How to Use BT Sport On Multiple Devices? [Complete Guide]


If you’re a BT Sport user, here’s some good news: you can watch your favorite sports channels on any device you’d like!

Being a giant in the TV Channel industry, the one thing that users have always missed out on BT Sport is the accessibility on multiple devices. The convenience this provides has always planted doubts in the buyer’s mind but not anymore. Unfortunately, BT Sport is a sports streaming service that is available in the UK and Ireland but you can watch BT sport in Canada with a VPN.

You can watch your exciting game on your TV back home and also on your phone when traveling.
confused about how to use BT Sport on multiple devices?

This guide will take you through using the platform on Smart TVs, Roku, Now TV, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and many others! Follow this read to find out how you can navigate around it:

In What Devices BT Sport Is Available On?

How to use BT Sport on multiple devices is a query you might face when you need to watch a match anywhere other than your home. While a smaller screen often cuts down on the experience, it serves as a great solution when you don’t want to miss out on an important goal.

Previously only compatible with TVs, BT Sport is now friendly with 7+ devices. To see if the device you’re using makes it to the list, here are all the devices that go with BT Sport:

BT Sport on Multiple Devices
Smart TV Samsung Smart TV
Xbox One Roku
PS5 Firestick

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How to Use BT Sport On Smart TV?

For Smart TVs, the first step is to download the app from the play store or any other app store, depending on your TV company.

Once the download is completed successfully, head over to set up your BT ID, this mainly applies to users who haven’t had a BT account ever, so if you’ve been a user any time, skip this step entirely and recall your previous credentials.

Log in to your ID, and there, you’ll have all the live and on-demand videos just a click away! Sit back, grab a bag of snacks and enjoy your favorite games on the big screen in front of you.

How to Use BT Sport On Xbox One Or PS5 & PS4?

The good thing about using BT Sport on Xbox or PlayStations is that you can access multiple channels simultaneously, such as BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2, BT Sport 3, BT Sport Extra, ESPN, and BoxNation.

If you’re looking forward to kickstarting the football season in HD quality, this will be an excellent option for watching the 2021/20222 Premier League. People with a BT ID and information about the sports world can access the app for free. From Tv listings to Match highlights, you’re bound to enjoy the app’s efficiency more than the league itself!

To access the app for free, you only need to download it on the device you’re using. Xbox One Play Store and PlayStation App Stores are good sources of doing that.

If you’re new to the platform, you’d have to register and go through the subscription process of BT Sport. The app can be bought for 23.36 CA$/month, along with Broadband charges of 43.59 CA$/month.

You can also subscribe to a month-long package by BT Sport, named the Monthly Pass. It’s available at 38 CA$/month and is an excellent way of trying out the platform before making a hefty investment. Not only does it provide you full access to BT Sport, but it also doesn’t require a BT Broadband!

How to Use BT Sport on Samsung Smart TV?

While Samsung Smart TV has a range of streaming options to choose from, BT Sport, of course, stands apart for sports enthusiasts. You’d be glad to know that if you have a Samsung Smart TV model no older than 2015, you can easily take up watching BT Sport on your screen.

It offers HD quality in multiple channels and lets you access the BT Sport 4k Ultimate channel.

To activate BT Sport on your Samsung device, be sure to download it from Samsung’s exclusive App Store. If you’re already acquainted with BT, you won’t have to pay the broadband fee and proceed to have free access to the platform.

You’ll need to enter your credentials, and from there, you’ll be taken into the world of sports channels!

If you don’t own a BT Broadband, you’ll have to first subscribe to BT Sport and get a BT Superfast Fibre Broadband for approximately 43.59 CA$. Once you’re done, head over to purchase the app for 23 CA$/month. Make sure you download through the website instead of the app store. Finally, log in with your new BT ID to enjoy the streaming platform.

How to Use BT Sport on Roku?

Knowing how to use BT Sport on multiple devices will all be in vain if your device is Roku. Unfortunately, BT Sport isn’t compatible with Roku but don’t worry!

There is a way around it. Users have been using screen mirroring as a solution for this for quite a while. It may be the only solution available for now, but if you get it right, you won’t feel much difference in your streaming experience.

If you have no idea about how to use screen mirroring for Roku, here’s a simple way of doing that:

  1. Set up your TV and put it on
  2. Use the HDMI connector of your TV and plug it into the Roku device.
  3. Ensure that the same kind of internet is accessed by both your devices
  4. Use the remote for navigation and click on the home page.
  5. Go to settings and click on the ‘system options’ button.
  6. A ‘screen mirroring’ option will be right in front of you. Once you click on it, another popup bar will ask you to choose the same mode. Click on that.
  7. A confirmation box will appear, and a scanning process will kick off once you confirm your choice.
    Find your device, and once you click on it, you’ll be able to watch BT Sport on your Roku device.

How to Use BT Sport on Firestick?

Firestick users won’t be able to download the BT Sport app. Instead, they must resort to the BT TV app and access sports channels. Previously, Fire TV devices had a lot of trouble with hosting BT TV. There were numerous bugs and crashes but not anymore.

Recent changes have users awestruck with the platform’s performance. It didn’t just go through a significant revamp but also fixed all of the issues, including better interfaces and adapting to more streaming channels like BT TV.

Almost ten sports channels from the BT TV app are easily accessible on Firestick. This includes all the perks such as match highlights, news info, and playing your favorite moments repeatedly.

If you’re an Amazon Fire TV user, you’d have to pay a certain amount before being able to stream BT TV on the device. In addition to the primary subscription, you’d have to pay approximately 7 CA$/month so that the platform runs smoothly on Firestick.

You can either make the purchase directly from their store or have a customer support representative help you out in this,

How to Install BT TV On Firestick?

Here’s a quick steps that’ll make it easy for you to install BT TV on Firestick:

  1. Go to the home page and navigate to the Search menu. It’ll be somewhere on the top-left of your screen.
  2. Search for the BT TV tag by either typing or using the mic.
  3. The BT TV option will be right at the bottom; click on it.
  4. Once you’re onto the next page, find the Apps and Games option. From the drop-down menu, select BT TV.
  5. Once you’re done, the downloading option will be right at the bottom of the page.
  6. Locate the Get BT TV app, and once you click on it, your downloading will automatically start.

It’ll hardly take a few minutes for your app to install, and once done, you’ll have to launch it from the list of all apps manually. If you’re unable to locate the app, make sure you check the ‘See all’ box.

How to Use BT Sport on Now TV?

Now TV works on NOW TV sports passes, just like tickets. You’ll know all about the process if you’ve been a Now Tv customer for a long time. If you’re new to the platform, however, have a look at these simple steps to buy a sports pass:

  1. Launch the website using any browser on your desktop
  2. Locate the ‘Log in’ option, and sign in to your account using your credentials.
  3. The Sports Passes option will be right in front of you, at the bar on the top of the screen.
  4. Clicking on it will bring out a drop-down menu displaying the types of passes.
  5. Once you click on the Sports Extra pass, you’d be directed to another page where you’d have to fill in the payment details.
  6. Once you’re done with clearing out the dues, all you need to do is relax and enjoy all the sports channels!

How to Use BT Sport On Multiple Devices: FAQs

If you’ve been a BT customer previously, you can head over to use the platform without any charges. Amazon Fire users, however, have to pay roughly 7 CA$/month to be able to stream BT Sport channels.

Since the BT TV app on Amazon Firestick doesn’t support sports channels, you’d have to add the BT TV App Extra in order to stream the platform effortlessly.

If the immediate question comes to your mind after learning how to use BT Sport on multiple devices is about the picture quality, you won’t be disappointed.

The BT Sport App uses superior technology to provide the best experience possible. If your internet speed is compatible with BT Sport, you’d see that there’s no shift in picture quality.

However, if you have a slow speed and a low bandwidth, the picture quality will suffer to a large extent. Some devices also find it challenging to put up with BT Sport because of the heavy technology involved. If your device is too old and frail, it won’t be able to support a good picture quality.

You’re lucky if you wish to watch live sports on Firestick without any charges. There are many alternatives available that don’t come with exuberant costs and also leave you with a satisfactory experience.

ESPN+, YouTube TV, and fuboTV are all platforms you can easily access for watching exciting games. The best part about them is that if you don’t require any specific features, you can continue streaming for free.

If you want exclusive insights, you can go ahead and look into their streaming packages, precisely like you would with BT Sport.

You can also use VPNs and Proxy servers to access BT Sport from your Firestick. You’ll need a reliable VPN that you can download immediately. Once your IP and other details are morphed, you’d be able to get into any platform you’d like.

The Bottom Line:

How to use BT Sport on multiple devices is a concern that wasn’t even existent until recent times. BT Sport has been famous for being exclusively available on just a few devices, but that is not the case anymore.

You don’t have to give up on buying a BT subscription now just because you don’t have the relevant device. With the upgrades and developments that the platform has gone through, it has become much more accessible than before.

Sports enthusiasts know how much of a giant BT Sport is in the streaming world and how many people have only dreamt of using it till now. If you’re also one of those who’ve always relished BT users, your time has come! Head over to the app store and start your sports streaming journey!

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