How to Cancel CBC Gem Subscription Outside Canada[Updated]


Are you searching for how to cancel CBC Gem subscription outside Canada? If that’s the case, this article offers all the information you need.

CBC Gem is a streaming service that is available in Canada. It provides both live and on-demand programming. It may be accessed over the web, mobile devices running iOS and Android, set-top boxes running Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV.

You will not be able to view CBC outside of Canada because it is a Canadian platform and can watch popular shows like Heartland Season 16 and many more. However, if you make use of a virtual private network (VPN), you may simply circumvent the geo-restriction limits and view whatever you want.

If you have a CBC Gem subscription, you are aware that your membership is automatically renewed on the same day each month. There are some  CBC compatible devices for your convenience as well.

On the other hand, cancellation requests submitted through the Gem website won’t be processed for subscriptions purchased using the Gem app for Android or iOS. Because Apple and Google have direct control over subscriptions, and because the only way to cancel a subscription is through the program itself,

How to Cancel CBC Gem Subscription Outside Canada? [Easy Guide]

If you subscribe to CBC Gem then you will have the option to discontinue your membership at any moment. Simply navigate to the settings of your account and select the button labeled “Cancel subscription.”

You will have access to the subscription and all of its services until the end of your current monthly cycle. After that, however, your account will be immediately deactivated.

This article will discuss how to cancel CBC Gem subscription outside Canada on different platforms.

How to Cancel CBC Gem on the Web?

If you enrolled in CBC Gem online and are paying for it with a Visa or MasterCard, you may quickly cancel CBC Gem subscription by going to the official website for CBC Gem and following the instructions there. Following are the procedures that need to be taken in order to cancel your subscription:

  1. Navigate to the top right corner of the screen and click the sign-in button.
  2. In the space provided, type in both your email address and the password that you chose when you first created your CBC Gem account.
  3. Hover your mouse pointer in the upper right corner and click on the name of your account.
  4. Navigate to the new page by clicking on “My Account,” which will bring you there.
  5. To terminate your membership to CBC Gem, go to the bottom of the website and select the link that says “Cancel Premium.”
  6. Confirm that your reservation has been canceled.

If you are canceling in Canada, you must utilize ExpressVPN to get your account canceled.

How to Cancel CBC Gem on Android?

If you have a subscription to CBC Gem through the Google Play Store, you can easily cancel it on your android device by following these steps:

  1. Launch the CBC Gem app and select Menu from the main screen.
  2. While you are logged in, select your account from the menu.
  3. Navigate to the page labeled “Manage Subscriptions.” Following this link will take you to the Subscriptions section of your Google Play Store account.
  4. Navigate to the CBC Gem subscription and select it with your mouse.
  5. Hover your mouse pointer over the “Manage Subscription” area, then scroll down to the bottom of the page and select ” Cancel Subscription.”
  6. Confirm that you want to terminate your subscription by clicking the “Cancel” button.
  7. When you are finished, the regular payment for your CBC Gem membership will be terminated, and you will no longer have access to the service. You are free to continue using the service up until the end of your current paying cycle.

If you are canceling in Canada, you must utilize ExpressVPN to get your account canceled.

How to Cancel CBC Gem on iOS?

If you are an Apple customer and wish to cancel CBC Gem subscription account without using the associated software, the following actions, applicable to iOS/iPad OS 13 or 14, are what you need to take:

  1. Navigate to the Settings menu, then touch on the Subscriptions option.
  2. Discover your CBC Gem memberships and view all current and inactive subscriptions at the same time.
  3. Verify whether it is still valid or has already run out. If it has already passed its expiration date, you will not be charged for the subscription going forward.
  4. If the subscription is still current, you can end it by using the “Cancel Subscription” button.
  5. Tap “Cancel Subscription” once again to validate the cancellation of your subscription.

When you use iOS 12:

  1. To access iTunes and the App Store, navigate to the settings menu, then click on your account name.
  2. At the very top of the screen, you should see your Apple ID, which is often your email address.
  3. Check out your Apple ID and make sure it’s legit.
  4. To subscribe, select the appropriate option.
  5. Simply open the CBC Gem app and enter your information as prompted.
  6. To end your account, go to the “Subscriptions” menu and select “Cancel.”
  7. You just need to confirm the cancellation in order to put an end to your recurring account.

If you are canceling in Canada, you must utilize ExpressVPN to get your account canceled.

How to Cancel CBC Gem on Apple TV?

If you often watch CBC Gem on your Apple TV, you may quickly cancel CBC Gem subscription by following the instructions below:

  1. To access the settings, select “Settings” from the main menu.
  2. To manage your subscriptions, navigate to “Users & Accounts” and then “Manage Subscriptions.”
  3. Choose the CBC Gem app from the available subscriptions on your device.
  4. At the bottom of the page is a link that says “Cancel Subscription.”
  5. Click “Terminate Subscription” once more to verify that you want to cancel the subscription.

If you are canceling in Canada, you must utilize ExpressVPN to get your account canceled.

What is an Alternative to CBC Outside Canada?

There will be occasions when you want a change of pace or a superior option to CBC Gem. If that’s the case, I’ve compiled a list of several other streaming services in Canada that are a step up from CBC Gem.

Netflix Disney+ AppleTV+ Spuul Britbox
Crave US Amazon Prime HighballTV The Criterion Channel Club illico
tubi CuriosityStream Plex Kanopy Crunchyroll
Hayu CBS All Access Acorn TV MUBI

What Else is Worth Watching on CBC?

Here are the most popular best shows and best trending movies list that is available on CBC.

How to Cancel CBC Gem Subscription Outside Canada – FAQs:

Visiting the CBC Gem website, signing into your account there, navigating to the settings menu, and selecting the cancel subscription option is the quickest and easiest method to cancel CBC Gem subscription service.

Currently, Canadians have access to CBC in its rudimentary form; but, if they wish to use the service at will, they will need to become authenticated or paid customers. By purchasing a membership, you will have access to a wealth of exclusive material.

You are able to see video on numerous devices at the same time via CBC Gem, which offers up to five simultaneous streams.


CBC Gem is one of the best streaming options available in the United States, and it can be accessed easily with the best VPN, such as ExpressVPN if you are someone who enjoys viewing the newest films and shows in the country.

Nevertheless, you have the option to cancel CBC Gem subscription outside Canada if you decide you have had enough of its content or if you wish to discontinue your subscription for any other reason.

While cancelling your CBC Gem subscription, you must ensure that you do this before the end of the current month in order to avoid being charged for the next month. You may also find additional streaming options that are comparable to CBC Gem to watch in your spare time.

Note: After you have verified for cancellation, your membership will be canceled.  You will recommence to have access to content like the best CBC TV shows and Best CBC Movies until the end of your membership period.

I hope, that when you follow this comprehensive guide, you will be able to cancel your membership while still being able to make use of the other options without any problems.

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