9 Best DirecTV Movies To Watch Right Now


The most unsatisfying thing in the world is not knowing what to watch even after spending your precious dollars on buying a membership on a streaming channel. Do you agree?

Choosing which movie is the right fit for your night is difficult. You don’t want to repeat the already seen movies, but have the same level of fun you had watching the ones in the ‘Watch Again’ list.

Some films appeal to you, but they are not a good choice for a family night, whereas others are simply boring.

DirecTV in Canada has solutions to all your problems. It is a modern, innovative television service like no other. Their customers have access to more TV channels, more on-demand shows and movies, and interactive services than any other service in Canada.

Confusion is an easy path to follow with thousands of options for choosing your movie night picks. However, we have found an antidote to being captivated by this road.

Here is an elaborate list of the best Directv movies you can select your film from and enjoy streaming on the platform. Without dragging it any further, let’s dive straight into the topic.

What Are The Top Streaming Movies On DirecTV In Canada?

Make yourself a cup of coffee, grab your snacks and get into this list of best DirecTV movies to stream immediately. Choose the one that makes you think that enjoyment is a must, and do not give second thoughts to your choice. Like this you have best movies on Netflix in Canada which will always entertain you.

Shot Caller (2017)


Director: Ric Roman Waugh

Writer: Ric Roman Waugh

Genre: Crime/Drama

IMDb Rating: 7.3 /10

The best DirecTV movies are the ones that keep you engaged and on the edge of the seat throughout the journey.

What are your feelings about a plot that portrays the struggle to survive in a particular place? Starring Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Lake Bell, and Omari Hardwick, this is undoubtedly one of the best thriller movies in Canada, which is a good use of your free time.

The film follows a white-collar business professional who is accidentally convicted of a crime he didn’t commit. Sentenced to prison time, he learns how to fit in and make friends while staying true to himself, his wife, and his family on the outside. Read also: best movies on amazon prime in Canada

Hot Bot (2016)


Director: Michael Polish, Ibrahim Hamdan

Writers: Michael Polish, Mark Polish

Genre: Sci-fi Teen Comedy

IMDb Rating: 3.3 /10

This film is the hilarious journey of two unpopular and repressed teenage geeks who accidentally discover a life-like supermodel robot named Bardot. If you are feeling low on life, this one is your pick. Experience how a single spur of the moment can reshape your entire life for the better.

They decide to turn their newly discovered robot girlfriend into an Internet sensation by uploading videos of her on YouTube.

As they begin garnering more subscribers, they find themselves in a world of trouble, including a police raid that results in their arrest and Bardot’s destruction. Will they ever see their beloved “bot” again?

Slow West (2015)


Director: John Maclean

Writers: John Maclean

Genre: Western/Romance

IMDb Rating: 6.9 /10

Slow West takes the classic Western setting and pairs it with a modern sensibility created by director Frederick Lau. This thrilling adventure stars Michael Fassbender as the mysterious traveler Silas and Kodi Smit-McPhee as the rest of his motley crew.

As one of the best DirecTV movies, this film has much more to offer than meets the eye. It’s a tale of unity, innovation, and adventure. When the US and Canada are drawn into the war, a 16-year-old boy travels across 19th Century America in search of the woman he loves.

As a British aristocrat pursues an Indian princess, they’re forced to form an unlikely alliance as they face down their enemies.

Un Rescate De Huevitos (2021)


Directors: Rodolfo Riva Palacio Alatriste, Gabriel Riva Palacio Alatriste

Writers: Gabriel RivaPalacio Alatriste, Inaki Otero, Eduardo M. Clorio

Genre: Comedy/Animation

IMDb Rating: 5.5 /10

Un Rescate de Huevitos is an animated movie designed to stimulate children’s senses and imagination and help them develop problem-solving skills.

Toto, a cute egg from Peru, is taken away from his beloved friends in order to compete in a gourmet food event in Africa. He must never lose hope as he sets on a journey with his fellow eggs to set things right.

They are required to find a way out of the zoo and back home. But how can they save themselves when there are only two days left to the event?

Undercover Angel (2017)


Director: Steven R. Monroe


Genre: Family/Comedy

IMDb Rating: 6.0 /10

From the creator of ‘The Evening Star’ and ‘The Light Between Oceans’, Undercover Angel is an exciting love story, grand in scope and relatable in tenderness. Being one of the best Directv movies, you can always expect humorous twists and turns throughout the film.

This is a unique tale of an angel who comes to Earth to help a young widow but cannot resist falling in love with her as well. No matter how hard he tries, his mission is jeopardized by his forbidden feelings toward Eliza, who prays to him every day in her bedroom window.

When Calls The Heart (2013)


Director: Michael Landon Jr.

Writers: Michael Landon Jr., Janette Oke

Genre: Drama/Indie Film

IMDb Rating: 6.5 /10

Set in historical Toronto and the Canadian North, this sweeping saga follows Elizabeth Thatcher, a young, cultured art teacher. She is determined not to sacrifice her fiancé’s happiness for her own.

But when she accepts a teaching position at an isolated school on Hudson Bay, Elizabeth discovers the chance to open herself up to love.

Soon she finds herself falling for handsome Royal Canadian Mountie, Rupert King. But he must leave for months at a time as he investigates crimes that have yet to be solved.

Elizabeth hopes to accept his marriage proposal, but when she discovers she has lost her heart and a sense of purpose, it seems love may not be enough to change her life forever.

Level Up (2011)


Director: Peter Lauer

Writers: David Schneiderman, Derek Guiley

Genre: Fantasy/Television

IMDb Rating: 4.3 /10

The danger is afoot in a sleepy little town. In this classic story of adventure and fantasy, four high-school students battle a virtual game that goes haywire and unleashes the battle into the real world. The gang must find out why their new video game has these terrifying effects on life outside of the game.

Starring Gaelan Connell, Aimee Carrero, and many more talented actors, this movie will leave you glued to it from start to finish! This action-packed drama features an eye-popping soundtrack, stunning production values, and fantastic special effects.

Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea (1961)


Director: Irwin Allen

Writers: Charles Bennett, Irwin Allen

Genre: Action/Disaster

IMDb Rating: 6.0 /10

With Walter Pidgeon, Joan Fontaine, and Barbara Eden putting life to the scripted characters, this film is one the best DirecTV movies to watch right now.

Experience an adrenaline rush throughout your body while watching the unexpected twists and turns of this journey to the bottom of the ocean.

After a nuclear missile is fired at the Van Allen belt, the US Navy sends a sub to investigate. They discover that the atomic warhead hit an asteroid and began to spin outwards, threatening Earth’s orbit.

To save the planet and themselves, Admiral Nelson plans to shoot down the asteroid using the nuclear submarine Seaview.

The Gods Must Be Crazy (1980)


Director: Jamie Uys

Writers: Jamie Uys

Genre: Comedy/Slapstick

IMDb Rating: 7.3 /10

The Gods Must Be Crazy is an action-packed adventure that infuses social commentary into its story of good versus evil. I brought a film with a strong message about corruption and the continued attempts to rid the earth of it to life in this classic tale of revenge.

Misfortune is met by Xixo when a Coca-Cola bottle falls from the sky and lands in the Kalahari desert. The small group he leads must deal with this event and other trials that risk their survival. Now, they must deal with a large force of enemies who are out to capture them for human sacrifice.


This last movie brings us to the end of our list! However, this does not mean that fun also ends here. There is a long way to go and multiple hours to dedicate to these best DirecTV movies.

Invite your friends over so that they can share the joyous and exciting moments of these movies with you. You may also want to prepare snacks and arrange a comfy blanket for yourself to get the most out of your free time.

Remember that streaming is all about satisfying your desires; therefore, you never need to worry intensely about what to stream. Relish your subscription!

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