BT Sport VS Sky Sports: Which One Is Right For You?


If you’ve been a sports lover for a long while, you’d always be on the hunt for a TV package that caters to all your needs. There are plenty of options available in the market, but sifting through all of them is super difficult.

Since most sports-centric TV packages are slightly on the expensive side, you wouldn’t want to invest in something that doesn’t serve its purpose entirely. It’d be a pain to sit in front of your TV after paying a hefty amount for the subscription and not finding your favorite channel on it.

The good thing here is that you probably know about Sky Sports and BT Sports already because of their hype. While the latter didn’t beat Sky Sports initially, 2013 was the year that drastically changed the fates of both giants.

Today, both of them stand side by side in terms of success and recognition, often putting buyers in a fix. If you ask me one line answer to the question “What is better Sky or BT Sport?“, then as per my research I would like to go after Sky Sports.

If you’re also struggling to choose between BT Sports vs. Sky Sports, this guide has all the significant information you need to know before making a purchase.

Without delaying it further, let’s decide which one is the best for you:

Sky Sports And BT Sport: What’s They Offer?

Both the sports channels have their own set of pros and cons. Their features are also different from one another, not to mention the vast gaps between their pricing plans. To settle the debate between BT Sports vs. Sky Sports once and for all, let’s have a comprehensive look at both of them:

BT Sport

You might be saving a lot of bucks if you choose BT Sport, but you won’t have much variety in channels. Cricket, Boxing, Hockey, Baseball, and Basketball have numerous leagues premiered on BT Sport, so you’re bound to have a good experience while remaining within your budget.

You will find different channels on different BT Sport plan, for example, you will have BT Sport1, BT Sport 2, BT Sport 3, and BT Sport ESPN Channels on standard Sport plan.

There is the cheapest BT TV plan available and is one of the most affordable plans from all TV providers. You can purchase the sports package for just 24.82 CA$/24 months. If you’re a first-timer, you can also install the setup for 62.03 CA$.

The BT Big Sport package provides you with almost all the channels which are available on Sky TV. It does cost a whopping 61.97 CA$ for 24 months. You’d have to pay additional charges for the setup compared to Sky Sports; this package has nearly all the features available for lower prices!

BT Sport Monthly Pass, on the other hand, is a cheaper option with a thorough insight into BT Sports channels.

The best part about this specific plan is its duration; a monthly plan means you try out the platform and figure out if it fits your requirements before making an investment.

If you don’t think BT Sports is for you, you can just stop subscribing as opposed to the yearly contracts that are very bounding.

This package is also great for people who cannot afford to have a package all year round, meaning that you can just pay for the month with all your favorite leagues airing, like Premiership Rugby games and UEFA Champions League, WWE, cricket, and Red Bull events.

Sky Sports

The primary perk that comes with Sky Sports is the amount of content at your disposal. It has a wide range of channels that are all linked to Netflix, which means that there’s a lot more accountability when it comes to security. There are lesser bugs, massive sporting coverage, and several options to choose from.

The packages available on Sky TV are Sky TV, Netflix & Sky Sports, or Sky TV, Sky Sports & BT Sport. You also get enthusiastic commentators like Gary Neville, Jamie Redknapp, and Roy Keane, who only double the fun of watching a thrilling match!

Sky TV, Netflix & Sky Sports is by far the best package among all the others available in the market right now. This is because you get so much sporty information at the convenience of your home that you’ll find it hard not to be excited.

From cricket to hockey to even the latest news in the sports world, this package can keep you updated with recent happenings. It only costs about 71.29 CA$ for 18 months and also can be set up for just 31 CA$!

However, you can get a Free Trial of Sky Sports before subscribing to it.

Sky TV, Sky Sports & BT Sport stand unique, though, because it does not only allow you access to all the sports channels of Sky TV but also lets you stream BT channels. This means you can watch a hockey match on Sky Sports one day and BT Sports Football on the other; without having to pay separately!

All BT Sport and ESPN channels are available in HD, and you can purchase this package for 103.84 CA$ every 18 months. A setup fee of 31 CA$ will also have to be paid if you’re a new subscriber.

If money is not on the problems list, the answer to BT Sports vs. Sky Sports will always be the latter because of its perks. If you’re concerned about whether or not Is Sky Sport worth the money? Then let me tell you: absolutely! Along with excellent value for money, it also gives you excellent streaming quality!

Which Provider’s Package You Should Pick for Sports?

When it comes to deciding what is the outcome of BT Sports vs. Sky Sports, I would definitely recommend Sky Sports. Comparatively, the Sky TV, Netflix, and Sky Sports package is a much more valuable investment than BT Sport.

You get various options, HD quality, and live/on-demand match videos, which only add to your value for money. The contract duration is also only 18 months as opposed to the two full years offered by BT Sport; this gives you a better hold of the platform.

If you’re looking for an all-rounding TV plan, Sky Sports will be just the right option for you. You wouldn’t even have to pay hefty amounts for setups because it’s way cheaper than BT Sport.

BT TV requires a BT Broadband at all times to allow streaming which can be quite a hassle if you’re not already using broadband. Sky TV, however, has no such requirements and lets you walk straight into enjoying the platform without broadband or other pre-requisites.

You can access Sky TV channels without having a Sky Broadband. This means that you wouldn’t have to pay for packages and media you don’t actually use, ensuring value for money. You might need to be careful when buying a package because the BT Sport Plan from Sky Sport will make a significant dent in your pocket.

If you’re not glued to your screen 24/7 watching sports, this plan will be pretty useless for you.

When it comes to BT Sport, the affordable plans do sound tempting. However, the long-term pros of Sky outweigh the affordability of BT Sport. A one-time contract with BT Sport can bind you for two years which is not favorable due to a number of things, a change of mind being the primary factor.

If at any time, you feel like you should try out Sky Sport or any other platform, you’ll have to worry about the payments you’ve already made to BT Sport.

The other package of BT Sport allows a monthly subscription, but even that can be a hassle in the long run because you’d have to renew your subscription again and again manually.

Hence, if you think that the solution to BT Sports vs. Sky Sports is BT, you might want to analyze the factors again. It would be satisfactory if you did not get hijacked by the seemingly low rates because there’s a high chance you’ll regret your decision some months later.

Choose Sky instead, and you’ll be relieved about your sports channels for about 18 months!

Can I Buy Sky Sports & BT Sport Together?

To put it simply, yes. However, you must assess both platforms carefully to avoid misjudgment. The pricing of both Sky Sports and BT Sport are way different than each other, so here’s a breakdown that can help you decide:

If you wish to purchase Sky Sports and BT Sport through Sky TV, your lump sum payable amount would be 1870 CA$. This total is broken down into the one-time setup fee and the 18-month contract, where you’d have a rollover payment of 103 CA$ every 18 months.

If you’re venturing into BT Sport or BT for Sky Sport, you’d have to make an investment of 1524 CA$ for a two-year contract. 125 CA$ of this amount is a one-time setup fee which you won’t have to pay if you decide to renew your subscription. Keep approximately 63 CA$ in your mind for future renewals.

Who has more Premier League Games; Sky or BT?

Sky undoubtedly has the most number of shows as compared to BT. Almost all the Premier Leagues games played around the world are available on Sky, and BT faces a hard time beating that because of its limited collection.

Some famous names that are bound to grab any sports lover’s attention are Live Premier League games and dedicated Premier League channel, English Football League — including the EFL Cup, The SPFL, La Liga, Major League Soccer, Eredivisie, and the Chinese Super League.

Sky Sports goes on to show a record-breaking number of shows every year, so if your head is still buzzing with BT Sports vs. Sky Sports, choose the latter!


Yes! BT has several options available, almost all of which showcase Sky TV Channels. From Sky Atlantic to Sky Max to even Sky Cinema, you can easily spot a package that includes your favorite Sky channel.

No, BT Sport doesn’t have a Day Pass available. If the platform decides to include this in their packages, they’ll see so much traffic on their site, but unfortunately, we don’t see it happening any time soon.

Comparatively, Sky Sport does have that option where you can tune into one-off matches without having to pay for a contract. You can purchase the Day Pass from Sky sport and enjoy your favorite math, replaying it many times for up to 24 hours.

The Sky is usually a pioneer in airing Premier League games. The world recently saw almost 140 fixtures on the platform that garnered them a lot of attention. Formula 1, IndyCar and W Series, boxing, NBA, golf, and rugby league are just some of the games you get on Sky Sports.

The cheapest solution to getting a BT Sports subscription is through your phone. While it won’t give you access to other screens, it is lighter on the pocket.

All you need to do is purchase a SIM card from either BT mobile or EE. The preferable way is a SIM card by BT, but you can also resort to EE if you don’t wish to buy a new one. You can activate the BT Sports app on your phone and enjoy countless amounts of streaming!

Sky also wins the BT Sports vs. Sky Sports debate because of its cheap accessibility. It allows you to add your preferred sports channel to the TV package you’re currently using. Depending on your usability, you can add one, two, or as many as you want.

You need to be already using Sky Broadband for this, though, to be able to be eligible for add-ons. If your watch time extends by a large margin, you can also consider buying all the sports channels from Sky, at almost 27 CA$/month.

Final Thoughts

Sports enthusiasts worldwide often have difficulty finding a TV package that meets all their requirements. BT Sports vs. Sky Sports has been a standard comparison over the years because of both platforms’ performance. You’ll find a thousand users swearing by BT and another thousand saying that Sky Sports is the best.

Since there is no definite public opinion around the two, it is vital that you carefully assess all the factors and decide the best for yourself.

The best thing is that both sports platforms have packages that give you a taste of the other. You could watch BT Sports Football in the morning and Sky Sports in the evening, all thanks to packages like Sky TV, Sky Sports & BT Sport.

For your investment to truly benefit you for a long time, make sure you go through this guide with an attentive mind. Hopefully, you’d have a package subscribed before your favorite team knocks out the other!

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