How to Change the Language on Pluto TV in Canada

If you’re learning a new language, or just want to watch your favorite content in a different way, Pluto TV doesn’t have an easy way for you to change the language of the audio yet.

If you’re learning a new language, it’s hard to find content in that language on Pluto TV in Canada unlike streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and YouTube TV.

The second best option is to turn on subtitles, which Pluto TV does provide! Because it’s a lot easier to understand news personalities, sports journalists, and other prominent individuals on Pluto TV when you have subtitles turned on.

How To Change Languages On Pluto TV?

If you’re not a fan of the English language, there’s bad news for you. Pluto TV doesn’t currently offer the option to change the audio language on the app.

So if the content you’re trying to watch is in English, there’s no way to switch it over to German, Spanish, or any other language like you can on Netflix. Hopefully, this feature will be added in the future!

But what if you’re watching a movie or show that is in a different language, and you want to change the subtitles to English so you can understand it?

Well, you’re in luck! Pluto TV does offer the option to change the subtitle language. Let’s take a look at how to do that.

How To Get Subtitles On Pluto TV?

If you’re wondering how to get subtitles on Pluto TV, the process is actually quite simple. All you need to do is go to the Settings tab and select the Closed Captions option. From there, you can enable or disable this feature at your own discretion.

Closed captioning (subtitles) is the text display of the spoken elements in a media presentation, such as television programs, films, and webcasts. They can either be a transcription of the spoken dialogue or a translation of the dialogue into another language.

For those who are hard of hearing or are simply not a fan of dubbed content, subtitles can be a lifesaver. This is why we’re glad that Pluto TV offers this particular feature.

Do note that not all channels on Pluto TV will have subtitles available. This is because subtitle implementation is up to the channel owner and not Pluto TV itself. Nevertheless, there are still plenty of channels that do offer subtitles, so you’re bound to find something that suits your needs.

How To Get Closed Captions On My Screen?

There are a few different ways that you can get closed captions on your screen, depending on what kind of platform or device you’re using. Here is a list of the most common devices on which you can find closed captions.

  1. Android Phone
  2. Amazon Fire TV
  3. Roku
  4. iOS Devices
  5. Browser

How To Get Closed Captions on Your Android Phone

If you have an Android device, follow these steps to enable closed captions on Pluto TV:

  • Visit the Settings page.
  • Choose “Accessibility” under the Options section.
  • Tap on “Captions”
  • Turn on “Closed Captions”.
  • Go to the Pluto TV app and log in if necessary.
  • When watching, touch the screen to activate it.
  • Select your language from the CC menu by selecting.

How To Get Closed Captions on Amazon Fire TV?

Here are the steps to get closed captions on Amazon Fire TV:

  • Switch on the accessibility features on your Fire TV.
  • Select the captions column.
  • Enable the captions.
  • Open Pluto TV.
  • Tap on Menu Key on the remote of your Fire TV
  • Choose the preferred language of your closed captions.

How To Get Closed Captions on Roku?

You may also use Roku to view Closed Captions. It’s a pretty simple process. Here’s how it works:

  • Connect your Roku to Pluto TV.
  • Play the audio you desire.
  • Select “Star” and choose “Options.”
  • Choose the window with closed captioning.
  • To select a caption, use the Right or Left button to check the available captions.

How To Get Closed Captions on My tvOS or iOS Device?

This is how to turn on closed captions for tvOS or iOS:

  • On an Apple device, make sure the accessibility settings are enabled.
  • Choose “Settings” from the menu.
  • Choose “General,”
  • Choose “Accessibility.”
  • Tap on “Media”
  • Click on “Subtitles & Captioning.”
  • Activate SDH+closed captioning.
  • Click the CC icon when you’re watching TV to turn it on and off.

How To Get Closed Captions on Your Browser?

If you’re using your browser to access Pluto TV, you only need a few clicks to turn on closed captions. Select the CC option under the title of your film by clicking the button next to it.

Closed captions are switched off if the icon’s background is black. If, on the other hand, the background of the symbol is white, closed captions are enabled.

Does Pluto TV Offer Content in Just English?

No, Pluto TV does not offer content just in English. Pluto TV is a streaming service that offers live and on-demand content in both English and Spanish.

With over 70 channels available in each language, there’s something for everyone! Plus, with 12,000 hours of Spanish language movies, TV series, and other TV content, Hispanic viewers will find plenty of programming to keep them entertained.

There are also 11 channels in Spanish and Portuguese, making Pluto TV a great choice for bilingual households. Pluto TV has also added 24 Latin American channels to its lineup, giving viewers even more options for Spanish-language entertainment.

Whether you’re looking for news, entertainment, or kids programming, Pluto TV has you covered!

What Type of Content Does Pluto TV Latino Have?

It’s similar to the original Pluto TV, with a few minor modifications. It caters to a wide range of interests, much like the original Pluto TV.

As a result, Pluto TV Latino offers its viewers a variety of genres such as reality, lifestyle, real crime, anime, nature, and children’s programming.

MTV Latino is one of the most well-known channels on Pluto TV Latin. Furthermore, the channel features live performances by Latin Unplugged artists.

How to Change the Language on Pluto TV in Canada? FAQs:

Yes, Pluto TV now offers over 150,000 hours of free, ad-supported streaming content in both English and Spanish.

Pluto TV is expanding its free streaming service, adding four new Spanish language channels. Pluto TV has just introduced four new channels, all of which will be accessible for free in Spanish.

Family content, legal drama, and a hit program are among the offerings now available in Spanish.

Final Thoughts:

At the moment, there is no easy way to change the language of audio on Pluto TV from within the app. However, you can still enjoy your favorite content in other languages on Pluto TV by turning on subtitles.

In this article we have provided instructions on how to change the language on Pluto TV in three different ways, depending on the device you are using.

I hope you found this article helpful. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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