30 Best Shows on Peacock TV in Canada [2024 Updated]


Bought a Peacock TV subscription and haven’t put it to good use yet? You don’t have to worry anymore because this guide has all the best shows on Peacock TV in Canada listed down!

Even though platforms like Netflix and Hulu have been popular choices amongst the masses, Peacock TV is gradually making its way to being considered the best streaming platform out there. However, Peacock TV isn’t available in Canada yet, but you can watch Peacock TV in Canada via VPNs.

You can have a horror fan, an action enthusiast, and a Marvel fangirl sitting in the same room yet manage to find something to watch on Peacock TV in Canada for everybody! The portal also has produced originals that are known to be the best among all the options out there.

What popular shows are on Peacock? Are they any good? Is the content worth binge-watching? If you also have all these questions buzzing in your head, here’s a list of the best shows on Peacock TV in Canada to help you out:

Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin (2022)


Director: Emil Birk

Writer: Megan Amram

Cast: Adam DeVine, Flula Borg, Sarah Hyland, Jameela Jamil, Lera Abova

IMDB Rating: /10

Looking for a comedy watch that leaves you chortling for hours? This show will be a perfect choice for you! The story is about an aspiring artist, Bumper Allen, who hopes to make it big in the music industry.

When his songs start gaining recognition in Berlin, Bumper decides to move to Germany as a way of progressing further in his career. However, his journey is full of hilarious encounters with strangers, and his blunders also make the show a treat to watch.

A Friend of the Family (2022)


Director: Rachel Goldberg

Writer: Nick Antosca, Mary Ann Broberg

Cast: Mila Harris, Joe Chrest, Hendrix Yancey,

IMDB Rating: /10

Ever been backstabbed by a person who supposedly was your friend? If yes, this show will be relatable for you on many levels. Based on an original story, this show is about the Broberg Family who repeatedly get betrayed by their neighbor.

This ‘family friend’ has no morals when it comes to ruining multiple relationships at the same time through trickery, betrayals, and manipulation. He kidnaps the daughter multiple times without remorse and brainwashes her into believing lies about her family.

Vampire Academy (2022)


Director: Bille Woodruff

Writer: Marguerite MacIntyre

Cast: Daniela Nieves, Jennifer Kirby, Craig Stevenson, Louisa Connolly-Burnham, Alex Hafner

IMDB Rating: /10

As the name suggests, this show is all about bloodsucking demons, but you’ll see them as never before. The show is about a youngster, Moroi Lissa, who’s at a school to receive training for vampires.

Moroi, who already has had a traumatic life, finds it hard to blend in her new environment, but she makes a couple of friends along the way. A story of love dilemmas, dark fantasies, and evil happenings, this show is bound to keep you hooked till the end!

The Resort Television Show (2022)


Director: Ben Sinclair, Rania Attieh

Writer: Derek Pastuszek, Andy Siara

Cast: Cristin Milioti, William Jackson Harper, Luis Gerardo Méndez, Skyler Gisondo, Nina Bloomgarden

IMDB Rating: 6.7/10

We doubt you’ve ever seen a love story and a thriller simultaneously, but that ends with this show! The story is about a couple looking for ways of spicing up their marriage.

They finally plan a trip on their anniversary but what unfolds in front of them isn’t something that they’ve imagined in their wildest dreams. The couple gets gripped by Yucatan’s most unsolvable mysteries, and now they must figure out ways of enduring each other and also staying alive.

Queer as Folk (2000)


Director: Michael DeCarlo, Kelly Makin

Writer: Ron Cowen

Cast: Michelle Clunie, Thea Gill, Gale Harold, Randy Harrison, Scott Lowell

IMDB Rating: /10

This show is about the everyday happenings of five gay men living in America. It not only sheds light on the struggles and stigmas faced by queer people daily but also shows how they are looked down upon in political setups. Amidst the sexcapades, drugs, and mishaps, the group must also let go of their personal differences.

The reality of being queer is portrayed in its absolute raw self in this show, which probably takes it to the list of the best shows on Peacock TV in Canada!

Angelyne (2022)


Director: Matt Spicer, Lucy Tcherniak

Writer: Gary Baum

Cast: Emmy Rossum, Alex Karpovsky, Hamish Linklater, Charlie Rowe, Martin Freeman

IMDB Rating: 5.7/10

Set in the 80s, this show is about an extensively yearned woman named Angelyne. She walks the earth with thousands of men swooning over her, but Angelyne doesn’t have time for anybody.

The woman’s fame gets her a lot of underserved opportunities, but the blonde bombshell doesn’t have to worry about making money. As the show progresses, disturbing details about Angelyne’s lineage are revealed that portray her in a humane light and hunt why the woman is so unbothered in the day.

Killing It (2022)


Director: Maurice Marable

Writer: Carmen Christopher

Cast: Craig Robinson, Claudia O’Doherty, Rell Battle, Stephanie Nogueras, Wyatt Walter

IMDB Rating: 7.1/10

Killing It is a story about a struggling individual, Craig Foster. He stands guard at a local bank as a security official, but this strenuous job hardly pays him enough to survive. Besides his financial crisis, he also has a daughter to care for, who lives with his ex-wife.

Despite his unsuccessful life, Craig is always on the hunt for better opportunities and has a particular goal to become an entrepreneur. Out of the blue, he comes across a man that can change his life forever.

Bust Down (2022)


Director: Richie Keen

Writer: Sam Jay

Cast: Sam Jay, Langston Kerman, Jak Knight, Chris Redd, DomiNque Perry

IMDB Rating: 6.3/10

Bust Down is another show from the list that can make your depressing days better in a minute! The show is about four men working hard in an American casino. The group has to face new challenges every day at their workplace which include haughty bosses and unpleasant customers.

Despite the hectic work schedule, the four men do not hesitate to share their daily thoughts and life happenings with each other, which often are quite bizarre and hilarious.

Joe vs. Carole (2022)


Director: Justin Tipping

Writer: Noah Diaz

Cast: Kate McKinnon, John Cameron Mitchell, Brian Van Holt, Sam Keeley, Kyle MacLachlan

IMDB Rating: 6.0/10

Joe sets up a mobile zoo on a roadside, thinking that this is going to be his business of the year. Little does he know, however, that trouble approaches him in the shape of a woman named Carole. Having rescued hundreds of cats, Carole isn’t ready to let Joe’s unethical practice become successful at any cost.

What follows is a battle that stretches over ten years, at the expense of both Joe and Carole’s peace, finances, and reputations.

WWE NXT Level Up (2022)


Cast: Sean Tan, Inyene Umoh, Emily Andzulis, Bobby Steveson, Joshua Dawkins

IMDB Rating: 6.5/10

If wrestling is your favorite way of filling up a boring evening, his show will not disappoint you. With new wrestlers from around the world, this show acts as a stepping stone for budding professionals and an entertaining past-time for you.

You’d see youngsters stepping into the ring having no experience, emerging as one of the finest wrestlers in the field. Exclusive matches and tournaments running all the time make the show a must-watch even for people who have no idea about wrestling!

Bel-Air TV Series (2022)


Director: Dale Stern, Ava Berkofsky

Writer: Andy Borowitz, Susan Borowitz, T.J. Brady

Cast: Jabari Banks, Cassandra Freeman, Jimmy Akingbola, Olly Sholotan

IMDB Rating: 6.0/10

Remember the extremely famous sitcom, ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’? This show is a new and improved version of that! The story is based on present-day America and takes you through a very complex journey of Will. The young man lives on the streets but has hopes of making it big one day.

A certain turn of events has Will living in one of the most magnificent mansions of Bel Air. Grateful for how life treats him, Will still finds it difficult to make peace with his current status.

Trigger Point TV Series (2022)


Director: Gilles Bannier

Writer: Daniel Brierley

Cast: Vicky McClure, Mark Stanley, Eric Shango, Cal MacAninch, Tom Stokes

IMDB Rating: 6.2/10

If you’re tired of watching horror shows, try watching some Action Crimes because they trigger the same amount of adrenaline rush! Rated as one of the best shows on Peacock TV in Canada, this watch is all about the military and bombs.

When Lana Washington, a famous bomb disposal officer, joins forces with Metropolitan Police, she thinks of it as a peaceful alliance. However, in the events that take place soon after their acquaintance, Lana can’t help but wonder if her choices were correct.

Supernatural Academy (2022)


Director: Steve Ball

Writer: Gillian Horvath

Cast: Gigi Saul Guerrero, Bethany Brown, Vincent Tong, Larissa Dias, Ali Eisner

IMDB Rating: 6.2/10

Looking for a dramatic animated watch that holds your attention till the end? This show will have you streaming Peacock TV for hours! The story is about the seemingly ordinary Mischa Jackson, who goes about her life without knowing anything about her potential.

Mischa has supernatural powers that make her an asset and a time bomb at the same time. The young girl finds herself in a school against her wish, only to find out that it’s a magic school intended to strengthen her powers.

Wolf Like Me (2022)


Director: Abe Forsythe

Writer: Abe Forsythe

Cast: Isla Fisher, Josh Gad, Ariel Donoghue, Emma Lung, Anthony Taufa

IMDB Rating: 7.3/10

Regarded as one of the best shows on Peacock TV in Canada, Wolf Like Me is a story about a mother-daughter duo. Their relationship is not very pleasant because both of them find it hard to connect with the other.

Emma’s mother, Gary, became a widower recently, but even that does not stir up any emotions between the two. The duo soon meets an accident and is helped by a stranger who may change their lives forever.

Dreamworks Dragons: The Nine Realms (2021)


Director: Robert Briggs

Writer: Mae Catt

Cast: Jeremy Shada, Ashley Liao, Aimee Garcia, Marcus Scribner, Keston John

IMDB Rating: 5.2/10

If you’re hoping that this show has anything to do with the legendary ‘How To Train Your Dragon’, you’re in for a treat! This show is set 1300 years later and now the world has moved past dragons and made them a thing of the past.

However, some scientific breakthroughs have made people get suspicious about dragons still walking the earth. Sure enough, news breaks out that the dragons never ceased to exist and have been hiding for hundreds of years.

MacGruber (2021- Till Now )


Director: John Solomon, Jorma Taccone.

Writer: Will Forte, John Solomon, Jorma Taccone.

Cast: Kristen Wiig, Will Forte, Laurence Fishburn, Ryan Phillippe.

IMDB Rating: 7.1/10

Find a hilarious parody of the action movie genre. MacGruber is a bumbling, yet lovable hero who always seems to find a way to save the day. With the help of his team of eccentric sidekicks, MacGruber is always one step ahead of the bad guys.

Along the way, MacGruber has to deal with his demons and the constant interference of his long-suffering assistant, Piper. The show is uproarious and action-packed, with a healthy dose of satire thrown in for good measure.

Baking It (2021 – )


Director: Paul Starkman

Writer: Neil Casey, Jessica McKenna

Cast: Maya Rudolph, Andy Samberg

IMDB Rating: 7.2/10

Do you love to bake? And have a passion for sweets and savories? If so, then you’ll want to check out Baking It, one of the best shows on Peacock tv Canada.

It is the new baking series that will leave your taste buds tingling. Hosted by Maya Rudolph and Andy Samberg, each episode features an exciting and unique baking challenge. From gravity-defying cakes to life-changing bread, Baking It is guaranteed to impress. So, what are you waiting for? Tune in and get baking!

Psych 3: This Is Gus (2021)


Director: Steve Franks, Ibrahim Hamdan

Writer: Steve Franks, James Roday Rodriguez.

Cast: Dule Hill, Maggie Lawson, James Roday, Timothy Omundson.

IMDB Rating: 7.6 /10

You can’t resist your guffaw with Psyhy 3: This is Gus TV Series, one of the best shows on Peacock TV Canada. Follow the story of Shawn Spencer and his best friend Gus Grissom as they navigate their way through life and love. The two friends have been through everything together, and they’re not afraid to share their lives with the world.

From Shawn’s wacky antics to Gus’s deadpan delivery, there’s never a dull moment on this show.

The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip (2021 – Till Now)


Cast: Kenya Moore, Cynthia Bailey, Brandi Glanville, Dorinda Medley.

IMDB Rating: 6.8 /10

Ladies, time to pack your bags and get ready for the ultimate girls trip! The Real Housewives are back, and they’re taking their show on the road this time! These ladies are ready to let loose and have some fun with the hot sun, cool drinks, and plenty of drama.

The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip is the perfect mix of reality TV and vacation drama. You’ll get a front-row seat to all the action as these ladies sunbathe, sip cocktails, and have a catfight. So settle in for some seriously juicy entertainment.

Paris in Love (2021 – Till Now )


Director: Andrea Metz, Michelle Peerali

Cast: Carter Reum, Paris Hilton, Aqualillies, Sutton Stracke.

IMDB Rating: 4.3 /10

Spend a little time each week in Paris’s shoes, and you’re guaranteed to fall in love with this TV series! It’s relatable, funny, and one of the best shows on Peacock TV Canada.

Paris in Love follows our heroine as she tries to have it all: a successful career, a wedding to plan, and of course, true love. The series chronicles her misadventures along the way, from dating disasters to fashion faux pas. So tune in and let us take you on a romantic adventure!

The Girl in the Woods (2021 – Till Now)


Director: Jacob Chase, Krysten Ritter

Writer: Joey Greene, Felicia Ho.

Cast: Sofia Bryant, Stefanie Scott, Reed Diamond, Misha Osherovich.

IMDB Rating: 5.3/10

Carrie has spent her entire life living in a colony in the woods dedicated to protecting the world from monsters behind a secret door. When she discovers that she is able to open the door, she escapes and must learn how to survive in the outside world for the first time.

Along the way, she meets a group of other teens who are also trying to find their way in the world, and together, they must all face the dangers that await them.

Home Sweet Home – American TV Series (2021 -)


IMDB Rating: 4.8 /10

If you’re not already watching Home Sweet Home, Reality TV Series on Peacock TV Canada, you’re missing out! This show is all about regular families and their everyday lives. From raising kids to dealing with mortgages, the series captures all the drama and hilarity of home life.

Through the lens of humor, heart, and humanity, the show explores the universal themes of love, loss, family and friendship. Get the warm and fuzzy feeling inside with Home Sweet Home and enjoy some good old-fashioned fun!

The Kids Tonight Show (2021 – Till Now)


Director: Liliana Olszewski, Carol Ray Hartsell.

Writer: Kylie Brakeman, Mykey Cooper

Cast: Olivia Perez, Mykal-Michelle, Recker Eans, Young Dylan.

IMDB Rating: 4.6 /10

From wild challenges to hilarious jokes, this show is packed full of entertainment. The Kid’s Tonight Show is the perfect way for young audiences to enjoy some classic late-night entertainment.

With a lineup of hilarious sketches, games, and interviews, this show has something for everyone. And with a host like Jimmy Fallon, you can be sure that the fun never stops. So enjoy a good laugh and stay up to date on the latest news and celebrity gossip with The Kids Tonight Show.

One of Us Is Lying (2021 -)


Director: John Scott, Benjamin Semanoff

Writer: Karen M. McManus, Erica Saleh

Cast: Annalisa Cochrane, Melissa Collazo, Marianly Tejada, Chibuikem Uche.

IMDB Rating: 6.8 /10

You know the drill. You’re in detention and have nothing to do but wait for the clock to tick away the hours. But then someone walks in and changes everything. Someone who has something to hide. And before long, everyone is a suspect.

One of Us Is Lying is a thrilling new mystery from New York Times bestselling author Karen M. McManus. a genre-defying novel that will leave you guessing until the very end. You’ll never see detention the same way again.

The Croods: Family Tree (2021 – )


Director: Kevin Peaty, Steve Trenbirth

Writer: Mark Banker, Rich Dahm.

Cast: Ally Dixon, Kiff VandenHeuvel, Matthew Waterson, Amy Rosoff.

IMDB Rating: 6.8 /10

From the creators of The Croods and The Croods: A New Age, comes an all-new animated comedy series for the whole family!

Meet Grug, Ugga, Eep, Gran, Thunk and Sandy as they discover the joys and challenges of living in closed quarters with their extended family. The Croods Family Tree is one of the best shows on Peacock TV Canada for anyone who enjoys family time.

The Lost Symbol (2021)


Director: Mathias Herndl, Felix Enriquez.

Writer: Jay Beattie, Brusta Brown, Dan Brown

Cast: Eddie Izzard, Ashley Zukerman, Beau Knapp, Valorie Curry

IMDB Rating: 6.3 /10

A perfect show for anyone who loves mystery and suspense. The show follows the journey of Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon as he attempts to solve a mysterious puzzle that has been hidden in Washington D.C. for centuries.

With its intricate plot and thrilling moments, The Lost Symbol is sure to keep you hooked from beginning to end. So if you’re looking for a show that will keep you on the edge of your seat, be sure to check out The Lost Symbol TV Series on Peacock TV!

Top Chef Family Style (2021 -Till Now )


Director: Shanra Kehl

Cast: Daniel Flores, Meghan Trainor, Delilah Flores, Marcus Samuelsson.

IMDB Rating: 6.7/10

This is about bringing the family together in the kitchen. From appetizers to desserts, this show has something for everyone. Watch the contestants battle to create unique and delicious dishes that will wow the judges and the audience.

Each episode will test the teams’ creativity, teamwork and cooking skills as they battle it out to impress the judges. With exciting challenges set in some of the most iconic locations in Canada, this is one cooking show you won’t want to miss.

Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem (2021 – )


Director: Albert Alarr, Sonia Blangiardo

Writer: Ron Carlivati, Ryan Quan

Cast: Victoria Konefal, Robert Scott Wilson, Deidra Hall, Eileen Davidson.

IMDB Rating: 7.5 /10

Salem is a small town with a big problem – stolen jewels! The police are stumped, and the town’s residents are on edge. But Salem has a secret weapon: Days of our Lives, the best show on Peacock TV Canada!

This gripping soap opera follows the lives of Salem’s citizens as they deal with the theft and the potential consequences. With twists and turns at every turn, Days of our Lives is must-see TV!

So, subscribe to Peacock TV Canada today and start watching Days of our Lives Beyond Salem.

Dr. Death (2021)


Director: So Yong Kim, Maggie Kiley

Writer: Patrick Macmanus, Sara Pearson

Cast: Christian Slater, Joshua Jackson, Dominic Burgess, Alec Baldwin

IMDB Rating: 7.6 /10

What about a doctor who is so bad at his job that his patients start dropping like flies?

That’s the grim reality for the patients of Dr. Christopher Duntsch, who was given the nickname “Dr. Death.” He is an incompetent man who is willing to sacrifice the patients’ lives to satisfy his own need for power and validation.

The result is a mesmerizing true crime series that will have you equal parts captivated and horrified as you try to wrap your mind around just how this could have happened.

Epstein’s Shadow: Ghislaine Maxwell (2021 -)


Director: Barbara Shearer

Cast: Maria Farmer, Victoria Hervey, Jesse Kornbluth, Christopher Mason.

IMDB Rating: 6.6 /10

The new TV series, Epstein’s Shadow: Ghislaine Maxwell, uncovers the mysterious life of Ghislaine Maxwell. The six-part series tells the story of Ghislaine Maxwell, who has been accused of helping Jeffrey Epstein traffic underage girls for sex.

The series is full of juicy details and shocking revelations, and it’s sure to keep you captivated from start to finish. So if you need a gripping new show to watch, be sure to check out Epstein’s Shadow: Ghislaine Maxwell, one of the best shows on Peacock TV Canada.

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Searching for a good show from the vast range available on Peacock TV can even take hours sometimes. You wouldn’t want to waste almost half your day only building up your watchlist.

All you have to do now is to go through the descriptions, and by the end, you’d hopefully have a show ready to watch for the next couple of days!

Remember to keep your list as long as possible because, with Peacock TV, you’d be sitting in front of your screen, finishing series after series! Good luck with streaming the best shows on Peacock TV in Canada!

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