How Do I Cancel My Eurosport Subscription in Canada?


If you are watching Eurosport in Canada and wondering “Is Eurosport subscription easy to cancel?”, the answer is yes.

Eurosport is a sports entertainment company owned by Discovery Communications, which broadcasts throughout Europe. It is the home of Bigger’s Better Boxing, This Week in WWE, WWE Vintage Collection, Football Italia, and Eurosport Fight Club.

Additionally, users can stream videos on various sports, including football, horse racing, motorsports, tennis, rugby, and others. It also makes it possible for sports enthusiasts to locate scores of many sports, including football.

Users can cancel Eurosport streaming service before it goes into effect by entering the Account and following the online instructions to do so. Until the duration of the subscription period month, the user will still have access to the existing Eurosport Pass.

Before we start, one more thing you have to know that Eurosport is a geo-restricted streaming service, and you might need a VPN to watch Eurosport in Canada or to cancel your Eurosport subscription.

What Are The Steps to Cancel Eurosport in Canada

Here are the steps you need to follow to cancel Eurosport in Canada.

  1. Go to the website located at the following URL: form id=360000823400.
  2. Select “CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION” from the list of options located under the heading “What can we assist you with?”
  3. If you already have an account, enter the email address associated with it here.
  4. Specify the Email Address that you used to register for your Eurosport Player account.
  5. Specify the kind of pass that you now own.
  6. Specify the rationale for your decision to terminate your membership or account access.
  7. At this point, in the text section labeled “Subject,” write the phrase “REQUEST TO CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION AND ALSO TO PERMANENTLY DELETE MY ACCOUNT.”
  8. In the text section labeled “Description,” indicate the truthful reason you are seeking the termination of your membership and account.
  9. At the bottom of the page, click the reCAPTCHA box for confirming of being not a robot.
  10. And lastly, click on the Submit button to transmit your request to cancel Eurosport streaming service.

What Are Your Other Options To Cancel Eurosport Subscription in Canada?

This section will talk about the other options to cancel Eurosport streaming service subscriptions in Canada.

Without further ado, here are some other ways to cancel Eurosport streaming service:

How do I cancel Eurosport streaming service via Eurosport Smart TV App?

Your subscription cannot be canceled using the TV app.

On a PC or Mac, go into your Eurosport account to manage your subscription (detailed instructions here). Go to your App store if you paid your membership via a mobile device (Android instructions or Apple instructions).

How do I cancel Eurosport streaming service via Eurosport Apple app?

The first thing to do is to visit your Apple Store Membership page if you bought your subscription through the Eurosport Apple app. Then proceed with the on-screen instructions until you receive a confirmation that your subscription renewal has been canceled.

  1. Activate the Apple Store
  2. Enter your Apple ID and password, then click “Featured” and go to “Subscriptions” > “Manage.”
  3. Confirm by switching the Auto-renewal status from On to OFF.
  4. Apple Store will also confirm by email in a few minutes.

How do I cancel Eurosport streaming service via Eurosport Android app?

Visit your Google Play Store Membership page by clicking here, then proceed as directed until you receive a notification that your subscription renewal has been canceled.

  1. Launch the Google Play Store.
  2. View Menu
  3. Select Subscribe.
  4. Locate the Eurosport membership and select cancel.
  5. Google Play Store will also confirm by email in a few minutes.

How do I cancel Eurosport streaming service on Amazon Channels?

Amazon Prime Video has been offering access to Eurosport since the middle of 2017.

Use “My Amazon Channels” or “My Account” and “Subscriptions” to access it after logging in with Amazon or Prime Video, respectively.

You may choose the Eurosport Channel and the “cancel” option from here.

You affirm your choice as well as the contract’s expiration and renewal dates.


As an individual with the right to choose, you are free to cancel Eurosport streaming service. In this case, you can cancel your subscription with them in the steps mentioned above.

But before anything else, if you purchased a Eurosport membership from a third party (such as one of their partners), you must do so through that third party in order to cancel your subscription.

You might have to go to your account with a third party, for instance, and disable the auto-renewal feature for Eurosport.

If you have any questions about how to cancel Eurosport streaming service, let us know and we’ll answer your inquiries.

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