Disney+ Hotstar Error NM 4000 in Canada: How to Fix It?

It can get very irritating and annoying when you start getting errors on OTT platforms. Today, we will talk about one of the most encountered error on Disney+ Hotstar.

It could really ruin your whole day if you are watching your favorite show like The Mandalorian and you see Disney+ Hotstar Error NM 4000 in Canada at the time of the main climax scene, and you’ll feel like you are the most unlucky person on earth at that moment.

So to answer you in short, what is NM 4000 error in Hotstar? It can be said that it is showing this because it has detected that you are using a VPN, proxy, or unblocker service to watch something.

Since it is not available due to geo-restrictions and you want to or UK or someplace else. The main cause behind this is that the Hotstar content library is different for every region, and when you use VPN, your region information is hidden, and the error arises.

Here ExpressVPN can be a lifesaver. You can follow this guide to easily fix Disney Hotstar not working and watch Disney plus Hotstar in Canada without interruption.

What Causes Disney+ Hotstar Error NM 4000 in Canada?

Disney+ Hotstar Error NM 4000 in Canada error occurs because of a very simple reason, it becomes unable to read your region information, and the reason behind that is you are using a bad quality VPN or proxy.

These services would hide your region information, and when it would hide it, Disney+ Hotstar Error NM 4000 in Canada error would be shown on your screen. But don’t worry. The fix is very easy, and you can do it yourself.

How To Fix NM 4000 Error In Disney Plus Hotstar? [Simple Hacks]

There could be a number of ways through which you can fix Disney+ Hotstar Error NM 4000 in Canada. Any of them could work for you, and you will get rid of Disney+ Hotstar Error NM 4000. So without any delay, let’s move forward to solutions. These are a few simple hacks you can try in order to have this error removed.

1. Disabling Proxies, VPNs, and Unblocker Services

This is most likely to be the root cause of the problem, and the first thing you should do is try disconnecting from any VPNs, proxies, or unblocker services. You can do this by clicking on start and then typing proxy settings, selecting proxy settings under system settings, and then clicking manual proxy setup and turning it off.


Disable your VPNs and other third-party software to fix the Hotstar NM 4000 error.

This method would disable the content that is not available in your region, and it will only show the content that Disney+ Hotstar is streaming in your region.

If you want to watch your favorite shows and best movies on Hotstar that are not available in your region, you can go and subscribe to ExpressVPN and stream your favorite movies and shows on Hotstar without any interruptions or errors.

2. Restart Your Device

You can also restart whatever device you are watching Hotstar on, and this can miraculously solve the issue. It would close any extra application or disconnect you from any third-party app that might be the reason why you were seeing Hotstar Error NM 4000.

Restarting is a very easy and simple step, and it has proven to solve many issues. You can do this long pressing the power button on your mobile and then clicking on restart or through the restart option that is directly available to PC users.

3. Clearing The App Data

Clearing the App data has also proven to be very useful to many users. It will remove any corrupt file that might’ve entered the system and could be the cause of this error. This step will remove account data, too, so it’s better to remember your ID and password before proceeding to this step.

To do this, long press or right-click on the App, click on properties or app info, and go to the storage section; here, you will have two options clear cache and clear data, first clear cache and see if it works and if it does not then click on clear data.

4. Change The Network Setting To Automatic

Users are strongly recommended to check that their device’s network settings are set to automatic. If it is not automatic, you can also face this Disney Hotstar error.

To do this task on your PC, click the Windows icon, type “Network Connections,” and then click on “Current connection.” Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) can be found by clicking “Properties.” Double-click on it to see its properties.

The only options to be selected are only  “Obtain an IP address automatically” and “Obtain DNS server address automatically.” You can take online help for doing this on other devices.

5. Clear Cache and Cookies

Another option is to clear the cache and cookies. Cache and cookies are also the cause of many errors, it is a very easy fix, but most people do not know how to do this.

To do this on chrome on your PC, Open Google Chrome on your PC. Click on the three dots in the top right corner. Select “More tools”  and then click clear browsing data. Select a time range at the top. Select All time if you want everything deleted.


Clear your stored cookies and cache to make your VPN work.

Check the boxes next to “Cookies and other site data” and “Cached pictures and files.” Tap Clear data.

6. Reinstalling The App

If you are watching Disney+ Hotstar through their application and you tried all the above steps, and the problem still persists, then this is the last fix that you can try on your own. This will also result in the deletion of all your account info and data too.

You have to long-press the application until the uninstall option appears. Tap uninstall and then wait for it to uninstall. After you see uninstall finished or uninstalled successfully message, go to Google Play Store or App Store and then reinstall the app. This might be able to fix your problems if the upper ones could not.

7. Contact your Internet Service Provider

The last option is to contact your Internet service provider and inform them of your issue if you have done all the preceding methods and still don’t see a difference.

They would definitely let you know the problem with your connection and why Disney+ Hotstar keeps detecting a VPN and is showing you this error. They will also help you troubleshoot this problem from your end. This could also be Disney Hotstar connection issues that they can diagnose.

They will also restore your connection to the default setting and solve the issue of your IP address, that why it keeps detecting a virtual private network or proxy or unblocker services.

FAQs- Disney+ Hotstar Error NM 4000 in Canada

This error indicates that you need to update the data that is currently saved on your device. To fix the problem, follow the troubleshooting methods listed below.

  1. Clear your browser’s cache and cookies.
  1. Disable your Firefox and Chrome addons.
  1. Reinstall the Disney+ Hotstar App once again.
  1. Clear the Disney+ Hotstar App’s data

The “NM-4000-Error playing this content because the Hotstar server could not locate the requested URL” error occurs when the device time is not set to auto or does not match the internet time. In this situation, first, see if the platform already has the same material available.
Are you looking for how to fix Hotstar error in Canada? Then you need a VPN. You might know that there are plenty of VPNs available in the market. Every VPN gets the job done most of the time but for a shorter duration and there is always a high risk of your data getting leaked or handed over to hackers, or to sold to advertisement companies.

You can learn more about Hotstar costs and how to cancel Disney plus Hotstar in Canada on the internet. We recommend that you use a Premium VPN like ExpressVPN as it offers lightning-fast speed and has thousands of servers that you can choose from, and is totally safe and secure to use.

Wrap Up!

We hope that we have fixed your problem of Disney+ Hotstar Error NM 4000 in Canada. This is a Disney Hotstar fatal error, and it would not run after this error occurs.

Now you know how to fix this Disney Hotstar error and can enjoy your favorite content on Hotstar on Apple TV in Canada and on your other devices like Android TV, Firestick, Roku stick, or on platforms like Kodi.

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