How To Cancel Stan Subscription In Canada In 2023


Stan is a streaming service that provides its customers with a selection of TV series and movies to watch whenever they want. Even though Stan is geo-restricted and only available in Australia, it is possible to access Stan in Canada by using a virtual private network (VPN).

Even though it is a fantastic service, there are situations in which customers may wish to terminate their Stan membership before the free trial period is up. This might be due to a variety of factors, including a lack of available funds or simply an inability to locate the necessary free time to make use of the service.

To view your favorite TV series and movies like Dawn of The Dolphins, Shazam 2023, Animaniacs Season 3, and many more, all you need is a suitable device and an active internet connection. Stan is available for streaming on TVs, cellphones (Android and iOS), Apple TV, laptops, tablets, and Chromecast, to name a few.

If you want to cancel Stan subscription in Canada, you can do so by using a web browser on your PC or Mac. In the event that you have not yet completed the trial time for your membership, it will be immediately terminated.

In the following sections, we will go through how to terminate your Stan membership. Regardless of the rationale.

Visit on the web browser installed on your Mac or PC and enter your login information to access your account there.

In the upper right corner, hover your cursor over your profile, and then pick Manage Account from the menu that appears.

Find the option to cancel your membership under the heading “Subscription Information,” and then follow the on-screen instructions. Your service will be terminated at the conclusion of the billing cycle that it was associated with before it is immediately discontinued.

How To Cancel Stan Subscription In Canada On Different Devices?

Due to the fact that Stan allows subscribers to cancel on various devices, canceling Stan’s subscription in Canada is a very straightforward process. We have provided a simple walkthrough on how to cancel Stan subscription in Canada on a variety of devices.

Are you pressed for time? Proceed immediately to the step-by-step instructions for your device.

How Do I Cancel Stan on Android Devices?

You must cancel your Stan membership via the Google Play Store; merely removing the Stan app will not be enough. Now that we’ve confirmed this, you may cancel Stan subscription in Canada on Android by following the instructions below.

Follow these steps to cancel your Stan membership in Canada on your Android device:

  • Navigate to the Google Play Store. Check that you’re using the same Google account that you used to subscribe to Stan.
  • Go over to Payments & subscriptions after clicking on your Account.
  • Find the Stan subscription and choose Cancel subscription.


  • Follow the on-screen steps to confirm the cancellation.
  • You have successfully terminated your Stan membership in Canada!

How Do I Cancel Stan on iPhone and iPad?

Do you want to know how to cancel Stan on your iPhone? Simply take your mouse pointer to the Profile symbol and choose Manage Account. Locate the cancel subscription option and pick it to cancel Stan on your iOS device.

Here’s how to cancel Stan subscription in Canada on iPhone or iPad:

  • Navigate to Settings on your iPhone or iPad.


  • Locate the Subscriptions tab by tapping the ID icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  • Now, locate Stan by selecting Active from the menu.
  • Next, pick the Cancel subscription option to end your Stan membership.

How Do I Cancel Stan on Mac?

Using the browser on your Mac is an easy way to complete the Stan subscription canceling procedure.

If you want to cancel Stan subscription in Canada on your Mac, please follow the procedures below:

  • Launch a web browser on your Mac, and then go directly to the Stan website.
  • To access your account, please sign in.


  • Now, drag your cursor over the Profile symbol, and from the drop-down option that appears, pick Manage Account.
  • Look for the option to Cancel your membership inside the area labeled “Subscription.”
  • To cancel Stan on your Mac, just follow the on-screen steps.

Important: The Stan Service will be terminated at the end of the month for which you were most recently invoiced. Only if you cancel your Stan subscription during the free trial time will you have instant access denied to the service.

How Do I Cancel Stan on the Web?

The most convenient way to terminate your Stan subscription is to do it using a web browser. To cancel your membership to Stan, all you need to do is go to the Stan website and look for the option to cancel your subscription in the section labeled “Your Profile.”

  • To cancel Stan subscription in Canada through the web, please follow these instructions:
  • Go to Stan’s website and sign in using the credentials you have saved there.
  • Choose your Profile from the menu on the upper right, then click Manage Account.
  • Simply scroll through the available choices until you find the one that says “Cancel your membership.”
  • Click the Cancel my subscription button, and then follow the on-screen directions to finish canceling your membership.


What Are The Best Stan Alternatives For Streaming?

What should you do next, now that you’ve succeeded in canceling your Stan membership in Canada? We are aware of your concerns and have taken them into consideration as we evaluate potential replacements for Stan.

We recommend keeping an eye on the following alternative streaming services in order to watch internationally recognized television series, programs for families, documentaries, and movies.

The following content-streaming services are accessible to Canadian users:

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Hulu
  • Disney+

Because of restrictions imposed by content licensing agreements, Canada does not presently have access to some of the most popular streaming services. However, they are both excellent alternatives to Stan and can be viewed in Canada provided that a virtual private network (VPN) is used.

Now that virtual private networks (VPNs) are available, restrictive forms of entertainment are a thing of the past. You only need to get your hands on the finest VPNs for streaming to be able to take advantage of limitless access to hundreds of addicting games from across the world.

How To Cancel Stan In Canada: FAQs

Yes, you may simply end your membership to Stan anytime you choose. To cancel your Stan membership, you just go to Stan’s official website and select the button labeled “Cancel my subscription.”

No, if you cancel Stan in Canada, you do not get any refund. Only manually canceling your membership prior to the free trial time will result in a refund.

Yes, you may cancel your Stan membership while it is still free. During the time of your free trial of Stan, if you decide to cancel your subscription, your plan will be terminated and you will be instantly removed from the Stan service.

Wrapping Up!

In spite of the fact that we have covered Stan’s membership cancellation in Canada, we are unable to resist praising the service for its amazing library of films.

Despite the fact that it is confined to a certain location, Stan may be accessed in Canada with the use of a virtual private network (VPN) to get an Australian IP address.

Now that we’ve reached the conclusion of this article, we hope that all of your questions on how to cancel Stan subscription in Canada have been addressed.

You’ve probably seen by now that it’s not exactly rocket science and can be completed in a matter of minutes. We strongly suggest carrying out all of the steps in the method to protect yourself from any potential complications.

Leave a comment below if you are still having trouble canceling Stan inside Canada if you are encountering any problems.

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