How to Watch Poker Face 2023 in Canada on Stan

Are you ready for a fantastic thriller to strike your screens on Thursday, January 27, 2023? Poker Face is a comedy starring Natasha Lyonne as Charlie Cale, a woman with a special skill. So let’s figure out how to watch Poker Face 2023 in Canada on Stan.

Unfortunately, this gripping series is not available in Canada. However, there is no reason to be concerned. You can easily overcome geo-restrictions using a VPN like ExpressVPN and can get access to Stan in Canada and watch this show.

Continue reading to learn how to use a VPN service:

Watch Poker Face 2023 in Canada on Stan- [Quick Guide]

In four simple steps, you can watch Poker Face 2023 in Canada on Stan:

  1. Sign up for a reputable VPN service (ExpressVPN comes highly recommended).
  2. Sign in to your VPN software after downloading it.
  3. Connect to an Australian server. The Melbourne server works perfectly fine with Stan.
  4. Once connected, go to the Stan website and watch Poker Face 2023!

By reading you will get to know how much a stan subscription costs in Canada and You can also get free stan free trial in Canada. If you want to cancel Stan subscription in Canada, you can do so by using a web browser on your PC or Mac. In the event that you have not yet completed the trial time for your membership, it will be immediately terminated.

Where to Watch Poker Face 2023 in Canada?

On Thursday, January 27th, 2023, you can watch Poker Face on Stan. However, because to regional restrictions imposed by the service, you will be unable to access Stan if you live in Canada.

Thankfully, you can bypass these limits by installing a reputable and functional VPN service that allows you to circumvent regional restrictions by altering your IP address.

So, grab your Stan account and ExpressVPN to watch the finest TV programs and movies on Stan, such as Transfusion 2023. Before making a purchase, be aware that Stan provides a free trial period. You can always cancel your membership if you don’t like the service.

Why do You Need a VPN to Watch Poker Face 2023 in Canada on Stan?

You need a VPN to watch Poker Face 2023 in Canada on Stan due to the platform’s geographical restrictions and licensing copyrights. Stan an Australian streaming service, does not function in Canada due to content licensing concerns.

If you try to access Stan in Canada, you will see the geo-restriction error on your screen. Therefore, a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN can help you bypass geographical restrictions by replacing your IP address.

What is the release date of Poker Face 2023?

Poker Face will be available on Peacock TV on January 27th, 2023, and a day later on January 27th, 2023, on Stan. Peacock announced the series in 2021.

If these platforms are unavailable in your area, we recommend that you purchase a VPN. You may also learn more about Stan’s rates and plans by visiting their website.

What is the Poker Face 2023 about?

The series is quite intriguing since the main character, Charlie has a penchant for liars and can readily identify if someone is lying. She drives around the country in her Plymouth, solving crimes as she goes.

How many episodes does Poker Face 2023 Have?

Poker Face will have ten episodes, according to the Poker Face Wikipedia page. We will meet many new characters over the course of ten episodes, and we are confident that by the conclusion, you will be a fan of Charlie’s exceptional traits.

Is There Any Trailer for Poker Face 2023?

Yes, the trailer seems exciting, and we’re confident that after seeing it, you’ll want to watch the entire series as well. Watch the trailer here:

Who is in the Cast of Poker Face 2023?

The cast of Poker Face includes:

Natasha Lyonne, aka Charlie Cale
Benjamin Bratt
Dascha Polanco, aka Natalie
Lil Rel Howery, aka Taffy Boyle
Adrien Brody, aka casino boss
Chloë Sevigny, aka Ruby Ruin
Hong Chau, aka Marge
Jameela Jamil
Audrey Corsa
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Stephanie Hsu
Tim Meadows
David Castañeda
Niall Cunningham
Danielle Macdonald
Ellen Barkin
Nicholas Cirillo
Adam Enright

What is the IMDb rating of Poker Face 2023?

The IMDb rating of Poker Face is 7/10 currently. The rating is based on around 1,326 US voters’ reviews and approximately 801 non-US voters’ views.

Why ExpressVPN is the best VPN to Watch Poker Face 2023 in Canada on Stan?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for watching Poker Face 2023 in the United States on Stan since it has a large network of servers all around the world. There are around 3000+ servers VPN servers in 94+ countries.

It provides consumers with speedy data centres that allow them to broadcast their material live on any device without interruptions. Keep reading to learn more about this provider’s features below:

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch Poker Face 2023 in Canada on Stan

Because ExpressVPN provides fast speeds, strong security protocols, and guaranteed privacy protection, you can be certain that accessing geo-restricted content from anywhere in the world will be smooth, secure, and simple.

You’ll be assured that you’ll be able to see Poker Face in Canada with only a few clicks thanks to its easy setup procedure.

Unblock Stan with ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN provides high-speed data centres in Australia that provide 256-bit encryption for secure broadcasting as well as IP and DNS leak prevention.

Thanks to ExpressVPN’s MediaStreamer feature, spatial material may be accessed on devices that do not support VPNs.You can also watch some of the best shows on stan and the best movies on Stan like Transfusion, Black Snow Season 2, Bel Air Season 2, Show Me The Money II, Bad Behaviour 2023,  Animaniacs Season 3, Dawn of The Dolphins, Shazam 2023 and many more with the help of ExpressVPN.

Another notable feature is the Kill Switch, as well as Split Tunneling. ExpressVPN can be used on up to five devices at once. As a result, you can watch Stan on several devices at the same time, including Firestick, Smart TVs, and mobile devices.

The Threat Manager, which is meant to offer safe online browsing, is one of ExpressVPN’s most critical features. This feature checks URLs for known malicious websites and bans them.

ExpressVPN one-month plan includes a 49% discount, three free months, and access to their 6-month subscription for only CA$ 9.14/mo (US$ 6.67/mo)  a month.

If that isn’t enough, yearly memberships start at an incredible US$6.67/mo (Save 49% and receive 3 additional months FREE with a 12-month plan) – that’s a savings of 50% or more compared to other firms’ rates!

Poker Face 2023


Rian Johnson is the director of Poker Face 2023. He is a two-time Academy Award-nominated writer and director.
Yes, if you like crime dramas, you’ll enjoy them.
Rian Johnson is the creator, writer, director, and executive producer of Poker Face.

Wrap Up

Poker Face, the most anticipated comic criminal mystery thriller, will finally be released on Stan on January 27th, 2023. Unfortunately, Stan only has streaming rights in Australia, therefore if you want to view this title, we recommend getting a VPN.

Get ExpressVPN to watch Poker Face 2023 in Canada on Stan. The nicest aspect about Stan is that you can obtain a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like the service.

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