How Much Does DAZN Cost Outside Canada?


One of the greatest global television broadcasting channels, DAZN, is a special and unique platform that is wholly dedicated to sports. Sports lovers do not have to suffer more finding the best platform that could show them sports events and matches in the most elegant way.

Since it is only a sports provider, the service specializes in it and makes sure everything sports-related on its platform is perfect. Do you know what is great about this revolutionary service? It lets you watch the sports you love in exactly the way you like it!

With DAZN, you get to watch not only all kinds of different sports like UEFA Nations League or Champions League but also various other fun stuff.

Examples include classic archived shows, the most significant combat sports events, documentaries, a host of interviews, and complete access to promoters and fighters courtesy of daily content.

DAZN’s own ‘the DAZN Boxing Show’ can also be watched. Seems like a lot of enjoyment, right? It is indeed. DAZN streams live on-demand sports content in over 200 countries now, including Canada.

It will be one of your good decisions to choose DAZN Outside Canada and subscribe to it if you are a genuine sports lover.

Okay, it is a great platform, perfectly suiting a sports enthusiast, but, of course, before you make a decision, you need to know how much is DAZN Canada a month. DAZN price outside Canada may be less or more, but living in Canada, you may want to know DAZN’s price in Canada.

DAZN, in Canada, charges CA$ 24.99 per month. There is also a yearly subscription option where you get charged CA $199.99. However, if you want to know the DAZN price outside Canada, this article will take you through that.

It will give you the information and idea of how much DAZN price outside Canada can cost. Let’s dig the answer out then.

What is the Price of DAZN Outside Canada?

With features like rewinding, pausing, and replaying sports, on-demand or live, along with many others, people are quite tempted to sign up for DAZN. But they want to be knowledgeable about DAZN prices outside Canada.

I am sure so are you because this will help you make better and wiser decisions. So, in this section, we will look into that. First things first, the great thing, in fact, is that DAZN offers a free trial to all new users.

What more could you ask for? If you, too, are new, then it will be your chance to use the trial and know if the service is really worth your time and money.

However, after the free trial – which lasts for a month at least – you have to pay for using DAZN’s services. If you feel like the platform isn’t for you, then you can immediately unsubscribe to it just before the day it ends.

This action will assure that you don’t pay up any extra amount. Despite the free trial, though, DAZN price outside Canada and inside it is very flexible, varying from country to country. Only a few companies adopt an approach like this.

It does not, however, let you buy certain sports events like Amazon. You have to purchase the monthly subscription (or yearly, as you like) and unlock the entire library to view the content. Sure, the annual subscription can save you some bucks.

But if you just want to try out DAZN for some time without having a long-time commitment to the service in mind, then a monthly subscription would be recommended.

The DAZN price outside Canada in countries like the United States is CA $25.78 ($19.99). In the United Kingdom, it is CAD $3.11 (£1.99) per month. In other countries where DAZN is available, like Ukraine and Germany, it costs you CAD $1.94 (UAH 54.99) and CA $39.57 (€29.99) respectively, each month.

Clever approach it is, right? The company charges the subscription price, considering the competition in that specific region. You can be clever too.

Let us tell you a secret: get a subscription to a trusted premium VPN, like ExpressVPN. Why? Well, with a subscription to a reliable VPN, you can connect its server to a region where DAZN is the cheapest.

You may think getting a VPN will charge you extra money. But you should remember that with a VPN, you can’t only get DANZ at affordable prices but also access other platforms that may not be available in your region. Hit two targets with one shot!

Here are some of the countries other than Canada where DAZN is available with its different prices.


DAZN Price
United States $19.99 (CA $25.77)
United Kingdom £1.99 (CA $3.11)
Australia 13.99 AUD (CA $12.52)
Germany € 29.99 (CA$39.57)
New Zealand NZ$10.81 (CA $8.76)
Italy € 29.99 (CA$39.57)
Japan ¥3,000 (CA $29.04)
Ukraine UAH 54.99 (CA $ 1.94)
Brazil R $19,90 (CA $4.92)
India Rs 69 (CA $1.12)

How Can I Pay for DAZN Outside Canada?

Now you know about the DAZN price outside Canada as well as in it. So, if you, by any chance, decide to subscribe to Dazn, there are quite a lot of convenient options through which you can pay.

Whether you want to pay for a monthly or annual subscription, you can do it using the different options that Dazn allows its users.

It provides you easy ways to make payments to ensure people don’t face troubles with it and back out after finally deciding to subscribe to DAZN.

Sometimes, even if people have money and they want to subscribe to some platform, they are unable to do so due to the hard payment methods of those platforms.

However, DAZN has made it quite easy for its users. The different options through which you can pay are both online and by hand. They are listed below:

  1. Credit Card ( (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Diners Card)
  2. Apple In-App Payment
  3. Amazon In-App Payment
  4. PayPal
  5. Google Play Billing
  6. iTunes
  7. Debit Card
  8. Roku Pay

Choose the one option you are comfortable with and make the payment right away so you can enjoy a peaceful time streaming your favorite live sports match.

Don’t miss out on the beat. If you want, you can also change your payment methods. So, if you choose one of these methods and realize it isn’t working for you, then you can always hop on to the one.

How Much Does DAZN Price Compare To Disney Plus?

DAZN and Disney plus are both two popular streaming services that offer different TV shows and movies with a wide range of genres. However, cost of Disney plus Canada is 15.57 CAD per month, and DAZN cost 24.98 CAD per month. DAZN offers a 30-day free trial and Disney plus does not offer any free trial.


DAZN is a wonderful sports service provider that revolves completely around sports and, therefore, covers all the tiniest details regarding sports. It doesn’t let you miss out on anything; instead, it shows you the best matches and events, all live and on-demand.

Yes, you can say it is one of the finest platforms for sports lovers. If you are one, then maybe you should try checking it out; it offers a free trial for a month anyways. If you like it, you can continue using the service.

You can cancel it anytime you want without any restrictions. As for the DAZN price outside Canada, you can scroll up the cursor and look at the mentioned prices that DAZN charges in different locations.

If, then, it seems to be affordable and worth your time, you can go subscribe to it right away and enjoy some sports!

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