How to Watch WWE Live Online in Canada on Peacock

Wondering how to watch WWE live online in Canada? We have got you! You can easily watch WWE events on Peacock TV in Canada with the help of a premium VPN like ExpressVPN.

Peacock TV is a streaming service that offers a wide range of TV shows, movies, and live sports, including WWE content. With a Peacock subscription, viewers can watch WWE online live-stream programs such as past and present pay-per-view events, best Peacock Shows, original documentaries, and series like racing series such as Nitro Rallycross, etc.

In fact, by subscribing to a Peacock Plan, you will have access to all premium live events of WWE, including WrestleMania, SummerSlam, and WWE Royal Rumble, along with all premium live events from the history of WWE, WCW, and ECW.

The history of WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) dates back to the 1950s when Vince McMahon Sr. founded Capitol Wrestling Corporation (CWC), which later became the World Wide Wrestling Federation (WWWF). In fact, it first started on January 7, 1953. Its headquarters are in Stamford, Connecticut.

However, if you want to watch Peacock TV in Canada, you will need a reliable and premium VPN for Peacock TV. This is because of the geo-restrictions imposed on the platform as a result of the copyright and content licensing issues.

Thus, you can watch WWE live online free with a VPN. Let’s continue reading further and learn more about the WWE live event watch online.

In this guide, we have discussed exactly how you can watch WWE online free livewhere to watch WWE, the Peacock WWE deal, the WWE Peacock schedule 2023, and much more.

How to Watch WWE Live Online in Canada on Peacock? [Easy Steps]

If you want to know how to watch WWE live online in Canada, the following are the 5 quick and easy steps to help you out:

  • Subscribe to a virtual private network (VPN) service like ExpressVPN, which is highly recommended for streaming WWE content without buffering.
  • Download and install the ExpressVPN app from either Play Store or App Store, depending on your device.
  • After installation, launch the app and log in with your account details.
  • Choose a server located within the United States in your VPN account. We recommend the New York server.
  • Once connected, launch Peacock TV and start enjoying exclusive WWE content without any interruptions or buffering.

Apart from having a VPN, you would also require a Peacock subscription. We recommend you know first how much is Peacock TV in Canada to know about different plans before getting its full subscription.

With a Peacock subscription you can also enjoy other movies and sports events such as Brazil vs Serbia and England vs USA on Peacock TV.

Where Can I Watch all of WWE in Canada?

You can easily watch WWE Live Without Cable outside US on Peacock TV with the help of a premium VPN like ExpressVPN.

So, prepare yourself for the biggest wrestling event of the year and indulge in a variety of other content, including the best Peacock TV movies, live sports, TV shows, originals, and much more such as  France vs Denmark and En Otre Piel.

However, apart from Peacock TV, you may go after other streaming platforms. The following table covers them all.

Want to know which streaming service is better? You can check out our Peacock vs Hulu comparison for detailed review.

Channel Description Availability
Fubo TV A streaming service that offers access to select WWE content, including Raw and SmackDown Online streaming
Sling TV A streaming service that offers access to select WWE content, including Raw and SmackDown Online streaming
WWE Network WWE’s own streaming service, which features all WWE events and a variety of another programming Online streaming
Peacock NBC’s streaming service offers a selection of WWE content, including weekly series and annual live events Online streaming
USA Network Monday Night Raw, also known as WWE Raw, is broadcasted on Mondays exclusively on USA Network. Unlike Fox, USA Network is not available over the air, but there are still ways to watch Monday night wrestling without a cable subscription. Cable TV
Fox TV A network that broadcasts WWE content, including SmackDown Cable TV
Hulu + Live TV A streaming service that offers access to select WWE content, including Raw and SmackDown Online streaming.

Continue scrolling as the heading below covers a crucial part of this blog: free WWE content on Peacock.

What WWE Content is on Peacock for Free in Canada?

Is WWE on Peacock free? If this question is bothering you, you will be relieved to find out that a Peacock Premium subscriber can access WWE premium live events for free without paying any extra cost. This is because the WWE network live stream free feature is included in the subscription charges you have already paid.

You can use multiple ways to watch WWE online live streams and catch up on old WWE events. Follow any of the below-given steps to learn how to watch WWE live online in Canada. 

  • Peacock Free: The streaming platform offers a free tier to its subscribers, so you can use it to watch recent WWE events and some of its past seasons. However, in this Peacock WWE deal, you won’t be able to get WWE live event watch online. 
  • Peacock Premium: With a Peacock Premium $4.99 per month subscription, you can watch WWE live tv online without any additional cost. On this plan, you also get access to tons of other WWE content, such as its previous seasons, reruns, clips, etc.
  • Peacock Premium Plus: Here in this deal, you can watch WWE live tv online and all the other content that is also available on the Peacock premium subscription offer. It differs from the other plans because it is ads-free, so that you can enjoy seamless streaming of your favorite show without disturbance.

The following heading provides a detailed answer about the price of this platform.

How Much WWE Content is on Peacock in Canada?

Peacock is one of the few streaming platforms that allows its users to watch its content for free. However, on the completely free plan, the content you can access is limited, so if you wish to watch WWE online free live, you will have to upgrade your subscription. So, how much is Peacock TV? The information about all Peacock packages that you can use to watch WWE Network online live stream is mentioned in the following table.

Subscription plan Cost
Peacock Free No cost
Peacock Premium $4.99 per month (includes seven-day free trial)
Peacock Premium Plus $9.99 per month (includes seven-day free trial)

You can also get Peacock TV free trial before submitting to any of these long-term events. Also, don’t just cancel Peacock TV subscription if you can’t think of what to watch! The following heading gives a good amount of suggestions.

What WWE Events are on Peacock in Canada?

A premium Peacock subscription allows you to stream all the major WWE events, such as In-Ring shows, Original series, past seasons, reruns, etc. Not only this, but you can also access WWE live stream today and all the other WWE live events with a Peacock premium subscription plan without paying any additional cost. Here’s a list of World Wrestling Entertainment events you can find on Peacock to stream:

  • WWE King and Queen of the Ring
  • WrestleMania
  • Survivor Series
  • Royal Rumble
  • WWE Backlash 2023
  • NXT Stand and Deliver
  • WWE Hall of Fame 2023
  • NXT Roadblock
  • WWE Elimination Chamber
  • SummerSlam
  • NXT The Great American Bash
  • WWE Hell in a Cell
  • WWE Extreme Rules
  • WWE Clash at the Castle
  • NXT Heatwave

You have got a bunch of events options up here but how to watch WWE live online in Canada on your Xbox? The next heading answers just that!

How Do I Get WWE Network on my Xbox one in Canada?

Follow the steps below and solve your query of how to watch WWE live online in Canada on my Xbox.

  • Open your device and head to the application marketplace to look for the WWE Network app.
  • After finding the app, click on the download option.
  • Next, on the completion of the download, start the installation process of the WWE Network app.
  • Open the app and provide the necessary information to make a WWE Network account.
  • Now, you can sign in to your account to access WWE Network live stream free on your Xbox.

Don’t forget to check out the FAQs below.

ExpressVPN: Best VPN to watch WWE live online outside the USA!

ExpressVPN offers blazing fast and consistent speeds compared to its competitors. We loved using this provider as it gave us a solid download speed of 90 Mbps and an upload speed of 85 Mbps on a 100 Mbps base connection, allowing us to stream our content in ultra-high quality. With its quick download and upload speeds, you can watch The Weakest Link Season 3 with ease.

Furthermore, ExpressVPN offers more than 3000+ servers in 94+ countries. The US alone has 25 servers. This way, you can connect to other servers like New York or Dallas if you find Peacock TV not working with VPN.


We could unblock Peacock with ExpressVPN using its New York server

The other great thing about ExpressVPN is that one single subscription to ExpressVPN can be used by 5 people simultaneously. So, you don’t have to buy worry about buying your whole family separate, individual VPNs and you can watch whatever, whenever.

ExpressVPN is available on almost all devices and compatible with all major operating Systems. Those include IOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, Chromecast, Xbox, PlayStation, Roku, Kodi, Xfinity Player, and Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Even if your device is incompatible, you don’t have to worry. You can use the MediaStreamer Function to set up a VPN router that can connect to other devices and enable them to geo-restricted content seamlessly and conveniently.

ExpressVPN has very strong security protocols that utilize multiple layers of protection, including 256-bit AES encryption, multi-hop technology, DNS/IP leak prevention, Private DNS, and an automatic kill switch.

These measures provide the highest level of military-grade security.

Buy yourself and your loved ones ExpressVPN today for just US$6.67/mo (Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan) (Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with a 12-month plan) and a 30-day money-back guarantee plus a 7-day free app trial on mobile.

FAQs: Watch WWE in Canada on Peacock

You can watch WWE live online free on the application of streaming services like Peacock TV. First, you must make an account on the app and then choose any Peacock subscription plans to watch the WWE Network online live stream. A detailed discussion of how to watch WWE live online in Canada is given above in the article; give it a read to learn more about it.

Yes, WWE Network has shut down after NBC’s Universal Peacock obtained all of the WWE distribution rights and became its exclusive streaming provider.

Yes, WWE Network is available on Roku Canada; you can download the WWE Network app from the Roku channel store and launch it on your device to make an account. 

Yes, you can watch WWE Network pay-per-views and video-on-demand content on Amazon Firestick in Canada by installing the World Wrestling Entertainment application.

Some of the WWE’s scariest superstars who wreaked havoc while on stage include Waylon Mercy, Vampiro, Doink the Clown, Mankind, The Boogeyman, Kane, The Undertaker, etc. 

Wrapping it up!

How to watch WWE live online in Canada? In conclusion, Peacock is a great option for watching WWE content live and on-demand in Canada. With Peacock, you can access a variety of WWE programming, including weekly series and annual premium live events.

To get the best streaming experience, it’s recommended that you use a reliable virtual private network (VPN) like ExpressVPN to ensure buffer-free speed and reliability.

By following the steps outlined in this guide and considering the WWE Peacock schedule 2023, you can easily subscribe to Peacock and start enjoying exclusive WWE content from the comfort of your home.

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