10 Best NBC Shows That You Should Definitely Watch in Canada


Are you looking to watch the best shows on NBC? Well, there are many! But don’t worry, we have got you covered. That is, we will provide you with the list of the 10 best NBC shows to watch in this article.

TV shows are the best thing to stream when one feels down or needs some entertainment. Probably, that’s part of the reason on your side, too, which brought you all the way here, looking for some good shows.

NBC, the National Broadcasting Company, is a major American-based English-language commercial radio network and broadcast television. This platform provides well over 350 hours of programming each week to its audience. You can watch things from tv shows to movies and online shows.

However, as stated, it is an American platform that is geo-restricted in other areas and regions outside the US, like Canada. It is available for United States residents, but you can’t possibly stream on this platform if you aren’t in any part of the US territory.

Don’t panic already! There is still one way through which you can access NBC and enjoy all its shows and sports such as The Voice Season 23, and Grand Crew Season 2 without physically transferring yourself to another country.

All the details regarding that are included in this article, please carry on reading and you will find out. But to quickly know about it, here is how: The Best VPNs for NBC,  like ExpressVPN, can help.

It will change your IP address to a non-geo-restricted location and allow you to watch NBC in Canada. Hence, without any more talking, let’s begin with the list of the 10 best NBC shows you can watch in Canada!

What Are The Best NBC Shows Of All Time In Canada?

For your Ease, We have gathered the 10 best shows on NBC in Canada to see which one of them grabs your attention:

This Is Us (2016 – 2022)


Genre: Family, Drama
Director: Ken Olin, Glenn Ficarra, Kevin Hooks
Writer: Dan Fogelman, Laura Kenar, Jon Dorsey
Cast: Milo Ventimiglia, Mandy Moore, Sterling K. Brown, Chrissy Metz
IMDb Ratings: 8.7/10

The tv show revolves around Rebecca Pearson, who once had a troublesome triplets pregnancy and gave birth to three offspring: Kate, Randall, and Kevin. The birth had occurred the same day as Rebecca’s husband, Jack Pearson, 30th birthday.

As the show proceeds, you will follow the family of these five members during the early times of the parent’s marriage life. Like life is, they spend it with little ups and downs of the general environment.

The series also depicts the adult lives of the three kids dealing with their own life issues. Kate has weight issues, Kevin is generally neglected, and Randall is the blessed one, the outsider. The story has several emotional ties that will make you love it or just hate it.

Today (Since 1952)


Genre: Morning News/Talk
Director: Lee Miller, Adam Mancini, Joe Michaels
Writer: Robert Cunniff, Sylvester L. Weaver Jr., Savannah Guthrie
Cast: Savannah Guthrie, Hoda Kotb, Al Roker, Carson Daly
IMDb Ratings: 4.4/10

Today is an American morning talk television show that airs on NBC. It broadcasts live on TV and reports to the audience about the general world news, like the current domestic or international events.

You can also listen to the weather report and entertainment, news, politics, media, and business-related interviews. These interviews are conducted with the newsmakers, making them fun and interesting in the best way possible.

Also, the stories regarding the lifestyles of different tycoons and celebrities being depicted in the show make it one of the best NBC shows.

It has been airing since 1952, and still, its competitor shows can’t compete with it as this is just purely on the next level. Streaming the show is one of the morning routines of Americans now.

The Blacklist (Since 2013)


Genre: Drama
Director: Andrew McCarthy, Bill Roe, Michael W. Watkins
Writer: Jon Bokenkamp, Taylor Martin, Kelli Johnson
Cast: James Spader, Megan Boone, Diego Klattenhoff, Ryan Eggold
IMDb Ratings: 8/10

An ex-government agent, Raymond Reddington is a wanted fugitive who had been eluding his capture for good decades. But, one day, Raymond mysteriously turns himself in and surrenders to the FBI.

As shocking as it may sound, the FBI now has what it wants, but the thought of it just does not feel right to anyone there. A further thing to shock them all was the only condition of the fugitive, Raymond.

He said that only if he was allowed to work with Elizabeth Keen, the new FBI profiler, he would offer his service to them.

He will help in the process of capturing the criminals. The interesting and intriguing plot of this crime show will keep you hooked up throughout.

Dateline NBC (Since 1992)


Genre: Newsmagazine
Director: Judy Farinet, John Libretto, Stephen Lucas
Writer: Izhar Harpaz, Cameo George, Tyler Kingkade
Cast: Lester Holt, Keith Morrison, Andrea Canning, Josh Mankiewicz
IMDb Ratings: 7/10

As the name of the show suggests, Dateline NBC is a sort of a magazine/reality legal tv show in the US, streaming on NBC. The show revolves around real-life cases and deals with them in an informative and compelling way.

Because the show has been streaming since 1992, it did not have one-two host only. Instead, there occurred many changes in the entire show, along with the hosts attempting to make it better every time.

Some of the previous hosts’ contributors, however, were Jane Pauley (March 31, 1992 – May 13, 2003), Tom Brokaw (1994–2004), and Ann Curry (June 24, 2005 – September 16, 2011). Further, in the show, you can also find powerful documentaries, mysteries, and in-depth investigations.

Days Of Our Lives (Since 1965)


Genre: Soap Opera
Director: Herb Stein, Phil Sogard, Albert Alarr, Grant Johnson, Steven Williford
Writer: Ron Carlivati
Cast: Deidre Hall, Kristian Alfonso, Alison Sweeney, Drake Hogestyn
IMDb Ratings: 5.1/10

Macdonald Carey, the late cast member of this show, had said, “Like sands through the hourglass… so are the Days of Our Lives.” Every episode of this daytime drama opens a new way to spread love and deny hate. Though the show revolves around the stressed lives of a couple, it has won the hearts of many viewers, making it one of the best NBC shows.

The confused lives of this couple in the fictional city of Salem will take you on a journey where the strings of secrets, love, affairs and psychological problems give the show more taste and interest. On the other hand, in the story, the same characteristics make the lives of the couple more stressful and dramatic.

America’s Got Talent (Since 2006)


Genre: Singing, Dancing, Comedy
Director: Russell Norman, Alexa Moffett
Writer: Simon Cowell, Ken Warwick, J. Chris Newberg
Cast: Howie Mandel, Nick Cannon, Heidi Klum, Sharon Osbourne
IMDb Ratings: 5.7/10

You must have heard of one of the best NBC shows. Don’t tell me you haven’t. Even if you haven’t watched it, an episode or two might have passed your eyes before you have properly streamed it.

Doesn’t matter if it didn’t because it can now! America’s Got Talent is a show that tells its purpose clearly through its name, that it depicts the new talents of Americans. But to be precise, this is a weekly show in which an array of talented Americans -from dancers and singers to novelty acts and comedians – participate.

The idea behind the show is to encourage the young generation’s talents to spring out and be visible to the world. The cash prize of $1 million to the most talented one creates the perfect scene of competition. It is the most interesting and entertaining show; don’t forget to check it out!

Saturday Night Live (Since 1975)


Genre: Comedy
Director: Dave Wilson, Don Roy King, Beth McCarthy-Miller
Writer: Lorne Michaels, James Downey, Steve Higgins, Colin Jost
Cast: Kate McKinnon, Pete Davidson, Aidy Bryant, Cecily Strong
IMDb Ratings: 8/10

Saturday Night Live is a full-on comedy-based tv show that is counted among some of the best NBC shows to have aired. The show has it all to burst you and your friends and family members into a peal of good laughter if you plan to watch it together.

Following the different professional comedians, actors, and artists, the show gets together small, hilarious and funny skits. These skits are based on intelligent, current, and at times, stupid topics.

The popular guest host of this show stars in these sketches and parodies created by the cast of this comedy show. So, get your loved ones together and enjoy while sharing laughs.

Law & Order (1990 – 2010)


Genre: Police Procedural Legal Drama, Mystery
Director: Constantine Makris, Edwin Sherin, Jace Alexander
Writer: Dick Wolf, Rene Balcer, Richard Sweren
Cast: Jerry Orbach, Jesse L. Martin, Dennis Farina, S. Epatha Merkerson
IMDb Ratings: 7.8/10

Inspired by the latest headlines, Law & Order is the show that develops its plots. It is a crime drama that usually deals with murder cases adapted from the recent news.

The show was filmed on location in New York that depicts cases that are sometimes complicated and so are determining the innocence and guilt.

Further, the plots highlight and lay emphasis on the ethical, legal, and personal dilemmas in a way that people in real life can relate to them.

No matter what people say, the mystery, suspense, and eagerness to solve the cases make it one of the best NBC shows. You can become one of those who say the same after you watch it.

Chicago Fire (Since 2012)


Genre: Drama
Director: Reza Tabrizi, Joe Chappelle, Matt Earl Beesley
Writer: Michael Brandt, Derek Haas, Michael A. O’Shea
Cast: Taylor Kinney, Jesse Spencer, Monica Raymund, Kara Killmer
IMDb Ratings: 8/10

Chicago Fire is a story about the paramedics and firefighters of the city of Chicago in the United States. It follows them as they work together to save the lives of the people on a daily basis, struck by new and difficult cases each day.

This is their professional life, but they have a personal life and issues too that they have to deal with while keeping up with their professional profile.

That is because they cannot afford to show carelessness in matters that involve one’s life and death. So, they keep aside their personal lives when dealing with professional cases.

It must be hard! You will understand it better when you watch this show and see their personal and professional lives.

NBC Nightly News (Since 1970)


Genre: News
Director: Brett Holey, Stephen Lucas, Rob George
Writer: Reuven Frank
Cast: Lester Holt, Miguel Almaguer, Tom Costello, Gabe Gutierrez
IMDb Ratings: 5.8/10

NBC has a pretty great amount of live shows, all of which are worth watching! This, NBC Nightly News is another live show airing on NBC that is the flagship regular night television news program. The show is for NBC news in the United States, which is the news division of the NBC TV network.

Behind ABC’s World News Tonight, NBC Nightly News is the second most streamed news network in the entire United States. If you were missing it until now, now is the time to watch it and catch up with all the recent and current happenings around the world, specifically in the United States.


That puts an end to the list of 10 best NBC shows that you can watch right now if you feel bored. These shows are both worth your time and effort to watch as they will surely satisfy your needs for entertainment which you may be requiring.

To save you time, we only picked the best shows, but you can further save your time by making a hand-written list on your side too.

That list can contain the tv shows that grab your attention and make you want to watch them. This way, you will have an idea of how and when you are going to stream the shows while getting along with your day-to-day tasks.

But if you happen to be outside the US, you need to make sure that you have access to a reliable and trusted VPN – for example, ExpressVPN.

Such a VPN will allow you to watch the best NBC shows without any problem. So, jump up, choose the shows, and start streaming with joy that had been lacking! Until then, cheerio, my friend.

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