexander Ovechkin, Sidney Crosby, Phil Kessel, Evgeni Malkin

If you’re a hockey fan, NHL is the first thing you should check out on ESPN. The series has all the hockey games which were interesting enough to be remembered as history forever.

From having a wide range of commentators to witnessing thrilling shots, NHL has you all covered when it comes to hockey.

You can also stream live matches with the NHL. As an element of the absolutely loved ESPN+ shows in Canada list, NHL on ESPN will keep you from getting bored with its competitive vibes.

The Fantasy Show (2006)


Runtime: 30 m

Writers: Jadon Gauthier

Cast: rob Stone, Mathew Berry, Ron Jaworski

Interested in watching two people discussing thrilling football matches? The Fantasy show is your answer! The talk show has multiple guests come in from around the world to give you their input about the current situation in football.

Mathew Berry takes you through a bit-by-bit analysis of every critical match and also adds a tinge of humour with his puppets and props.

The information and observations shared by Mathew are said to make the users well-acquainted with the latest happenings; you’ll end up rightly predicting who’s going to win!

Man In The Arena: Tom Brady (2021)


Runtime: 50 m

Cast: Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, Willie McGinest, Randy Moss

Remember how Tom Brady used to stir up magic every time he played in the Super Bowl? Man In The Arena is your chance to get a first-hand account of his life and gaming techniques. Each episode has Tom sit down and unwrap the most iconic moments in his athletic history.

The documentary also goes through the complicated happenings in Tom’s personal life. If you wish to learn how a former Nobody goes on to become a star in the NFL, this show is a perfect pick.

E60 (2007)


Runtime: 1 hr

Writers: Mark Fainaru-Wada, Mike Kessler

Cast: Jeremy Schaap, Lisa Salters, Rachel Nichols, Tom Farrey

Have you ever heard of investigative journalism in sports? If not, this show is an excellent way to increase your knowledge. The show takes you through all the news and events currently taking place in the sports world.

You’ll also see some famous people attached to the sports world interacting with the hosts and their life stories. If you’re looking for an all-rounding show that gives you both game analysis and talk show debate, this show will be the best way to spend your time!

The Last Days Of Knight (30 For 30 Documentary) (2018)


Runtime: 1 hr 42 min

Cast: Robert Abbott, Terry Clapacs, Rick Davis, Frank Deford

This show is a story about how Bob Knight was the flag bearer of a basketball program at a university. A popular CNN official, Robert Abbot, grows suspicious of Bob’s activities. A series of events occur, leading Robert to conduct a thorough investigation around Bob.

This unravels dark truths about Bob and his life, which eventually have him being laid off from the university. This documentary, amongst the best ESPN+ shows in Canada, has the kind of cinematography and eerie music that keeps you interested till the end. You can also combine the subscription of ESPN+ with Hulu and get a huge library of entertaining content.


You’d often find yourself asking about ESPN+ shows in Canada because of the lack of guides available. ESPN has every show listed, but nobody tells you which play is actually worth spending hours on.

Since sports shows go on to become an everyday ritual, you wouldn’t want to waste your time watching something that makes a good match dull. This is a thing of the past, though, because now you don’t have to search for good shows.

The 11 shows mentioned in this guide are enough to leave you satisfied and will also have you asking when the next season is coming out!

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