What is the Subscription Cost of DStv in Canada? [December 2023]


What is DStv price in Canada? The subscription cost of DStv Premium, which has 157 channels, is CAD 60.73 (R799)/mo. DStv Compact with 126 channels costs CAD 31.09 (R409). DStv Compact Plus, which has 143 channels, costs CAD 39.45 (R519) per month. DStv Family, with 90 channels, costs CAD 22.73 (R299) per month.

DStv is one of Africa’s best satellite TV service providers with a great channel list, but it has gained international attention since introducing an online streaming service. Since its launch, DStv has expanded to more than 50 African nations. Additionally, it is impossible to access DStv in Canada without a trustworthy VPN.

Access to international sporting events just as English Premier League, NBA, NFL, and more, is possible with a DStv subscription. You can watch DStv movies like Knuckle City, The Hustle, and Second Act.

Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about DStv subscription costs and packaging plans in Canada.

What are DStv Prices in Canada?

DStv offer the best family and personal entertainment experience? The cost and programs vary depending on the DStv Explora plan you select. Before registering, compare the DStv subscriptions to the network list to determine which plan is best for you. If you are worried of prices so don’t be as there is DStv free trial which can make your mind that you should subscribe or not.

The following is the DStv cost in Canada, including channels:

Plan Cost No. of Channels
DStv EasyView CAD 2.28 (R29)/mo 131
DStv Access CAD 7.78 (R99)/mo 156
DStv Family CAD 24.27 (R309)/mo 181
DStv Compact CAD 32.13 (R409)/mo 215
DStv Compact Plus CAD 43.13 (R549)/mo 234
DStv Premium CAD 65.91 (R839)/mo 255

What is included in the DStv premium package in Canada?

The cost of the DStv premium is CAD 65.91 (R839)/month. The following list of features is a breakdown of what is included in the premium package’s DStv price in Canada:

  • There are more than 160 radio and TV stations to pick from.
  • The most recent movies.
  • Real-time coverage of sports.
  • Showmax is totally free.
  • HD video capabilities
  • The best available premium watching experience.

Additionally, the following channels are only accessible through the DStv premium package:

  • Golf (213)
  • M-net (101)
  • Bloomberg (411)
  • SS Cricket (212)
  • flieKNET (149)
  • SS Rugby (211)
  • M-net movies-1 (104)
  • SS Maximo-1 (241)

What channels are on DStv Compact Plus?

The DStv Compact Plus package, which has a wide variety of television stations and value-added services, is the perfect combination of high-quality entertainment and fantastic value.

DStv Compact Plus costs CAD 43.13 (R549)/mo. This package, which includes 234 channels, is worth the Canadian DStv price. The following DStv Compact Plus channels are exclusive to DStv Compact Plus:

  • Timeless Dizi (123)
  • Nick Jr (307)
  • ESPN 2 (219)
  • SS Variety 1 (206)
  • Sky News (402)
  • The History Channel (186)
  • KyKNet (144)
  • Comedy Central (122)
  • SS Action (210)

What do you get with the DStv Compact Package?

With the DStv Compact package, you will get a large selection of shows, Movies, and additional hours of entertainment.

DStv Compact costs CAD 32.13 (R409)/mo. Over 215 channels are included in the DStv tiny bouquet. You will be able to watch some channels with this price of DStv for the Compact package that is unavailable with other plans. Here is a list of DStv channels:

  • Disney (303)
  • Honey (173)
  • HGTV (177)
  • BBC Brit (120)
  • TV Record (515)
  • Discovery ID (171)
  • ITH (114)
  • MTV (130)
  • Telemundo (504)
  • Food Network (175)
  • SS Variety 3 (208)

What Do You Get With DStv Access Package?

With the DStv subscription pricing plan, you’ll have access to 156 TV networks, including some sports, music, and movie channels, in addition to some news channels and many more, so you can have fun. DStv Access costs CAD 7.53 (R99)/mo. The cheapest DStv Membership Plan available in Canada is this one.

The following is a list of the channels that are only included in the Access Package:

  • Dumisa (340)
  • Sound City (327)
  • Russia Today (407)
  • SS Variety 4 (209)
  • Spice TV (190)
  • The Home Channel (176)
  • Africanews (417)
  • DStv (100)
  • Telemundo (118)

What Do You Get With DStv Easyview Package?

EasyView’s monthly fee is CAD 2.28. (R29). This DStv package is the most affordable in Canada, making it the best choice for young people and the elderly. 131 networks, including radio stations, are available on DStv Easy View.

  • TNT Africa (137)
  • Real Time (155)
  • People’s Weather (180)
  • SABC 1 (191)
  • SABC 2 (192)
  • Soweto TV (251)
  • 1 KZN (261)
  • Tshwane TV (262)

What is the best subscription package for DStv in Canada?

The best package is the DStv premium plan because it gives you access to all DStv networks, including SD/HD audio and video channels. Since it includes channels like Mnet Movies, SuperSport 3, History Channel, 1&2, Boomerang, Discovery Channel, and all high-definition channels, it is the best DStv package in Canada.


DStv Compact Package costs between CAD 24.90 (N7,900) and CAD 28.149 (N9000) per month.

You can access a huge selection of programs and hours of entertainment with the DStv Compact package plan.

Anyone with a DStv subscription, either a family package that costs CAD 22.73 (R299)/mo or a premium package that costs CAD 60.73 (R799)/mo. can use the DStv Now app without charge. You can access all the channels you are used to using your decoder.

For satellite, the Compact bundle from DStv costs R429. This decreases to R369 per month, a 14.6% decrease. The Family package from DStv costs R309 a month. This decreases by 12.9% to R269 for broadband.

Wrapping Up

Without a doubt, DStv is the most well-liked cable TV service in Nigeria and all of Africa. Multi-choice supports DStv processes and offers inexpensive monthly subscriptions.

The most recent DStv compact plus package, which Multi-Choice just started offering, is one of the most well-liked packages. For sports enthusiasts, this is a very affordable option.

You should try any packages to enjoy the entertainment because all the plans are worth the DStv price in Canada. You can easily cancel your DStv subscription if you decide that you no longer enjoy the service for any reason. But don’t forget to join the best VPN, such as ExpressVPN.

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