How Much Does Sky Go Cost In Canada?


Looking forward to making Sky Go your one-stop for streaming but have no idea where to start? Sit back and go through this guide because we have answers to all your queries!

Sky Go is a popular streaming service that can be accessed from multiple devices. The platform was intended to be just a replacement for the Sky+ app and Sky Player service, but because of its unique features, it became a customer favorite within no time.

Sky Go is home to many popular TV shows and movies, including the House of Dragons, The Bear, and Rick and Morty. There will be hardly a time when you search the platform with a famous title and do not find helpful results.

By now, you must be wondering how much it costs to join Sky Go in Canada. Well, you’re in for quite a surprise because Sky Go packages start from as low as CA$ 23.73/month. The max that the prices can go is CA$63.29/month, making Sky Go an economical option for online streaming.

The price is not the only perk, though, because each plan has different benefits, catering to a wide range of audiences. To find a program that fits your needs, go through the rest of our article:

How Much Is Sky Go In Canada? Prices, Plans, And Deals

Here’s a fun fact: if you have a Sky subscription already, you’re eligible to use Sky Go for no additional amounts! All you have to do is log in with your Sky credentials, and you’d get access to tons of streamable content without paying a penny!

However, if you’re not a Sky customer, you’d have to purchase a Sky Go subscription plan individually. They’re usually billed monthly and start from CA$ 23.73/month. This price goes higher in most cases, depending on your requirements.

If you want more features and offline content, you’d have to purchase a plan which is priced slightly higher. Rest assured, however, that you won’t be in for any sort of rip-off because Sky Go is just about pricing their plans. If a plan seems costly, you know it has many unique features and perks. You can also watch Sky Go’s occasional discounts and deals to get plans at lower prices.

For a general insight, here are the most famous Sky Go bundles, along with their prices:

  • The Family Bundle: CA$23.73/month
  • The Family Bundle + Sky Movies: CA$50.63/month
  • The Family Bundle + Sky Sports: CA$55.38/month
  • The Family Bundle, Sky Movies + Sky Sports: CA$63.29/month

How Can I Watch Sky Go Without a Sky TV Subscription in Canada?

Although it does get you free access, having a Sky TV subscription isn’t necessary to watch Sky Go. Of course, Sky TV has numerous branches and perks like specific sports apps, but you probably won’t use them much if you only wish to stream shows and movies.

Luckily, you can purchase a Sky Go subscription separately without having anything to do with Sky TV in general. The subscription plans are primarily monthly, but you can also set your payment cycles to a year.

Want to sign up for Sky Go? Here’s how you can proceed:

  • Since Sky Go is only available in certain regions, you’ll need a reliable VPN first. Install any trusted VPN and subscribe to any of its plans.
  • Set up the VPN on the device you want to stream shows on and select a UK server
  • Launch the official website of Sky Go and keep scrolling to find the ‘Go further with Sky Go Extra.’ option.
  • Click on that option and select ‘Show.’
  • All the pricing plans will be displayed on your screens, with a detailed description of their features.
  • Select the bundle which appeals to you and add it to your cart
  • You’d be transported to a new page where you have to fill in your billing details. Make sure you enter a billing address that is mentioned in the menu.
  • Once the payment is successfully made, you’d have exclusive access to Sky Go’s content as long as your subscription is still active!

What Can I watch on Sky Go in Canada?

There’s no doubting the high range of shows and movies available on Sky Go, but did you know that you get hundreds of channels in the same genre as well? That’s right, be it news channels or documentaries, Sky Go has every niche covered!

Entertainment channels include Sky 1, Sky Atlantic, Sky Living, Sky Livingit, Sky Arts 1, GOLD, and MTV. You’ll have a wide range of shows here, including popular ones like A Discovery Of Witches and Going Postal.

As for movies, you can tune into Sky Movies Premiere, Sky Movies Action, Sky Movies, Showcase, and Sky Movies Family, where the first movie you shouldn’t miss out on is The Forever Purge!

Boomerang, Nickelodeon, Disney, Cartoon Network, Disney XD, and Nick Jr are the channels that target children, having many educational and fun cartoons and shows.


Since Sky Go Extra is an addition to the available Sky subscription, it will cost you roughly CA$ 7.59/month. You can revoke the addition any time you want and go back to just paying for the Sky subscription.

There are many plans on Sky Go Canada which differ in prices, depending on the number of channels and features. However, you can generally decide to pay at least CA$23.73/month for an essential subscription.

The simple answer is yes; you’d have to pay for a Sky Go subscription no matter what medium you use to access it. If you live in the UK and have a Sky subscription, Sky Go will be free, but for residents living abroad, there is a set fee for both Sky Go and VPNs.


An excellent option for streaming shows and movies, you’re missing out on quite a lot if you haven’t gotten a Sky Go subscription yet. Yes, accessing the platform from anywhere outside the UK is a tough job, but VPNs can always be trusted to do the trick.

We know how people worldwide flock to Sky Go to stream unique content, precisely what made us craft this guide! Now you have all the info you need at your disposal, so make sure you don’t delay getting Sky Go any further; because all the binge-worthy shows are piling up!

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