The 10 Best Movies on ITV in Canada to Watch Right Now


ITV is the oldest commercial network in England originally meant to provide competition to BBC television. With around 30 million subscribers it is one of the oldest independent television networks in the UK with a plethora of entertainment options.

Unfortunately, ITV is not yet accessible in Canada, but there is no need to be disappointed. You only need to download the best VPNs for ITV like ExpressVPN. The following are some tips that can help you watch ITV in Canada.

What are the best movies on ITV in Canada? Now you can put your mind at ease. The top ten ITV movies in Canada are available right here, Likewise, we have provided the best shows on ITV which is the most awaited show Love Island UK Season 9 in Canada. We classified the titles on ITV based on popularity to make it simpler for you to discover notable films. Pick your favorite from the following list.

Best Movies on ITV in Canada

Following are the 10 best movies on ITV in Canada based on IMDB ratings that you must watch immediately.

A Late Quartet (2012)


Writer: Seth Grossman, Yaron Zilberman
Director: Yaron Zilberman
Cast: Mark Ivanir, Liraz Charhi, Pamela Quinn, Rebeca Tomas, Ted Hartley, Alyssa Lewis
IMDB Rating: 7.1/10
Runtime: 1h 45m

Peter, the cellist and eldest member of a classical string quartet, discovers that he has Parkinson’s disease, and as a result, he comes to the conclusion that he ought to resign.

This news triggers the others, bringing their buried grudges to the surface, while the daughter of the married member has her own goals that are disruptive to the group.

All of this poses a risk of tearing the group apart, even though they have gained a lot of popularity for performing Beethoven’s String Quartet No. 14, opus 131. This is a composition that is performed continuously regardless of how life gets in the way. Moreover you can watch these type of genre shows such as Deep Fake Neighbour Wars in Canada.

Leviathan (2014)


Writer: Andrey Zvyagintsev, Oleg Negin
Director: Andrey Zvyagintsev
Cast: Roman Madyanov, Aleksey Rozin, Platon Kamenev, Sergey Borisov, Irina Ryndina, Anna Ukolova
IMDB Rating: 7.6/10
Runtime: 2h 20m

Kolya, his wife Lilya, and their son Romka, who is in his teenage years, live on the fringes of a tiny coastal town in the Barents Sea. Sometimes whales come to the bay where they reside.

The family is tormented by a corrupt local mayor attempting to take away some property, a home, and a small car repair business belonging to Kolya.

The mayor has been causing trouble in the community for quite some time. In an effort to rescue their houses, Kolya contacts an old Army buddy of his in Moscow who has now become an accomplished attorney.

They make the collective decision to take action and investigate the mayor’s past. You can watch the greatest shows on ITV such as Sex Lives Of College Girls Season 2.

13 Assassins (2010)


Writer: Daisuke Tengan, Shoichirou Ikemiya , Kaneo Ikegami
Director: Takashi Miike
Cast: Ikki Sawamura, Seiji Rokkaku, Takayuki Yamada, Kôen Kondô, Tsuyoshi Ihara, Kôji Yakusho,
IMDB Rating: 7.5/10
Runtime: 2h 21m

Shinzaemon Shimada directs a group of assassins in the 19th-century Japanese setting in this remake of a film first released in 1963 and based on actual events.

Their mission is to murder the wicked Lord Naritsugu Matsudaira, who is spreading devastation among his people. Shimada is an assassin hired covertly by a civil servant who hopes to end Matsudaira’s reign of terror.

Shimada is responsible for gathering the most skilled samurai in Japan and then luring the lord’s massive troop of loyal bodyguards into a trap. If you are in a dramatic mood so you can watch Hotel Portofino on ITV in Canada to fulfill your need.

Timbuktu (2014)


Writer: Kessen Tall, Abderrahmane Sissako
Director: Abderrahmane Sissako
Cast: Abel Jafri, Kettly Noël, Salem Dendou, Toulou Kiki, Yoro Diakité, Ibrahim Ahmed
IMDB Rating: 7.1/10
Runtime: 1h 36m

Kidane, a proud cow herder, lives in the dunes not too far from the historic city of Timbuktu in Mali with his daughter Toya, his wife Satima, and their dog.

In the town, the people are suffering and helpless as a result of the regime of terror that has been enforced by the Mujahideen, who are intent on controlling their beliefs. Music, laughing, cigarettes, and even soccer are all against the rules.

The ladies have been reduced to shadows yet continue to fight with dignity. Each day, the newly established makeshift courts hand down terrible and ludicrous sentences. The mayhem now taking place in Timbuktu will not affect Kidane and his family. However, their fate takes an unexpected turn. If you are a fame lover you can watch Nolly in Canada.

What Maisie Knew (2012)


Writer: Henry James, Carroll Cartwright, Nancy Doyne
Director: David Siegel, Scott McGehee
Cast: Joanna Vanderham, Sadie Rae, Diana García, Steve Coogan, Diana García, Paddy Croft
IMDB Rating: 7.4/10
Runtime: 1h 39m

Maisie, the child of a passionate art dealer and musician, finds out the hard way how difficult a divorce can be for a young person. Her parents are both in the art business. The calm and obedient youngster finds herself in the heart of her parents’ nasty custody struggle as they use her as a weapon in the conflict.

Her parents are preoccupied with themselves and their own needs. Maisie now has a chance to seek some true love after the weddings of both of her parents to new partners, but her mind may have already suffered irreparable harm, for sports you can watch Six Nations Rugby 2023 on ITV in Canada.

Turbo (2013)


Writer: Robert Siegel, Darren Lemke, David Soren
Director: David Soren
Cast: Samuel L. Jackson, Snoop Dogg, Ben Schwartz, Ken Jeong, Ryan Reynolds, Mike Bell
IMDB Rating: 6.4/10
Runtime: 1h 36m

A snail with the name Theo is displeased with the fact that he is so sluggish. When watching auto races on television, he renames himself Turbo and thinks he could be as quick as the other drivers. One day, he finds himself on a vehicle during street racing after a string of unfortunate events leads him there.

He is drawn into the engine, and when the driver activates the nitrous oxide, which causes the vehicle to accelerate, he is showered with the gas. After he frees himself, he is surprised that he can run quite quickly.

After some time, he and another snail named Chet are picked up by a person who, together with a few other people, races snails. After seeing how quick he is, they decide to enter him in the Indy 500, which is something that Turbo has been hoping for. You can also watch thrilling shows such as watch The Twelve: Season 1 (2022) on ITV in Canada.

Drive (2011)


Writer: James Sallis, Hossein Amini
Director: Nicolas Winding Refn
Cast: Carey Mulligan, Albert Brooks, Ron Perlman, Jeff Wolfe, Joe Bucaro III, Ryan Gosling
IMDB Rating: 7.8/10
Runtime: 1h 40m

“Driver” is a character in this film, a mechanic who works at a garage and drives stunt vehicles in movies. To supplement his income, he also does a little getaway driving. He develops a strong relationship with Irene, a lady who lives next door, and her young son.

After her husband is freed from jail, the ‘driver’ is forced to work for him since he owes some people money. Sadly, things go wrong, and the ‘driver’ finds himself entangled in violence he didn’t want to commit. Is he capable of defending those he has grown to care about? Like these great movies on ITV, you can get the best shows on ITV too which you can watch Ghislaine: Partner in Crime on ITV in Canada.

Anti-Social (2015)


Writer: Reg Traviss
Director: Reg Traviss
Cast: Meghan Markle, Christian Berkel, Andrew Shim, Caroline Ford, Doug Allen, Gregg Sulkin
IMDB Rating: 5.9/10
Runtime: 1h 56m

Anarchic Street artist Dee and his closest friend are on a daring spray-paint campaign around the City, having a crazy time while sticking a two-fingered salute to the establishment.

They are two brothers in Central London. Sledgehammer robbers Marcus and his crew are on a crime spree in the West End, raiding high-end jewelry shops on motorcycles.

Anti-Socialism is a lifestyle for both Marcus and Dee! Despite their family’s unwavering commitment, the brothers continue to pursue their paths, with Dee finding recognition in the London art community and Marcus amassing a little fortune from his daring heists and becoming a rising figure underground.

Suddenly, Dee is forced to recall who he is as authorities and rival gangsters move in on the household, and Marcus’ crew prepares to take down the most crucial target of their lives in the most brutal gangland war ever waged. This type of reality based movies are not much preferable rather then the reality shows Kavos Weekender and others which give the reality view for the whole running time of show.

Force of Execution (2013)


Writer: Michael Black, Richard Beattie
Director: Keoni Waxman
Cast: Ving Rhames, Bren Foster, Marlon Lewis, Big U. Henley, J.D. Garfield, Steven Seagal
IMDB Rating: 4.3/10
Runtime: 1h 39m

The story that is recounted in “Force of Execution” is about a criminal leader who is torn between his past and his desire to flee the life of violence that he has built his empire.

This battle emerges as a result of a new player entering the scene with the intention of using the regional anti-network heroes as a stepping stone to dominance.

The only man, the mafia leader, can put his faith in is his protégé, an assassin who has his own set of issues to fight with. If you are willing to watch the thrilling shows on ITV you are not away to watch Buffering Season 2 on ITV in Canada, and many others as there is a great list of ITV shows.

The Kid with a Bike (2011)


Writer: Luc Dardenne, Jean-Pierre Dardenne
Director: Luc Dardenne, Jean-Pierre Dardenne
Cast: Cécile de France, Egon Di Mateo, Samuel De Ryck, Thomas Doret, Sandra Raco, Neda Luga
IMDB Rating: 7.4/10
Runtime: 1h 27m

Cyril, who has no mother and whose father seeks a new life without him, seems to be on the verge of criminality at the age of 11. He is desperate to find his father and his bike. When Cyril bumps into Samantha, a hairdresser, she agrees to take him in on the weekends so that he may get his bike back.

However, he keeps his distance from her and ends up being romantically connected with a young thug. Is Cyril determined to evict Samantha, and if so, what will happen next?

You can also watch all Season of Superstore on ITV in Canada.


We have carefully selected the above list of the best movies on ITV in Canada, so you won’t get overwhelmed by the unlimited options ITV provides. You can also watch the best sports of football history The Emirates FA Cup Third Round only on ITV in Canada.

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