6 Best Shows On Eurosport In Canada


A sports fan struggling to find a site that gets you entertaining and updated sports shows? Want to spend your Sunday afternoon with a bag of chips, soda, and your favorite game on TV?

Eurosport is a one-in-all solution when it comes to daily sports events. You can catch live games, past highlights, breaking news about the matches, and the most recent updates on this platform.

Just tune in to Eurosport, and you will not have to change tabs to learn more about the sporting world. Unfortunately, Eurosport is a geo-restricted streaming service and is only available in the US, but with the help of a reliable VPN, you can watch Eurosport in Canada.

As a French sports network, it is astounding how the site has extended its market to Canada, the US, and many other regions worldwide.

You may be thinking what is shown on Eurosport? The answer to this will surely interest you! Hit sporting shows are hosted at Eurosport with an audience range of up to millions of viewers. You can stream the absolutely famous shows such as AEW Rampage, and AEW Dynamite.

However, first-timers to the platform may need assistance selecting the shows to begin the journey. Therefore, we have gathered the best Eurosport shows at the moment and made a list out of them. So, let’s dive straight into the topic.

What Are The Top Shows Of Eurosport in Canada

The following is the list of best Eurosport shows in Canada right now. Maintain a separate list of your own where you note all the show descriptions you like from the list below and get the fun started!

Bigger’s Better Boxing (2010-2013)


Director: N/A

Writers: N/A

IMDB Ratings: N/A

Seasons: 3

Bigger’s Better is a two-day boxing tournament that streams live on Eurosport. It induces a sense of immediate satisfaction for both the spectator and the fighter. It gets the competitive fluid running all inside your body.

With eight fighters competing to win, there is plentiful action to relish through the days of the tournament.

Bigger’s Better Boxing is a unique night of boxing, where fights will be live streamed and won by the man with the most’ knockouts’. It’s a video game-like experience with actual results, as the better fighter wins! The winner of this championship will also win a professional contract in England.

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This Week In WWE (2009)


Directors: N/A

Writers: N/A

IMDB Ratings: 5/10

Seasons: 9

Who has the time to watch each of the WWE matches and events in these busy months? But we do not want to miss out on exciting news simultaneously. No worries because This Week in WWE has you covered!

Alyse Ashton and Scott Stanford return to recap the week’s top WWE Network moments, featuring the essential details on all your favorite WWE Superstars.

In addition, catch the latest updates from behind-the-scenes and a look at what the life of those appearing inside the ring holds. What else do you want in the best Eurosport shows?

WWE Vintage (2008)


Director: Kevin Dunn

Writer: Vince McMahon

IMDB Ratings: 6.5/10

Seasons: 4

Want to jump back in time and see what wrestling was like three decades back? WWE Vintage has made your wishes come true. A thorough recap of past wrestling matches with thoughtful insights are presented to the audience with Gene Okerlund as the host of the show.

From the archives of World Wrestling Entertainment comes WWE Vintage, a show featuring matches from the seventies, eighties, and nineties.

This weekly show plunges into the past – stopping only to explain why each clip is an essential piece of wrestling history. You will surely enjoy it while you learn the evolution of wrestling through this time.

IMPACT! (2004)


Directors: Keith Mitchell, David Sahadi

Writers: Bill Banks, Vince Russo, Scott D’Amore, Dutch Mantell

IMDB Ratings: 6.6/10

Seasons: 22

Impact! is the official show of TNA (Total Nonstop Action). It is TNA’s flagship program and runs on Monday nights. It features the greatest stars in TNA, incredible matches, interviews, and segments that keep you coming back for more!

The show often features recaps of the week’s events and highlights of the previous Impact! episodes. From time to time, you can witness backstage segments with announcers James Makar and Eric Bischoff.

Bobby Heenan and Don Callis host it on select episodes to promote upcoming matches, including their participation at future Impact! episodes.

Football Italia (1992)


Directors: N/A

Writers: N/A

IMDB Ratings: 8.4/10

Seasons: N/A

Football Italia has been a popular show for over 25 years. The show is one of the most watched on Italian television, despite the Christmas 2010 schedule change and presenter James Richardson’s departure from the show.

The show is based on the Italian Serie A and features live coverage of matches from all levels of the Italian Football Association (A.C.F.F.). The program also features short interviews with players and managers and domestic cups, international tournaments, and card data for player statistics.

Eurosport Fight Club (2001)


Directors: N/A

Writers: N/A

IMDB Ratings: N/A

Seasons: N/A

Fight Club is a martial arts TV series broadcast on the French-based Eurosport and transmitted in some European countries. It was created by Samuel Pagal, who also wrote articles to accompany each show. The show has gained a massive fanbase in Europe by covering different facets of combat sports.

The show features bouts worldwide, including kickboxing and Muay Thai. It also includes news, interviews, and special features on Muay Thai stars of the moment. Are you all psyched up to follow such good Eurosport shows?


It ends here! The list of the most-loved Eurosport shows you can enjoy in your free time. It is a widely agreed-to opinion that consuming sporting content proves to relieve much of your worries and is sure to leave you with unforgettable memories with your friends and family.

It may be a match night with your college mates or your first game spectating with your son. You can always lean back on Eurosport shows to provide the best experiences.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your hotdogs and start streaming!

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