How To Limit What Kids Can Watch On Netflix in Canada [2022]

Due to its user-friendly layout, useful content recommendations, infinite content when using the best VPN for Netflix in Canada, and—most importantly—secret Netflix codes, Netflix is the undisputed king of entertainment.

Worried about what your kids are watching on streaming services like Netflix or Disney+ Hotstar Canada?

It’s important to know that there are parental controls available for parents who want to limit what their kids can watch. But keep in mind that there are movies available for kids of different genres like war movies for kids, comedy, horror, etc.

You’ll need to create a user profile for your kid, which you can do through the app or online. Once you’ve created this account, you can restrict access to mature content.

Talk to your kids about why you’re limiting their content and what they can watch. This will help them learn how to make appropriate choices and manage their screen time.

With parental controls in place, they can still enjoy their favorite shows on Netflix while knowing that they’re safe and age-appropriate. This guide is for all regions of  Netflix such as American Netflix in Canada. However, you can still change Netflix region in Canada.

Follow this simple guide to set up parental controls on Netflix and help your kids safely enjoy their favorite shows!

How To Set Up Parental Control on Netflix

If you’re a parent, you may want to set up parental controls on Netflix to make sure your child can’t access any adult content.

You can use parental controls to set up a PIN for adult material or establish various accounts for your child separately to block Netflix’s adult material.

Let’s take a look at each way to set up parental control on Netflix.

Method 1: Create Different Profiles For Kids

The simplest method to avoid Netflix adult material is to set up several profiles for your children. They would only be exposed to appropriate material in this manner. To utilize Netflix parental controls, do the following:

  1. Log in to your Netflix account and choose “Manage Profiles” from the home page.
  2. Choose the profile of your kids as well as the type of content you’d want your kids to watch. There are several levels of material to choose from.
  3. Save your changes and go to your kid’s profile.
  4. Only age-appropriate material will be displayed there, as far as you can tell.
  5. Furthermore, you may check up on them by going to their profile and seeing what they’ve been doing.

Method 2: Set PIN And Other Restrictions

Setting up a PIN for any X-rated material is another method to shield your kids from Netflix adult material. This is a more complex Netflix parental controls choice, as only children who know the secret PIN can watch it.

  1. To begin, pick your account and navigate to the account settings.
  2. Select “Parental Controls” from the drop-down menu under the “Settings” tab.
  3. To continue, click on the link for “Parental Controls.”
  4. Confirm your password before proceeding any further.
  5. You must first set a 4-digit PIN to access any restricted material. You can also set the age restriction for the content.
  6. Once you have set these restrictions, save your settings and finish watching Netflix.
  7. To watch restricted material, you must enter the 4-digit PIN first.

Can I Set Netflix Parental Control Time Limits?

No, there is no way to set Netflix parental control time limits as of now. If you want to limit your kids’ screen time, you will need to use a third-party tool like FamiSafe.

Following are the ways to control time limits on Netflix:

  1. Within the App, you can register a FamiSafe account.
  2. You can either create an account on your phone or on the cell phone of your child.
  3. The same account is used on both devices.
  4. Make some settings on both of your children’s phones.
  5. Famisafe allows you to keep track of and control your child’s phone from the parent’s phone.
  6. You can use FamiSafe to remotely block or unblock any app from the control panel.
  7. From the control panel, go to “App Block” to restrict/un-restrict any application remotely by setting up time limitations.
  8. Set up device usage restrictions by going to “Screen Times” and entering the amount of time for each activity.

Final Thoughts:

Netflix parental controls are helpful in allowing parents to manage their children’s screen time.

There are two methods to set up parental controls on Netflix. You can either create different profiles for your children or set a PIN for adult material.

You can also set the age restriction for the content. However, you cannot limit the amount of time your child spends on Netflix.

For that, you will need to use a third-party app like FamiSafe. I hope this article was helpful. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

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