How To Get DAZN Free Trial Outside Canada


Thinking of free stuff, especially the ones you like, bring real pleasure to life, doesn’t it? But just a second later, the question “how to get it for free” drives that pleasure away. Very few are consistent and ready to go the extra mile and make an effort to really acquire the free stuff available.

Are you one of them? Perhaps yes, because that is why you have come all the way here to find out does DAZN offer a free trial and, if it does, how you can get it.

A sports service provider and entertainer, DAZN is a television broadcasting platform that was first launched in 2015 in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, and Japan. Since then, it has been receiving remarkable progress and growth in its industry.

As of now, DAZN provides its services through the internet in more than 200 countries, letting sports lovers from around the globe enjoy its fantastic services.

You can watch boxing, classic fights, boxing shows, Champions League, live night fights, and other sports according to the countries it streams in. DAZN also has interesting sports documentaries in its content library.

However, despite all the advantages and entertainment that DAZN has to offer, it is still a subscription-based OTT platform that can be pretty heavy on pockets.

Deciding to go for such a thing properly may feel a bit confusing, especially when you don’t know if you would really like the service.

Hence, a free trial can make that easy! And yes, to your good surprise, I shall put it forth that you can get a DAZN free trial and understand whether the service is right for you. But the real question still is how you can get DAZN free trial Canada and where.

That isn’t a thing to worry about as long as you have this article handy! Let’s then dig up the dirt and find out the process to get the DAZN free trial.

Does DAZN Offer A Free Trial?

DAZN free trial used to be offered to the new customers when DAZN had launched originally in the beginning years.

The trials were offered in the regions where DAZN provided its services, which led to many followers joining the service and benefiting from it.

Sports fans were quite happy. However, with time, as DAZN got the needed fame and prestige, it gradually began to decline its DAZN free trial. In late 2021, the free trials almost ended completely.

DAZN free trial Canada was also a part of the features of DAZN, like the one in the United States, but then, that gradually changed. DAZN eliminated its free trial in these regions months ago now.

Hence, if we look at it now, it does look unfortunate, but you’ll have to admit you were late.

Currently, Japan is the only country and region that can be found where DAZN free trial is still intact, and the residents of Japan can still access it. Yup, there is one way you can get it: a VPN.

A trusted and reliable VPN, like ExpressVPN, can allow you to change your IP address and create a fake one for Japan.

This way, you, too, will be able to access their free trial without any issue and enjoy your favorite sports while that time to decide whether or not you should go for it.

Then, you will be required to give some basic personal information, such as your email and credit card info, to sign up for the DAZN free trial.

But if not a VPN is your choice, then there are still the premium versions available of DAZN in the market; you can directly go for them.

Though you can watch some of the free stuff in the free to Watch section, they are never as satisfying as the services you can get from the premium one.

How Long Is DAZN Free Trial Outside Canada?

DAZN free trial outside Canada (now that it is only in Japan) is at least 30 days long. That is a long enough time for anyone who is accessing it to assess the platform and its services and become familiar with them.

People will have a whole month to stream all the at-hand components of DAZN and enjoy them for free. It sure is a great way to get entertainment for people who do not want to pay.

However, if you decide to watch and continue with DAZN after the free trial, you will not have to do anything. The payment will automatically be charged to your account after the trial period ends.

But if you have decided to stop it after the trial, well, then you must hurry to cancel it before the period ends, or otherwise, you will be charged with the unnecessary payment. That, of course, you do not want, do you now?

Where To Get The Cheapest DAZN Outside Canada Instead of a Free Trial

It has been clear to you by now that DAZN free trial is no longer available for all of the regions that it operates in. The sports services that DAZN provides in different countries vary from region to region too, and so do the prices charged.

For example, the cost of DAZN in the United States is CAD $26.28 (US $19.99) each month, while in Austria, it is more costly, charging CAD $39.40 (€ 29.99) per month.

The trial was narrowed down to only Japan gradually. But what if you don’t live there? Or that you do not even have a good VPN to access that region.

But you still want to use the services of DAZN. Well, in that case, you may want to know which country outside of Canada is the cheapest and lightest on the pocket.

With the prices DAZN charges, it can be judged that it charges more price than other streaming services like HBO Max and Netflix, which only cost CAD $19.71 (US $14.99)/month and CAD $20.37 (US $15.49) per month, respectively.

However, DAZN’s yearly subscription can prove to be cheaper in the long run in the US.

It charges CAD $131.35 (US $99.9) for 12 months, but that can add up to CAD $11.61 (US $8.33) a month. See? It is cheaper this way. But, of course, you will have to be tied to the service for 12 months.

So, signing up for a yearly contract is wise only when DAZN is providing the services that fully satisfy your entertainment needs.

We have provided you with ideas and knowledge. Now, good luck with making the right and wise choices while signing up for DAZN – or any other streaming service platform for that matters. Because you should remember, your time and money are what’s the most valuable here!

Do They Automatically Charge You After DAZN Outside Canada Free Trial?

Yes, it does it with its auto-renewal feature. While the 30 days of your DAZN free trial go on after signing up for the service, you will be able to access everything from the extensive library of DAZN. You could watch live matches, boxing shows, your favorite football league, or rugby/cricket.

Content will be available in HD that you can stream on 2 devices simultaneously. And this is all for free! Too good to be true. But this infinite fun and enjoyment will last you for 30 thirty days only.

After the month of your free trial passes, it is the right time to decide whether or not you want to continue with DAZN sports services. If you are enjoying the services and feel like this is what you want, then continuing with it is all you need.

You do not have to do anything at this stage, as in after the free trial period. The prices will automatically add up to your account for the next month and then the next, and so on, for as long as you continue.

However, if you do not feel like DAZN is the best choice for you, then you have some work up your sleeves you must do on time.

Say, DAZN streaming services have failed to satisfy all your needs somehow, and you realized it while using the free trial it offered.

Now, it will be very wise and cautious of you to end your subscription to DAZN before the free trial. As I said, DAZN automatically charges you for using its service after the free trial has ended.

Why would you want to pay extra if you do not want to use it? So, cancel the subscription just a day or two before the trial ends and be at rest.

Then, you can search for other platforms and choose from the dozen of options that really are able to fulfill your needs for entertainment. That too, at a reasonable price so that you are happy with your decision without any regrets.


DAZN is an amazing platform that provides its users with specifically sports-related entertainment, shows, and documentaries. But since this OTT service provider is a subscription-based one, the prices it charges can be pretty high for some people to consider.

Therefore, before jumping to conclusions, people want to know if the service really is worth its price for them. That can happen, fellas, with a free trial. But it has long eliminated DAZN free trial of 30 days in almost all of the regions. But DAZN in Japan, though, is still offering a free trial.

It means you can get DAZN free trial outside of Canada with the help of a reliable VPN, like ExpressVPN. So, you can subscribe to a VPN and acquire it, or you can also choose a region with this VPN that has the lowest prices of DAZN.

Both will do you good. Happy hunting and searching for your right choice then! Until then, cheerio, my friend.

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