How To Watch Sky Sports On Firestick In Canada? [2023]


Want to know more about how to watch Sky Sports on Firestick in Canada? You landed at the very right place. We’ve got all the details you might need to work with Sky Sports on Firestick in Canada.

Sky Sports is a group of pay television channels owned and operated by Sky plc. With their live coverages at Barclays Premier League, The Ashes Cricket, Formula One races, and much more, they are championing the best sports channel on TV.

The brand limits its streaming services to the UK and the US region. Residents in these zones are surely lucky to enjoy the benefits without extra steps, but outsiders have an equally good chance of enjoying the channel. If you live in Canada or any other region outside the UK or US, your days of action-filled fun are just a VPN away.

You could search for the best VPNs, such as ExpressVPN, to watch Sky Sports in Canada and get a free trial of Sky Sports by associating yourself with the best one possible to connect yourself directly to the servers of the UK. London, Dockland, and Wembley are the best ones, so you can always consider selecting any of these from the list.

There is much more to watch Sky Sports on Firestick in Canada. So, let’s jump into further details without stretching this any longer.

How To Watch Sky Sports On Firestick In Canada? [2-Methods]

Watching Sky Sports on Firestick in Canada is a two-way road. You can either sign up for streaming the channel through Sky Go or Now TV, whichever you feel more comfortable using.

How To Watch Sky Sports On FireStick With Sky Go?

Sky Go is an easy-to-download application on Android and iOS devices, and it is almost no work to cast the app on your Firestick. If you are a subscriber of Sky TV, you are in unopposed luck. You can initiate streaming Sky Sports and other Sky channels on your devices just about anytime.

The Sky Go app does not charge you any extra pounds to stream live Sky Sports or other in-demand Sky channels. Since the Sky Go Android and iOS app support Chromecast, you can use the AllCast option to connect your Firestick to the app and stream live Sky Sports on it.

With a few steps, you could stream Sky Sports on Firestick in Canada through the Sky Go app with no trouble:

  1. Turn on your Firestick and select the Search option appearing on the home screen
  2. Type or Voice search “All Cast for Fire TV” and select the related option in the Apps and Games store
  3. Avail the option to ‘Get’ and wait for a few minutes until the casting app gets downloaded to your Stick
  4. Now, log in to the Sky Go app on your mobile device
  5. Launch the “All Cast for Fire TV” app on your Firestick
  6. Connect your mobile with the Sky Go app and your Fire TV to the same internet router
  7. After launching your desired Sky Sports channel on your mobile, click the ‘Cast’ option displayed on the screen’s top-right corner.

And Boom! You have your favorite channel playing on your Firestick. The only thing separating you from actual moments of action and enjoyment is your TV screen and nothing else.

How To Watch Sky Sports On FireStick With Now TV?

If you are not a member of the Sky Go app, and hence Sky TV, do not impose that you would have to miss Sky Sports. Now TV poses as an alternative for Sky Go.

You could decide on purchasing the best-suited Now TV membership for your situation and get access to up to 11 Sky channels. Using the Now TV app to stream Sky Sports on Firestick in Canada is not a difficult thing to work on.

The payment plans are pocket friendly and provide a reasonable value for money. You could opt for the daily, weekly, or monthly goals according to your budget and future plans. The daily package is CAD $15.45 (£9.99), whereas the weekly schedule asks for CAD $23.18 (£14.99). The monthly plan is the most affordable, costing CAD $52.56 (£33.99) for 30-days of fun.

You must follow a few easy steps to enjoy Sky Sports on your Fire TV. The initial steps are the same as the Sky Go app because both cases require you to download ‘All Cast for Fire TV’ on your Firestick. The steps to follow after AllCast is downloaded are listed below:

  1. Log in to Now TV app on your Android or iOS devices
  2. Launch Sky Sports or any other channel you prefer
  3. Navigate and click the ‘Cast’ app appearing on the screen

This is your cue to sit back and start relishing the absolutely loved Sky channels on your Fire TV.

Note that: You should have a premium VPN installed to access Sky Sports in Canada due to geo-restrictions and licensing issues.

What Are The Other Sports Channels On Firestick?

If you don’t want to watch Sky Sports on Firestick in Canada but something else, Firestick is prepared for you! It has many more Sports channels to offer other than Sky Sports, such as you can watch ESPN+ on Firestick.

Below here are some other sports channels you can easily watch in Canada.

BT Sport

The BT Sport app is catch-up and on-demand service that gives you access to an incredible range of sports. Broadcasting live sports events throughout the year, this British sports channel has made its path up to the best’s list since its first launch in 2013.

You can enjoy BT Sport live on your Firestick! The Live TV app is available as a free and paid subscription for international BT Sport customers. You must download the app from the Amazon App Store or Google Play.

Click here to know how to watch BT sports in Canada 

belN Sports

belN Sports has got you covered if you don’t want to stream Sky Sports on Firestick in Canada. The channel has a vast library of exclusive events and offers mainly Premier League, La Liga, Ligue 1, Serie A, Gol TV, and more from around the world. You can also access the best games from major competitions like Europa League or Premier League.

The 24/7 live coverage information and entertainment by belN sports could easily be accessed on Tv, laptop, or any Android or iOS device.

CBS Sports

CBS Sports, currently owned by CBS Corporation, is an American television network and sports programming services. It is a 24-hour sports channel that offers live coverage of the National Football League, college football and basketball games, rodeos, and auto races. The dedicated team of NFL expert commentators provides you with the best sports news from around the world. It could be the perfect alternative if you want something other than streaming Sky Sports on Firestick in Canada.

Fox Sports

Free to use, you can stream all the Sports Events and Matches you want on the Fox Sports channel. No matter what kind of sports match your liking, loads of exciting features come with Fox Sports on Firestick, and you can be sure that you will surely enjoy it.

Fox Sports on Firestick is available in the form of a single app that you can get from the App Store. Next, you need a Fox account to watch all the sports channels from within this app. You can relish NFL, NBA, MLB streams, and many more.


IPTV is a smart platform for enjoying millions of movies, shows, and traditional sports from around the world with their new, easy-to-use app on Firestick. No matter what you are looking for, IPTV serves as a one-handed solution.

With various channels, including news, sports, entertainment, and so much more, IPTV on a firestick is a great way to stream your favorite entertainment choices. Although IPTV offers a free version of its services, the premium package is the best for outstanding experiences.

Vola Sports

Vola Sports is a third-party app that streams sports events for the computer and the Amazon Firestick. The app is free for download in the Google Play Store and Apple Store. Also, it is unavailable in the Amazon Appstore for Firestick. The only way to stream Vola Sports on Fire TV is through side loading.


If you want to watch Sky Sports for free, you must access a VPN service to reach the Mobdro app. The best option for a VPN is ExpressVPN. They will help you stream on the site without your identity being revealed.

The basic package for a Sky Sports subscription costs you £18/month. It is not a waste of money if you are a true sports fan.

Sky Sports allow you access to almost 80 more channels to start the fun and enjoyment. You may have to buy a paid subscription for a few, but many of them are free.


This read is designed to serve as an answer guide to all wondering how to watch Sky Sports on Firestick in Canada? Following the few easy steps mentioned, you could get yourself entire days of sports streaming.

Try refraining from smashing glasses if your team is moving towards a loss. Sportsman spirit is always the right way to go!

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