How To Get Eurosport Free Trial in Canada?


If you’re asking how to get Eurosport free trial in Canada, then this article is for you. Eurosport is only available in Europe at this time but you can get its free trial even if you’re in Canada especially if you have a virtual private network (VPN).

Using a VPN, you may access any streaming platform from any location. If you are a US resident and want to join Eurosport in Canada, the primary challenge you will face while selecting a payment method. Then the question arises how to subscribe Eurosport in Canada, if you decide to give it a shot, using PayPal is your best option.

Eurosport, a wholly owned subsidiary of Discovery, Inc., is the company that runs the pan-European television sports network channel known as Eurosport 1.

You may also access it online, where it comes with even more options, like the ability to split the screen and watch numerous sports beyond the two stations that are available on television.

You can find the majority of the Snooker, Cycling, Motor Racing, and Tennis events here. In addition to this, all of the lesser-known sports such as climbing, equestrian, squash, and a great many more are included. On this platform you can find the best shows related to sports.

The license agreements in each nation result in a different kind of content being shown.

Can I Watch Eurosport For Free?

Yes, it is possible that you will only be able to watch the two live channels if it is included in your satellite subscription; however, if you want access to the Eurosport free trial, which has content available on demand and dozens of live sports for you to choose from, you will need to purchase it or sign up for a Eurosport free trial of it.

How Does The Eurosport Free Trial Works in Canada

The majority of Europe has access to Eurosport Player, however, it is unavailable outside of Europe and the Eurosport free trial is inaccessible as well… unless you know how.

What you need to do to enjoy the free trial of Eurosport

  1. Access to Amazon Channels in the UK by means of an Amazon account in UK since this is the only way to receive a Eurosport free trial for a period of seven days.
  2. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Domain Name System (DNS) service that will allow you to change your online location to that of the United Kingdom.
  3. A safe method of managing your subscriptions to Amazon and Eurosport that utilizes a virtual credit card to facilitate this process.


Watch Eurosport with ExpressVPN30 days money-back guarantee


This method is designed for citizens of the United Kingdom who may be traveling to Canada or anywhere outside of the United Kingdom and who wish to access Eurosport Channels on Amazon.

They must also be able to pay in a secure manner when using internet access in a foreign country and not put their bank or credit card details on free networks in a foreign country (such as internet cafes or public WiFi).

Step 1: Get your VPN/DNS service.

To begin, you must obtain a DNS / VPN (virtual private network ). These are services that protect your internet connection by preventing you from being visible when browsing the internet in any way.

There are several services like ExpressVPN. I am now suggesting Playmo TV since they provide a 7-day free trial without requiring a credit card.

Step 2: Obtain a virtual credit card

Privacy is most likely the most important virtual credit card online. It allows you to create several cards that you may assign to different stores and specify automatic cancellation dates. It is the greatest and safest method to purchase online anywhere.

Make sure you set up a UK virtual card because Amazon will demand a UK payment method.

Step 3: Subscribe to Eurosport via UK Amazon Channels.

Now that you have a VPN operating and a virtual credit card, you should be able to acquire a 7-day free trial to Eurosport Player on Amazon Prime.


Start your Eurosport free trial in Canada today to keep up with all of the most recent sporting events from around the world. After free trial if you want to cancel Eurosport subscription you can do it anytime.

Although it may still be lacking in football, Eurosport is quickly becoming the home for a wide variety of other sports, including swimming, squash, basketball, Formula E, climbing, and many others.

You will automatically have access to Eurosport 1 and 2, however, as this is the Eurosport Player app, you will also have access to a dozen other sports channels, both live and on-demand.

Because of this service, you do not need to have an expensive television cable or satellite subscription in order to gain access to the Eurosport channels.

If sports are your thing, then paying the subscription fee of CAD $9.11 (US $6.99) per month for this service is a no-brainer, and it is ideal for a bar that specializes in sports.

When looking deeper into the features, there are a few nice additions that are not possible if you only have the Eurosport channels. For instance, when watching snooker, you have the option to choose which table you want to watch or even have a split screen.

This is not possible if you only have the Eurosport channels. Because there are only two Eurosport channels, if you get it through your satellite TV, you only have two alternatives.

However, the player gives you the ability to pick between any of its live sports, as well as on-demand programming and highlights if you missed the live event.

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