How To Fix Netflix Error -14? [June. 2022]



Netflix Error -14 has four different possible causes. The first one is that your device may not have an active Wi-Fi connection, and there’s no data plan on the device (or if there is, it doesn’t cover streaming).

Another potential cause could be that you are trying to access a content library from Canada or outside of the United States.

A third possibility could be due to incorrect settings on your device or its app; for example, if you’re trying to log in with your Google account but have forgotten to check the “Remember me” option before logging out, this could result in an error -14.

A fourth reason might be that your device is not recognized by Netflix due to updates being out of date.

If you are experiencing Error Code -14 like any other Netflix error, we recommend trying the following 6 possible fixes:

1. Sign out of Netflix

  • Selecting it while in the Netflix app will bring you to a menu-style screen with basic controls.
  • Select More from the bottom right corner and then Sign Out.
  • Confirm that you wish to log out of your account.
  • After signing out, sign back in and try Netflix again.

2. Visit on a computer

  • Go to on a computer on the same network as your device.
  • Select Sign In then fill in your account information.
  • If you get an NSEZ-403 error, there is probably a problem with your account’s connection to the Netflix service.
  • You can try again later if necessary.
  • If you don’t get the NSEZ-403 error, you can go to fix number 3 below.

3. Clear the Netflix app data

  • Navigate to Settings from the Home screen on your device.
  • Select General. If you don’t see General, go on to Step 3.
  • Choose Applications or Applications from the drop-down menu. If you can’t find them, go on to Step4
  • Scroll down and pick Netflix.
  • If you don’t see it, check to see whether it’s already downloaded.
  • Select Storage. If you can’t find Storage, move on to the next step.
  • Select Clear Data or Clear Storage, then OK if necessary. Try watching Netflix again.

4. Try a different internet connection

In an effort to connect to a different Wi-Fi network, move your device closer to a friend’s or neighbor’s home. Try streaming from their house.

If you have access to a cellular data network on your device, see if it’ll work to connect to Netflix. While we generally discourage people from streaming over a data network as a solution.

We recommend checking with your network administrator or ISP provider if you can use a different internet connection to stream.

5. Reinstall the Netflix app

  • Open the Play Store app and search for Netflix.
  • Select Uninstall on the Netflix app store page. NOTE: The Netflix app must be uninstalled before you can download any titles to your device.
  • select OK to confirm the uninstallation.
  • Once it’s done, install whatever you need by selecting Install.
  • After installation is complete, try watching Netflix again.

FAQs: How To Fix Netflix Error -14?

Netflix Error -14 is a generic error message that indicates your device or browser isn’t currently on the same network as your account’s active stream.

This means you’re either not connected to Wi-Fi on your phone, have no cellular data on your tablet, are trying to access content from outside of your country, have incorrect settings on your device’s app, etc.

This error can be caused by several reasons, one of which is that you’re not connected to the same network as your account and trying to access content from outside of your country at the moment.

Another possibility is that your device isn’t recognized by Netflix due to updates being out of date.

If you’re connected on the same network as your account, try signing out of & then back into the app or website on your device. 

Final Thoughts:

If none of those solutions work to fix Netflix Error -14, then it’s possible that the information provided may not be relevant to your device.

It’s also possible that the issue may be with your Netflix login, so you should check to make sure that everything is correct.

If all else fails, contact Netflix for further assistance. You can also leave us a comment below or on our Facebook page. We’ll try to help as soon as we can!

Netflix Error -14 can be frustrating, but following one of the steps above should resolve it.

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them below! We definitely appreciate your thoughts and feedback.

Thanks for reading! Have a nice day. Don’t forget to check out our other articles!