How Much Does BT Sport Cost in Canada? Explained!


Are you an enthusiastic sports fan who’s always on the lookout to watch some good matches? If yes, then hold tightly onto your seats because we have the best option out there: BT Sports!

The popular sports streaming site has been making rounds in the world of sports because of its awesome content.

Whether it’s Premier League events or Soccer League, BT Sports has got you covered any time you wish to stream good matches in Canada. BT Sport Cost also stands out when you compare it with other platforms. It’s also particularly famous for the quality it provides.

Hence, if you’re someone who isn’t just about the number of goals, look into BT Sports because that’s where the real, all-rounding experience lies.

How much does BT Sport Cost, you may ask? No need to worry about whether the platform falls under your budget because BT Sport has subscription plans suitable for everybody.

Unfortunately, BT sport is not available in Canada but thanks to our guide you can easily watch BT Sport in Canada with the help of a reliable VPN.

You can also keep an eye out for their discounts because most holidays have an added perk of getting a cheap BT Sports subscription.

Have a million queries about the subscription plans? This guide has got your back! Keep reading to find all your answers:

How Much Does BT Sport Cost in Canada?

BT Sport provides three subscription plans targeting different audiences. The subscription plans are Big Sport, Box Nation, and BT’s HD pack; all have their own set of perks. Let’s take a look at how much BT Sport cost:

  • Big Sport Package: available at CA$ 62.05
  • Box Nation: available at CA$ 46.52
  • Free Version: available for free streaming for three months; CA$ 10.08 if you choose to continue.

Other than the long-term subscription plans, you can also opt for the BT Sport Monthly Pass, which allows you access to the platform for a monthly fee. This helps you test out the platform before making an investment.


What Is the BT Sport Monthly Pass?

BT Sport Monthly Pass has all the good things from BT Sport Pack- lasting up to a month! Since it requires no long-term commitment, the Monthly Pass becomes an obvious choice amongst people who wish to check out the platform first.

It also targets people who don’t really watch sports around the year because paying for a full subscription when you’re only going to use it for a few days makes no sense.

The limited duration doesn’t mean any compromise on the facilities, though; you get all the channels, along with a 4K Ultra HD quality.

BT Sport 1, BT Sport ESPN and BT Sport Extra, and many other channels can all be easily streamed through the Monthly Pass without having a long-term contract! Just pay the BT Sport cost on a monthly basis and enjoy the plethora of sports content available at your convenience.

How Much Does the BT Sport Monthly Pass Cost?

If you have CA$ 38.78 to spare, you can avail of the BT Sport Monthly Pass because that’s all it takes! BT Sport’s cost stands out, particularly because of their monthly alternative. Not everyone likes to tie themselves into a lengthy contract which makes monthly options automatically preferable.

Don’t like the platform? Just want to watch this one famous league every year? Can’t afford the yearly plans? Choose the monthly plan, and all your woes will be gone forever!

Your subscription will keep renewing on a monthly basis. If any time you wish to cease your ties with BT Sport, you’d have to cancel your subscription manually.

The BT Sports Monthly Pass also includes access to its mobile application, with an added benefit of simultaneous streaming on multiple devices. The process of getting the Monthly Pass is pretty straightforward too.

You just have to launch the BT Sport website and go to their pricing page. Select the Monthly Pass and you’d get transported to the payment options.

Sign-up, pay the dues and your account will be accessible within a few minutes. Download the app across all the devices you personally use and enjoy the endless streaming!

What Sports Channels Can I Watch on BT Sport Monthly Pass Cost?

If this guide is the first to introduce you to BT Sport, you’re probably under the impression that it doesn’t have much variety in its channels. Let us prove you wrong because this streaming platform has many channels focusing on almost all kinds of sports!

The number of channels available on BT Sport is unmatchable with other options because most streaming platforms only have one sport-centric channel, and that’s about it. Not with BT Sports, though, because you get a lot more than you pay. Here’s a list of all the channels available on BT sport:

List Of Channels 
BT Sport 1 -BT Sport ESPN
BT Sport 2 BT Sport Ultimate
BT Sport 3 BT Box Office

A layman might think that buying a sports center streaming platform is a losing deal because how different can a match be on different channels, right? Only true sports fans know the importance of watching more than just the match!

All of these channels range from showcasing documentaries, live matches, stats, interviews, and much more! This adds diversity to the channels, which means that you never will get bored of your subscription.

What are BT Sport Packages for Smartphones?

Wondering why you have to pay for the entire subscription when you only want to use the platform’s mobile application? You don’t! Lucky for you, there’s a cheaper option available for all the people who access BT Sport only from their phones.

It’s only fair because when you have a big screen, your experience is entirely different. Smartphones may be convenient but, of course, provide a slightly altered experience- while this means a cheap BT Sport cost, it doesn’t mean any compromise on the features!

From the number of channels to streaming stats, the mobile package is as similar as any other with an added benefit of a lesser cost.

You’d have to access the platform through a SIM card, though. You can also use EE as an alternative to a SIM card, but it may add to the cost slightly. You also get a discount if you already have a BT subscription!

BT Mobile will cost you about CA$ 31.03 per month, while EE is approximately CA$ 38.78 per month.

What Devices Can I Watch BT Sport on?

There are a number of devices compatible with BT Sport. Access across multiple devices becomes important if your subscription is used by multiple people. It also allows you to not miss out on your matches under any circumstance.

Want a sneak peek into the number of goals at work? Tune into BT Sport from your laptop. Stuck in traffic and can’t make it in time for the next tournament?

Put on BT Sport on your phone. The variety of devices available at the minimal BT Sport Cost is exactly why the platform is making its way to becoming the first choice for the viewers.

Go through this list of all the devices you can watch BT Sport on to find out whether yours is included:

List Of Devices
Apple TV Casting through Chromecast or Airplay on television
Android TV Roku
Samsung Smart TVs NOW TV Smart Stick
PlayStation Xbox One
Google Chromecast

All of these devices have their own pros and cons in terms of streaming. For example, a small screen lets you watch your matches in transit or when you just want a quick update; but for many people, it fails to provide the same amount of thrill as a TV screen.

This is exactly why compatibility across multiple devices is an important factor to consider when buying a subscription. You wouldn’t want to lose on an important match just because your streaming platform doesn’t support more than one device.

You should also consider buying BT Sport if you have multiple users in your family. Many platforms, unlike BT Sport, only allow you to operate from one device at a time which proves to be a major hindrance in the long run. You probably will be limited to a big screen in the lounge, lessening convenience.

If you wish to stay connected to the sports world at all times, give BT Sport a chance, and you won’t regret it!


You can use a SIM card to get the BT Sport app for the lowest prices. This can get even cheaper if you exclude the cost of a SIM card or have an existing subscription to the platform. Don’t worry about the features, though, because you’ll be getting all of them, only for a minimal price. 

You can also look into buying the BT Broadband, which provides a free extension to BT Sport. While the subscription isn’t really cheap, it does provide you with a lot more for less price. 

The best thing about BT Sport is that it isn’t just meant for a certain class of people who can afford to pay for luxuries. Their free trials, seasonal discounts, and monthly payment options make them easily affordable for people of all kinds. 

While BT Sport Cost isn’t an exuberant amount for many, some people do look for cheap ways of accessing the platform because of multiple reasons.

The price of BT Sport on Now TV is CA$ 13.12. You can easily access this as an add-on to your NOW TV subscription. Look for BT Sport and Premier Sports day Membership on the NOW TV website, and don’t worry about making multiple payments because this is available as a one-off thing.

If you want to know how to watch BT Sport for free, consider buying the BT Broadband, which provides you with additional features along with the best sports streaming platform out there.

If you’re a BT broadband customer, you automatically have unlimited access to the platform without paying any extra money!

BT Sport cost won’t be a problem anymore if you choose this route.

Final Thoughts:

When you first start considering investing in a platform, there are bound to be many doubts regarding the costs. Not every platform has suitable subscriptions, which proves to be a challenging factor for many.

If you’re paying a hefty amount for something, you definitely expect it to be par average, but it often doesn’t work out that way.

BT Sport cost in Canada, however, is specifically designed to not disappoint you in the least. The platform has multiple subscription plans available, which automatically garner a huge amount of audience.

Sports companies around the world have started taking an interest in the platform for marketing purposes, owing to its growing popularity.

This still isn’t beneficial for the Canadian audience, though, because BT Sport hasn’t yet expanded its forte into this region. Don’t get disappointed, though, because we have a simple way around it: VPNs!

Invest into a trusted VPN and change your geolocation into any BT Sport compatible region. You’d get easy access to the platform with no questions asked!

Since sports-centric platforms don’t interest everybody, you have to purchase them in addition to an all-rounding option like Netflix in most cases. It can turn out to be very disappointing if, after all this added effort, your streaming platform does not perform as well as it claims.

Save yourself the hassle of putting in energy, time, and money on the wrong kind of sports streaming platform and choose BT Sport right away; because this is the one portal that will not leave you regretting your decision!

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