How Many People Can Watch HBO Max in Canada? In 2024

HBO Max is one of the best film streaming services to watch your favorite shows, but what if you want to watch them with friends?

It can be tough to get everyone together at the same time to watch their favorite show.

HBO Max now allows you to stream on up to three devices at once. Furthermore, the integration of HBO Max and Discovery Plus into Max signifies a groundbreaking moment in the streaming industry, offering users a unified and immersive entertainment experience.

In this article, we will discuss how to share your HBO Max account with friends and family. By sharing your account, you can all watch your favorite shows at the same time without having to miss any of the actions.

Plus, if you try to stream on more than 3 devices at once, you’ll see an error message that tells you how many people are currently streaming.

How To Watch HBO Max on Multiple Devices & Profiles?

HBO Max allows you to stream on 3 devices so that everyone in your household can enjoy their favorite shows. You can have up to 5 profiles, and each profile can have its own streaming and download settings. This makes it easy to watch Max in Canada offline or on multiple devices.

How Can I Watch HBO Max on Multiple Devices?

To watch HBO Max in Canada on various devices, you must set up every device using the same method as the initial one you did with the HBO Max app. For each device, you must use your email and password or provide a code to the HBO Max TV sign-in site. You may repeat this procedure for as many devices as you like.

How Many Profiles Can You Have on HBO Max?

You must create additional HBO Max profiles after connecting multiple devices. You may have up to five other HBO Max profiles. When you use separate profiles on various devices, each device can stream a different movie or show.

Before proceeding, you must choose one of your many profiles when visiting the website of HBO Max or using the HBO Max app.

How Do You Add Profiles For Family Members on HBO Max?

  1. Navigate to the HBO Max website or open the app on your device.
  2. Select +Adult or +Child from the profile selection screen to add an adult or child account, respectively.

Select the category

  1. Create a new profile by entering a name and choosing a color.

Create profile

  1. Save the changes.

Click save

Your HBO Max subscription will be linked to your new profile created, allowing you to watch on your phone or other device using your own account.

On What Devices You Can Watch HBO Max in Canada?

Following is the list of devices that are compatible to watch Max in Canada.

HBO Max Available Devices
Android devices Apple TV (starting from 4th gen)
iPhones & iPads Amazon Fire Stick
Website (via your browser on PC or Mac) Playstation
Android TV Xbox
Roku LG Smart TVs
Samsung TVs

How To Download Content on HBO Max to Watch Offline?

If you want to save content for not more than three devices, you’ll need to download it first. The basic plan, on the other hand, does not allow you to download material (such a plan costs CAD 12.90 and requires you to watch 4 minutes of advertisements before viewing content), so subscribe for a CAD 19.36 ad-free plan instead.

Follow the steps below to watch content offline on HBO Max:

  1. Open the HBO Max app on your device.
  2. Select the programming you wish to download.
  3. Select Download from the drop-down menu.
  4. When the downloading process is completed, you may watch the content without an internet connection.

How To Remove Devices From HBO Max in Canada?

If you have a lot of people watching on your single account of HBO Max, you may boot someone off. They will have to reconnect their device before being able to access the service again.

If you believe one of your friends has acquired your account information illegally, removing them from HBO Max is a good idea. You have the choice of individually deleting each device or eliminating them altogether.

Follow the steps below to kick someone off HBO Max:

  • Go to the website of HBO Max, launch the app, and choose your profile.
  • In the upper right corner, select your profile icon.
  • Select Manage Devices from the menu on the left-hand side.
  • To remove one device, click X next to it; or to remove all devices at once, use SIGN ALL DEVICES OUT.

Can You Bypass an HBO Max Screen Limit?

There is no way to go over the HBO Max device limit, and there is no option to add more streams. You can watch HBO Max movies and TV shows offline after downloading them. It will not impact your screen usage if you are watching on an offline device.

For downloading, sign into the app on your device, be sure you’re using the proper profile, and search for a movie or TV show to download. Select the program you wish to download, and then click or touch the download symbol that looks like an arrow pointing down.

You may save up to 30 items per account, and the limit is shared across all of your profiles. Downloads are available for up to 30 days after they’ve been downloaded; however, once you begin watching something, you must finish within 48 hours.

How To Troubleshoot HBO Max’s “Streaming on Too Many Devices” Error?

If you try to watch on more than three devices at the same time, you will receive an error message indicating that you are using your HBO Max account too many times.

If you encounter this warning, it means either that you’re watching on three devices simultaneously or that someone else is. You can find out which gadgets have been used recently by doing the following:

  1. Log in to HBO Max on your phone, tablet, or computer.
  2. Tap the Profile icon and then the Settings icon (upper-left corner).
  3. Choose Manage Devices if you have multiple devices.

In order to prevent a potential charge, double-check that none of the devices on the list are still streaming. If you don’t recognize a device on the list, it’s possible that someone is illegally using your HBO Max subscription without your consent.

Is Max replacing HBO Max?

Yes, Max is taking over as the new face of HBO Max, reflecting the platform’s evolution and commitment to providing maximum entertainment value and a seamless streaming experience.

Final Thoughts:

You are allowed to watch Max in Canada on three devices at the same time. If you try to watch on more than three devices, you will receive an error message indicating that you are using your HBO Max account too many times.

If this happens, double-check that none of the devices on the list are still streaming.

I hope this article has been helpful. If you have any questions or need more information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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