How to Watch Messyness on Paramount Plus in Canada


Can’t wait to watch Messyness on Paramount Plus in Canada? Sadly, there is a slight problem with watching Messyness documentaries on Paramount Plus in Canada due to Paramount Plus’ global content licensing policies. We recommend using ExpressVPN to overcome geographical restrictions.

This American comedy show reveals hilarious hookups, breakdowns, embarrassing moments, and so on about Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and her messy best friends. Once connected to the best Paramount+ VPN, you can enjoy titles like School Spirits and Yonder.

Now is the time to subscribe to ExpressVPN to easily watch Messyness season 2 in Canada. This guide has the Messyness season 2 release date, the cast of the show, the hosts, and its official trailer!

How to Watch Messyness on Paramount Plus in Canada (Easy Steps)

Follow the easy steps below to watch Messyness on Paramount Plus in Canada:

  • Get an ExpressVPN subscription.
  • Install the VPN app and launch it.
  • Connect to the USA server (Recommended: USA – New York Server).
  • Head to the Paramount+ website and sign in.
  • You’re all set to watch Messyness on Paramount Plus in Canada now.

Where Can I Watch Messyness?

You can watch Messyness full episodes freely on Paramount Plus supported devices in Canada.

But don’t forget to subscribe to ExpressVPN. As ExpressVPN works with Paramount Plus flawlessly, you will be able to access Paramount+ in Canada as well as Paramount Plus outside Canada.

While you’re at it – you can even watch Teen Mom 2 Season 11, How The Tables Have Turned (Season 1), The Followers Season 1, and other top-notch shows on Paramount Plus. If you still got concerns, check out the Paramount Plus Review. After that, start your Paramount Plus free trial right away to watch Messyness online for free.

Now let’s check out more about the release date of the Messyness documentaries seasons.

What is the Release Date of Messyness?

The release date of the Messyness season 1 episode 1 was August 23, 2021. Well, season 1 of the Messyness shows continued till January 27, 2022.

On the other hand, the Messyness season 2 release date is September 15, 2022, and this continued till October 6, 2022. As for the Messyness season 3, there is no official announcement by MTV or Paramount+. Most likely, the Messyness season 3 will get renewed very soon and you will have some good news.

So, before you watch Messyness online freely on Paramount+ in Canada, find out more amount the Messyness plot.

What is the Storyline of Messyness?

The Messyness show is all about how hilariously host Nicole Polizzi and co-hosts Adam Rippon, Teddy Ray, and Tori Spelling showcase viral and funny video clips on the internet. The trendy hilarious acts caught on camera are generally showing the debaucherous acts caused by teens and young adults.

Moreover, the messy stages of young adulthood are awkward proposals, getting caught while cheating, and friends’ night out going all wrong cause of couples, and more. Besides, you need to prepare yourself to expect that some clips on this comedy show will be quite embarrassing and chaotic.

How Many Episodes of Messyness?

There is a total of 30 episodes of Messyness, the American comedy show so far. The Messyness season 1 has 20 episodes and season 2 has 10 episodes.

What is the Cast of Messyness?

Here is a list of the cast of Messyness seasons 1 and 2:

  • Nicole Polizzi: Host
  • Tori Spelling: Co-host (Actress)
  • Teddy Ray: Co-host (Comedian)
  • Adam Rippon: Co-host (Olympian)
  • Camdyn Butler: Special Guest (Actress)
  • Wayne Butler: Special Guest (Comedian)

Messyness Host

The answer to who is the host of Messyness is Nicole Polizzi, who is a producer, host, and actress going by the nickname Snooky.

In addition, some amazing co-hosts will join Nicol and discuss the ridiculous video and even share their own embarrassing yet funny moments.

Is there a trailer for “Messyness”?

No, there is not a trailer for Messyness available. 

Before you watch Messyness on Paramount Plus in Canada, here is a Messyness trailer which is more of a sneak peek for you to see:

Now, let’s find out why ExpressVPN works with Paramount Plus the best.

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The American comedy show Messyness is on MTV channel, premiering on 23rd August 2021. This hilarious show is hosted by Nicole Polizzi along with co-hosts Adam Rippon, Teddy Ray, and Tori Spelling. You can find it now on Paramount+ and stream on demand!

The Ridiculousness spinoff aka Messyness was filmed in Los Angeles and the filming started in June 2021. This was announced by Polizzi as she is the main host of the show.

The main Messyness host is Nicole Polizzi aka Snooki. As well as, there are also co-hosts named Adam Rippon, Teddy Ray, and Tori Spelling who will join Nicole and review all the funny clips.

Wrap Up

With all said, we sum up this guide on how to watch Messyness on Paramount Plus in Canada.

It’s time you get an ExpressVPN subscription and start streaming Messyness seasons 1 and 2. Backed by a 30-day money-back gaurantee and the 7-day free trial of Paramount+, you’re in to stream Messyness free episodes!

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