How To Get Sky Go Free Trial in Canada in 2022


If you’re thinking “Is there a Sky Go free trial in Canada?” then the answer is yes, you can avail a free trial of the channel.

But first, let’s talk about why Sky TV has become so popular. Given the extensive options that it provides its viewers in terms of entertainment, movie, and sports channels, it’s no wonder why.

Sky Go is the host of many spectacular sporting events, including the Olympics, and if you have a virtual private network (VPN), you can watch events like the Scottish Futsal League 2022 and the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on Sky Go in Canada.

It is also the home of famous shows like Dublin Narcos, Elvis, The Flash Season 9, Blue Bloods, Mare of Easttown, and Lovecraft Country, among others.

As an internet streaming service, Sky Go enables users to enjoy Sky programming even when they are not in front of their television.

This enables you to view content from Sky on any personal computer (PC), laptop (Mac), tablet (including iPads, iPhones, and a variety of Android devices), or smartphone that is compatible with the service.

Sky Go is offered at no additional cost to subscribers of Sky TV. There is content that is both live and on-demand, but only one device at a time can watch it. However, it is possible to have up to three devices registered at any given moment.

You can watch Sky Go on Roku, Android, iOS, Firestick, and a wide variety of other streaming devices. If you are concerned about compatible devices, you may watch Sky Go on any of these platforms.

With all these benefits comes a somewhat hefty price, too. But the good news is that in order to watch Sky channels, you do not need to sign up for a lengthy subscription to Sky.

In this article, we will talk about how you can get Sky Go free trial in Canada.

How Can You Get a Sky Go Free Trial in Canada? [7 Steps]

Sky Go is a free app that allows users to access content from the Sky TV network. You are free to watch any of the free-to-air channels, such as ITV and Channel 4, without worrying about being exposed to any harmful content.

The app gives you the ability to manage your preferred shows as well as sporting events if you have a premium subscription.

Sky Go is the ideal application for streaming all of your preferred television shows as well as sporting events directly to your mobile device.

It works in a manner comparable to those of services such as Showmax, Netflix, and YouTube TV, which provide access to special content only to subscribers or members.

The majority of the programming that you receive from Sky, with the exception of BBC programming, is made available to you through Sky Go as long as you have an internet connection.

In a strict sense, Sky Go is not the same thing as streaming Sky without a subscription. In order to use Sky Go, you need to first have a Sky membership in order to be able to log into your account. Unfortunately, Sky Go does not have a free trial but there’s a way around this issue.

If you want to get the free trial, you should go to Now TV’s website because it is also owned by Sky TV. Now TV is a component of a larger European firm known as Sky Limited, which offers a variety of live and on-demand television as well as video-on-demand streaming services.

Here are the steps to obtain a Sky Go free trial in Canada via Now TV.

  1. Go to
  2. Choose the free trial membership from Now TV’s Cinema, Entertainment, or Hayu.
  3. Fill in the data needed to get your free trial for 7 days.
  4. They will ask for your card so have it handy. They accept American Express, Master Card, and Visa. You will not be charged for using NOW’s free trial; however, in order to complete the enrollment process, you will be required to input your payment information.
  5. When it is approved, you can now start watching your favorite shows on various devices like tablets, phones, or laptop.
  6. When your free trial ends, it will automatically renew at just CAD $6.09 (£3.99), CAD 13.73 (£8.99), and CAD $18.31 (£11.99) for Hayu, Entertainment, and Sky Cinema respectively.
  7. However, if you want to cancel, you can go to your dashboard and cancel from there.

That’s it! The steps above will help you get Sky Go free trial in Canada using the Now TV Broadband service.

How Long Is Sky Go Free Trial in Canada?

Just like what I mentioned earlier, Sky Go does not, sadly, provide customers with the option of a free trial. However, there are other ways to get Sky Go free trial in Canada and the steps above show you how it’s done using Sky’s NOW TV Broadband service.

On the NOW Broadband, monthly and yearly Sky subscriptions are both available for purchase. In addition, the streaming service offers a viewing experience in full high-definition together with an immersive acoustic environment.

The good news is that NOW provides a free trial that lasts for a whole week. When you sign up for the free trial that NOW provides, you won’t be responsible for any upfront costs.

However, if you do not cancel the subscription before the end of the trial period, that is after 7 days and you do not wish to continue receiving the service, you will be charged for the following month.

On the other hand, if you want to avail of their memberships, you can save money when you buy their bundles. In fact, obtaining a package deal is the most effective method for combining multiple streaming services onto a single user-friendly platform.


We hope that this article was helpful in explaining to you that Sky Go does not provide a free trial, but that if you subscribe to NOW, you may take advantage of a free trial that lasts for seven days.

In addition, you can save money by purchasing Sky TV bundles. Sky TV (basic) and Netflix, Netflix, Sky Sports (sports bundle) and Sky TV, Sky TV, Cinema, and Netflix(movie bundle), and Kids, Sky TV, and Netflix (Kids’ package) are the most prevalent bundles.

Use a premium VPN service (Our recommendation is ExpressVPN) if you are in Canada so that you can watch Sky Go even if it is not available there.

After you have subscribed to the service, you will be able to unblock third-party services such as ITV and Hulu, amongst others. You don’t need to be concerned about anything related to the law if you use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) when streaming content.

Feel free to ask us in the comments any other questions you have regarding how to get a Sky Go free trial in Canada.

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