Watch Next Level Chef Season 2 in Canada on Fox TV

watch Next Level Chef Season 2 in Canada on Fox TV

Witness the best culinary skills of the best chefs as you learn how to watch Next Level Chef Season 2 in Canada on Fox TV. Presented by the world-renowned chef Gordon Ramsay, the culinary reality competition returns for a second season on Fox TV on the 12th of February, 2023. And you can only watch it on Fox TV in Canada with a VPN.

As of writing, Fox TV, including its streaming services, is only available for users in the US region or for those who have US IP addresses. And those with non-US IP addresses will be blocked by the licensing policies. One way to bypass geo-restrictions and avoid being blocked by licensing policies is for you to have a US IP address to access Fox TV in Canada. This may seem impossible if you are in Canada, but with a VPN, it is definitely possible.

Watch Next Level Chef Season 2 in Canada on Fox TV – [Quick Guide]

Do the five steps below to watch Next Level Chef Season 2 in Canada on Fox TV and bypass this geo-restriction.

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN. (Reliable VPN.)
  2. Install ExpressVPN on a laptop or mobile phone.
  3. Choose a US server that you want to connect to.
  4. Visit Fox TV’s website or download the Fox TV app.
  5. Search for Next Level Chef and stream the second season comfortably in Canada.

Where to watch Next Level Chef Season 2 in Canada?

You can watch the second season of The Next Level Chef in Canada on Fox TV. If you cannot watch it via TV, you can still stream it on the Fox website or app. Just make sure that you have joined a US server to bypass geo-restrictions.

Why do you need a VPN to watch Next Level Chef Season 2 in Canada on Fox TV?

You need a VPN to watch Next Level Chef Season 2 in Canada on Fox TV because the VPN has the US server you need to connect to avoid being blocked by geo-restrictions. You need to be connected to a US server to watch the culinary reality competition outside of the USA.

When does Next Level Chef Season 2 premiere?

The reality competition Next Level Chef Season 2 Episode 1 premieres on February 12, 2023. Then the next episodes will be released in the following weeks. Remember that you can only stream the Next Level Chef Season 2 episodes in Canada if you are connected to a VPN’s US server.

What network is Next Level Chef Season 2 on?

Fox TV is the television network where the competition is aired. Fox TV also allows you to stream the episodes if you are not able to watch them on TV. You can stream the episodes on the go via Fox TV’s website or app.

What is the plot of Next Level Chef Season 2?

The second season features talented chefs, divided into three groups with five members each, who compete to be The Next Level Chef winner. Each team will have the guidance and judgment of either Gordon Ramsay, Nyesha Arrington, or Richard Blais. The competition goes on until one chef remains and is declared the winner.

Who are the mentor chefs on Next Level Chef Season 2?

British chef Gordon Ramsay, American chef Richard Blais, and chef Nyesha Arrington will be the mentors for the second season of the competition. The three of them were also the mentor chefs for Season 1. They will be in charge of mentoring the chefs and judging the contestants’ dishes.

Who are the Season 2 Next Level Chef contestants?

The Next Level Chef Season 2 contestants competing to win the culinary reality competition are found below.

Name Status
Cassie Yeung Social media chef
Mark McMillian Home cook
Michelle Calcgni Home cook
Preston Nguyen Professional chef
Tucker Ricchio Professional chef
Vincent “Vinny” Alia Home cook
Alex Morizio Home cook
April Clayton Home cook
Nuri Muhammad Professional chef
Omallys “Omi” Hopper Social media chef
Pilar Moega Professional chef
Shay Spence Social media chef
Christopher Spinosa Professional chef
Darryl Taylor Professional chef
Kamahlai Stewart Home cook
Matt Groark Social media chef
Mahreen Karim Home cook
Tineke Younger Social media chef

How many seasons of the Next Level Chef are there?

As of writing, there are two seasons of the competition. The first season premiered on January 2, 2022, and finished in two months. The second season is set to premiere on February 12, 2023, over a year after the first season premiered.

Is there any trailer for Next Level Chef Season 2?

Yes, there is. The Next Level Chef Season 2 trailer was uploaded by Fox on Youtube ahead of the season’s premiere. The trailer featured a sneak peek at the new Next Level Chef contestants 2023 and the mentors who will be with them throughout this competition.

Why ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Next Level Chef Season 2 in Canada on Fox TV?

ExpressVPN is the best and most trusted VPN to use as you watch the reality competition Next Level Chef Season 2 in Canada because this VPN is able to provide you with the best US servers that you can use to bypass geo-restrictions. 

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch Next Level Chef Season 2 in Canada on Fox TV

You need ExpressVPN to have the best streaming experience when you watch Next Level Chef Season 2 in Canada on Fox TV. ExpressVPN will provide you with services to heighten your VPN and streaming experience.

Unblock Fox Tv with ExpressVPN

As Fox TV is geo-restricting the Next Level Chef, you must first connect to a US server. With this, your IP address changes into a US one, allowing you to watch the reality competition on Fox TV in Canada. You can choose from various ExpressVPN US servers, including Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Denver, etc. Not only this show you can also access other content such as Accused, Welcome to Flatch Season 2, Farmer Wants a Wife, 9-1-1 Lone Star season 4, 9-1-1 Season 6, Animal Control, Mask Singer Season 9 and many more without any difficulty. 

Also, take advantage of the services that ExpressVPN allows you to use. These services, which include Threat Manager, Split Tunneling, Threat Manager, Unlimited Server Switches, etc., are intended to make your streaming experience the best. If you need to use a device that does not support VPNs, you can still use it with the help of the DNS service MediaStreamer. You can only use it when you register your IP address to the website of ExpressVPN.

Get a 35% discount when you subscribe to the 12-month plan of ExpressVPN. You are obliged to pay CA$ 9.14/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) for 12 months only. There are also other plans for ExpressVPN if you want to check them out. A money-back guarantee applies to all plans and is only valid for 30 days.ExpressVPN gets you access to geo-restricted shows aired on Hulu, Netflix, HBO Max, Fox TV, NBC, etc.

Next Level Chef Season 2


The Next Level Chef winner will receive a US$250,000 cash prize.
Chef Stephanie “Pyet” Despain was the Next Level Chef Season 1 winner.
You can go to the official website of the Next Level Chef competition and apply to be a contestant.

Wrap Up

Top-level skills and culinary cooking are about to come your way as you watch Next Level Chef Season 2 in Canada on Fox TV. Since the competition is geo-restricted, ensure you have the best VPN to bypass the geo-restrictions. And ExpressVPN is the only reliable VPN available in the industry.

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