Watch The Last of US in Canada on Foxtel

How to Watch The Last of US in Canada on Foxtel

Are you a big fan of gaming shows and looking to watch The Last of US in Canada? You have landed in the right place. We are here to provide you with an answer on How to Watch The Last of US in Canada on Foxtel. This content is blocked outside the US, and that’s why fans are searching for a simple yet easy solution.

Ideally, purchasing a subscription plan to ExpressVPN is the perfect way to watch ‘’The Last of US in Canada’’. Users can remove all geo-restrictions errors and stream all their favorite movies, shows, series, and much more from any corner of the world.

Watch The Last of US in Canada on Foxtel – [Quick steps]

Follow the steps below to watch The Last of US in Canada on Foxtel

  1. Download and install the VPN, we suggest ExpressVPN due to its high functionality
  2. Buy the subscription plan
  3. Connect the US server and create your account
  4. Login to your account
  5. Get access to Foxtel easily and watch ‘’The Last of US’’.

Where to watch The Last of US in Canada?

If you are a big fan of The Last of US and want to stream this show inside Canada, get a subscription plan to ExpressVPN first. By getting a VPN subscription, users can get access to Foxtel and easily watch The Last of US in Canada.

Why do we need a VPN to watch the Last of US in Canada?

A Virtual Private Network helps users remove the geo-restriction error. Ideally, they got a new IP address with the support of a VPN and browse securely. Through this, they can watch all their favorite shows, movies, series, and every content from anywhere anytime.

What is the release date of The Last of US on Foxtel?

The Last of US will airs on Foxtel at 13:00 AEDT on January 16, 2023. It comes with a new episode at the same time every Sunday. However, users can also stream this show on Hulu officially, but Foxtel is a better option.

What is the plot of The Last of US?

Discover the perilous journey of Joel and Ellie who travel across post-pandemic America and suffer from terrible situations. It happens after an outbreak of  Mutated Cordyceps fungus that confounded more than 50% of humanity. See what they do to fight that troubling situation and stay alive!

How many episodes of The Last of Us TV series will there be?

There is a total of 9 episodes of the super thrilling, gaming TV series, The Last of US. Fans can stream all of them on Foxtel, but keep in mind to choose a subscription plan first. ExpressVPN offers bi-monthly, monthly, or yearly subscription packages with affordable pricing plans.

When does Episode 5 of The Last of Us come out?

Episode 5 of The Last of US arrives on Foxtel on Friday, February 10. However, usually, most episodes come on Sunday, but episode 5 will air on Friday instead of Sunday.

What occurred in earlier episodes (recap)?

Check out the recap last episodes of The Last of US

Season 1 Episode 1 Title Recap
When You’re Lost in the Darkness The journey gets started when Joel and Tess are tasked with a mission to change everything twenty years after a fungal outbreak affects 60% of humanity and ravages the planet.


Season 1 Episode 4 Title Recap
They both attempt to escape Kansas City without drawing the attention of a vindictive rebel leader after abandoning their truck.

What will happen in The Last of Us Episode 5?

It is expected that Joel and Ellie are paired together and ready to face the harshness of the world they live in. Ellie must save Joel and kill the boy who is stepping forward to kill Joel. However, it would be a great head-to-head competition that makes the show more thrilling.

Is The Last of Us based on a game?

Yes, The Last of Us, is based on the game. It introduces players to Joel, the survivor of a fungal plague that spread rapidly in the world and affects humanity.

Is there a trailer for The Last of US?

Yes, there’s a trailer for The Last of US available on YouTube. The duration of the trailer is 2:13, so fans can watch it and get an idea about a plague. See how they cope with the situation and save their lives.

Why ExpressVPN is a Recommended VPN to Watch The Last of US in Canada on Foxtel?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch The Last of US in Canada on Foxtel because it is a top-class VPN service that has 3000+ servers and 105 countries. This VPN offers premium features to every user and provides a free trial as well. Users can purchase monthly, bi-monthly, or annual subscriptions and browse movies outside the USA.

ExpressVPN: Recommended VPN to Watch The Last of US in Canada on Foxtel

Ideally, you can enjoy all the content you want with a subscription to ExpressVPN. Also, it provides the safest and most secure way to browse movies, series, and dramas. Your Privacy is never being compromised with this VPN service.

Unblock Foxtel with ExpressVPN

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Note: If you are using ExpressVPN and unfortunately it will not work efficiently, then you can take a look at the alternative option such as MediaStreamer, this is a great DNS service that enhances the streaming experience. It also unblocks other US streaming services like Hulu, American Netflix, etc.

The Last of US


He is 56 years old in The Last of Us.

Star Melanie Lynskey plays Kathleen in The Last of Us.

The two retire to their bed, where they die and the story ends.

 Mutated Cordyceps was the name of the fungus that spreads rapidly through a portion of infected food.

Yes, bill performs as a gay in the Last of Us.

The music describes the value of love in everyone’s life.

Lamar Johnson performs as Henry in The Last of Us.

Wrap Up:

We hope that we have shared the best way how to watch the Last of US in Canada on Foxtel. All you need is a subscription plan offered by ExpressVPN that meets your requirements and makes it possible for you to stream any content anywhere. If we have missed any information, or you want to discover more, share your thoughts with us, we would love to hear from your side. Thank you

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