How To Watch Netflix With Friends Online? [Nov. 2022]

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Luckily, streaming services like Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu Canada, HBO Max, US Netflix in Canada, and Sling TV in Canada are here to help you pass the time.

But what about when you want to watch your best movies on Netflix or TV shows with friends that are not in your house?

In this article, we look at some of the greatest methods to enjoy Netflix with your friends and family when they’re away. 

6 Ways To Watch Netflix with friends

1. TeleParty


Netflix Party, also known as TeleParty, can help you watch movies on Netflix with friends and family together. In addition to being a useful tool for co-watching media with friends, it is an innovative way to study foreign language subtitles of the same movie.

How To Get Started With TeleParty

  1. Download the extension by visiting on Google Chrome
  2. Click Get Teleparty for free on the page
  3. You will be redirected to the Google Chrome web store page to download the extension-
  4. select Add Extension
  5. Now you can watch movies with friends by opening Netflix or another streaming service and clicking on a show or movie
  6. clicking on the TeleParty icon and selecting Start the party
  7. Copy the URL from the pop-up box and send it to everyone you want to invite to the group

Have fun!

2. Kast


Kast is a new way to watch movies and TV shows with friends. It supports all of the major streaming services, including Netflix.

Kast can be used as a desktop app on Windows and macOS or via a web browser. There’s also a mobile version for Android and iOS that allows for parties to be either private or public.

Kast offers premium features at $4.99/month which includes better video quality, a wider selection of reactions & emojis, an ad-free viewing experience.

3. Scener


Binge-watching with friends is awesome. It’s one of the best parts about living in this great age where everyone has screens.

I love being able to laugh at something on TV with my friends or keep up with my favorite show when I miss an episode.

For all the talk of how technology is isolating us, it can do more to bring us together too.

But Scener is even better than Netflix because not only is there a chatroom where you can talk about the show in real-time, but it also lets up to 10 people join at once!

Plus, the room leader can restart and pause video playback if they need to take a bathroom break mid-party.

All major devices are supported, so you can watch with your friends on whatever device is most convenient.

Scener is available on Apple devices through the App Store, Chrome devices through Google Play, or Roku set-top boxes.

4. Metastream


Metastream is a new web-based service that allows you to watch Netflix with friends.

Metastream provides synced playback, chat, and video queuing. Inviting friends to your party is as easy as sharing a code.

To use Metastream, first, download the extension for your browser on their website.

Click the icon of the extension on the browser toolbar, select Share or next to it, share with an email or social media account.

When someone clicks on the invite link you will automatically be joined into their Netflix party and can choose to immediately start watching with them or click Join later.

5. TwoSeven


TwoSeven is an app that enables you to watch Netflix with friends. You can log in to TwoSeven for free, or pay a subscription if you would like access to the paid features.

There are two tiers available: Social Distancer, basic features at $3/month; and Convivialist, full basic features plus perks at $5/month.

TwoSeven allows you to view your group’s webcam while streaming videos from Netflix or Disney+. It comes in handy during “Netflix Party” gatherings among friends.

If you’ve been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, Twoseven is offering its lower rate of $3/month for the time being against an unknown end date.

Yes, TwoSeven allows for members in your group to see their webcam streamed through the app while they’re watching a show together.

This way it’s easy to catch up and see others’ reactions during a Netflix party; especially if you’ve been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and can’t shake hands.

6. Telegram and WhatsApp


Sometimes you don’t need video syncing for watching movies with your partners.

If there are only 2-3 of you, it would be easy enough to coordinate yourselves to press play at the same time on your Netflix account. What you need is text or video chat.

The answer to which app (Telegram or Whatsapp) is better for watching Netflix with friends and family, is that they both have their own strengths.

Telegram allows users to chat and watch videos together with a larger group of 100,000 people while WhatsApp only allows 256 people.

WhatsApp has a straightforward option whereas most people will already have it downloaded and accessible for messaging.

Whatsapp is the easier option. It is already downloaded on most people’s phones and has a straightforward interface.

Telegram, however, provides more features to users in terms of the ability to watch videos together with friends or family.

WhatsApp offers more features in terms of messaging while Telegram’s strength lies in the live video chat feature. They are both great apps but WhatsApp is easier to use.

Does Netflix Officially Support Watch Parties

Unfortunately, none of the services we’ve discussed are supported by Netflix officially. This means they could suddenly stop functioning.

One may wonder why Netflix hasn’t already implemented a native method for watching material in sync with other people.

Given the popularity of watching Netflix together via the internet and the fact that it is now accessible throughout the world, this would undoubtedly be a huge success.

Final Thoughts

If you want to watch Netflix with friends and family and you are not getting the content you like then change your Netflix Region through VPN. 

One option is using MetaStream which allows you to sync up the playback while chatting about what’s happening in the show.

TwoSeven also has an app for watching videos together on Netflix or Disney+.

Alternatively, if you’re only looking for text chat, Telegram and WhatsApp both have apps that allow this functionality as well.

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