How Much Does DirecTV Cost in Canada?


Do you spend most of your day watching online shows and movies? Let us guess: you’re a DirecTV user!

The platform has become the popular choice for streaming, and it’s no surprise if you are also addicted to it. Of course, it comes off as no surprise because of the quality of the content- but that’s not what sets it apart from other platforms.

The real talking point is the DirecTV Cost! The platform has come up with pricing plans that are not only economical but can also cater to a vast range of streaming requirements.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking forward to buying DirecTV for individual usage or for the entire family- you don’t have to worry about a rip-off because the platform has plans which suit everybody.

DirecTV is also particularly famous for family subscriptions because it has channels in every niche. Whether you’re a sports fan or a reality-show enthusiast, look into purchasing DirecTV in Canada and watch all your streaming woes go away!

While DirecTV has paid quite a lot of attention when designing its pricing plans, lots of people reckon that it makes a significant dent in the pocket. The platform is also not available anywhere outside the US, which means that you also have to spend on VPNs in order to watch the content from Canada.

This often makes DirecTV the most costly option out there- but what’s quality content unless it requires a good amount of money, right?

What is the price of DirecTV, though? The starting price for DirecTV is almost CA$90.38/month; this goes on to increase depending on the pricing plan you choose.

How to choose the right plan for yourself? What perks to look for? Is a subscription even worth it? If you also have all these questions in mind, don’t worry anymore because this guide has you covered!

Let’s begin unearthing all the details regarding DirecTV Cost.

What Are The Price & Plans of DirecTV in Canada?

You’re probably under the impression that DirecTV is only famous for its exuberant costs. Wrong! DirecTV Cost slightly is towards the pricier side, but when you get down to analyzing the number of channels and other perks in every pricing plan, you know what makes the platform stand out amongst others.

Here’s a list of all the prices and plans of DirecTV:

  • ENTERTAINMENT All-Included: CA$ 84.41. + tax for 12 mos*
  • CHOICE All-Included: CA$ 90.91/mo. + tax for 12 mos*
  • ULTIMATE All-Included: CA$ 116.89/mo. + tax for 12 mos*
  • PREMIER All-Included: CA$ 181.84/mo. + tax for 12 mos*

When buying a package, make sure you know what your usage is like. Compare DirecTV Cost, number of channels, and niche of most channels and choose a package that is both economical and sufficient for you and your family.

What Are The Bundles of DirecTV in Canada?

Can’t decide which plan to buy? We’ve got you sorted with all the DirecTV Cost, and details of different bundles briefly explained. The platform has four different plans, differing mainly because of the number of channels available. Have a look at all the bundles and what they have to offer:

DirecTV Entertainment:

This subscription plan is available at a monthly cost of CA$84.41 (excluding tax). The deal includes more than 165 live channels and 45,000+ On Demand titles. You also get access to ESPN and ESPN2, which is a rare commodity with other streaming platforms.

Few of the premium channels like HBO Max, Cinemax, and SHOWTIME are also available for free in the first three months. This package is aimed more towards families, so if you have a house full using the same subscription, the entertainment package will be a steal deal!

DirecTV Choice:

The DirecTV Choice package can be bought for CA$ 90.91/month, excluding tax that is applicable for twelve months. Along with having access to more than 200 live channels, you can also choose from 50,000+ On Demand titles.

ESPN HD, Nickelodeon HD, and Fox New Channel HD are all additional perks that come with this package which means that you’re in for quite a ride.

The best part about this particular pricing plan is that you get the 2022 season of NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX without paying any extra bucks!

The Choice package is also meant for sports enthusiasts, so if the majority of your streaming time is spent watching games, this package will be a great option!

DirecTV Ultimate:

This subscription plan, as the name suggests, is the ultimate solution for all your streaming wishes. The subscription cost is almost CA$ 116.89/month, where you will be liable to pay taxes for a year.

Along with more than 270 channels, it provides you with premium access to famous channels like IFC, Sundance TV, The Movie Channel, and all Encore stations.

You’d also have 60,000+ On Demand titles, plus a free 2022 season of NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX. Since this package includes most of the channels that are movie-oriented, it makes it a good choice for cinema lovers!

DirecTV Premier:

If you take your online streaming platforms very seriously, DirecTV Premier is the perfect choice for you. Having a whopping count of more than 340 channels, this package is priced at CA$ 181.84/month.

You don’t just get almost 70,000+ On Demand titles with this package but also popular channels like ESPN Classic, the Outdoor Channel, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, and STARZ Kids & Family.

The best part about this package is that you get free access to EPIX for three months! If you’re someone who likes to watch sports without letting go of their favorite movies, this pricing plan will be an excellent option for you because it offers both!

Does DirecTV Have a Contract in Canada?

People are often turned off by the fact that they get bound into a two-year contract with DirectTV. While the platform’s perks are enough to keep you hooked, being unable to walk out of the commitment does turn out to be a hassle for many people.

A two-year contract doesn’t just mean a long period of waiting; it also includes a price hike. This proves to be quite a nuisance, especially when you’re on a budget, because the price-hike is not like any hike; it has the prices almost doubling.

For example, a plan initially bought at CA$ 103.90/month will jump to almost CA$ 167.56/month.

The hassle doesn’t end here, though, because any time you wish to walk out of your subscription, you’d be required to pay a termination fee. At least CA$25.98 will be due every month if you decide to cancel your subscription before it ends.

Hence, when investing in DirecTV, make sure you do all your homework because getting cold feet is not an option, sadly. Once you commit, you will be bound for two years, so remember to weigh all the pros and cons before investing in the platform.

How Much Does DirecTV Cost in Canada? FAQs:

The package which has the lowest DirecTV Cost is the Entertainment package. Priced at CA$84.41/month, this plan provides you with a vast range of family-oriented channels. It also has additional perks like access to premium channels for the first three months.

More than 160 channels are included in the deal, along with ESPN, Disney channels, FX, and IFC. This package is famous for being a family favorite so if you have similar usage, make sure you check it out!

If you’re a new user of DirecTV, your subscription cost will hike by CA$ 12.99 after the first twelve months. This applies to all subscription packages and bundles.

If you’re a sports fan, no plan will be better for you than the DirecTV Choice plan. The package has a majority of sports channels, some of which are charged excessively by other platforms. Unlike DirecTV, where you get access to all these premium channels without paying any additional costs!

The channels are family oriented, so if you like to make it a party in your house at the time of every famous tournament, this package will be the perfect choice for you!



DirecTV has been in the streaming market for quite a while, but people still feel reluctant to buy it because of some preconceived notions. It’s too pricey; it’s not worth it, it adds to the hassle- all of these are myths that have kept buyers from investing in the platform.

Not anymore, though, because this guide debunks all these myths and explains how DirecTV can be just the right streaming alternative for you!

The DirecTV Cost might not look appealing at first- but when you dive deep into what the platform has to offer, you know that the costs are absolutely justified!

Hence, ditch the cheap, disappointing alternatives and choose a DirecTV plan to make your streaming all the more better!

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