How to Watch Cine Latino outside Canada? (2022 Updated)


Missing out on your favorite Cine Latino outside Canada while you’re away? In this guide, I’ll show you how to watch Cine Latino outside Canada with the help of a Premium VPN like ExpressVPN.

Cine Latino is a Canadian-based movie channel that enables its viewers to gain access to Spanish movies and feature films, exclusively produced in Canada.

A well-known Spanish movie channel by TLN Media Group collaborated with Cine Latino as a joint venture to provide Canadian viewers with worldly acclaimed Mexican, Spanish, Latin American, and American cinema hits and blockbuster movies.

Cine Latino has a stock of different genres when it comes to its offerings, may it be comedy, thriller, rom-com, dramatic, love stories, horror, or suspense. To satisfy the appetite of the Canadian-Spanish audience, TLN Media Group came up with a solution to all the problems!

As for the content available to Hispanic Canadian viewers in Canada and outside Canada, Cine Latino has some commendable stock of Spanish blockbusters and cinema hits like The Golden Dream (2013), Plan B (I) (2009), Paraiso Travel (2008).

However, due to geo-restrictions imposed by Cine Latino for audiences inside and outside Canada, Cine Latino is presently unavailable to Canadians and people living outside Canada. But that is not a problem anymore.

We have a multitude of streaming services available to us at our disposal. Streaming services such as Hulu Canada are efficient and secure channels to establish a connection to the Cine Latino by employing a VPN.

So without further ado, let’s take quick steps to watch Cine Latino outside Canada.

How to Watch Cine Latino outside Canada? (Quick Steps)

To watch movies on Cine Latino outside Canada, you would need a streaming site and a subscription to a reliable VPN service provider, as Cine Latino is geo-restricted by Canada. By following the below-mentioned steps, you could easily stream Cine Latino outside Canada:

  • Subscribe to a VPN service. We recommend ExpressVPN.
  • Download the VPN application on your smartphone, Desktop, Android phone, or iPhone.
  • Sign up by inserting your ExpressVPN account credentials i.e. Email address and password.
  • Connect to the US server. The New York server is recommended.
  • Make an account on Sling TV and sign in.
  • Out of all the available channels, select Cine Latino.
  • Grab the popcorn and watch your favorite movie on Cine Latino outside Canada!


Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch Cine Latino Outside Canada?

Cine Latino is a geo-restricted channel that inhibits the users from assuming access to the movie channel outside Canada. The IP address, while in Canada, is why the users outside Canada are not allowed to access Cine Latino.

Cine Latino exhibits some strict copyright rules and regulations. The channel uses the IP tracking systems that restrict the users from accessing their website if the user’s IP Address is not region specific and the user is situated outside the premises of the USA.

However, if you attempt to gain access to the Cine Latino outside Canada, the following message may pop up in front of you:

“Cine Latino Access Denied”


When you subscribe to a Virtual Private Network or a VPN, it assigns a region-specific IP address and allows you to access streaming services like Sling TV, and then you can access Cine Latino outside Canada.

What are the Best VPNs to Watch Cine Latino outside Canada?

After rigorous testing and trials performed by the users, the preference was given to 3 VPN service providers. Carefully considering the workings, security, agility, and speed of all the VPN services, the 3 VPNs were finalized.

ExpressVPN, Surfshark, and NordVPN have proven to be the Top 3 best VPN service-providing Apps due to their outstanding ability to unblock any geo-restricted site without any delay, log histories, and viral attacks.

You can unblock Cine Latino outside Canada by putting the following Virtual Private Networks to service:

ExpressVPN: Best VPN for Cine Latino


As we have discussed earlier, for a VPN to be good for use, it’s very important for it to be secure, safe, reliable, and fast in speed. ExpressVPN exhibits all of these qualities. We highly recommend getting a subscription to ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN has a network chain of over 3000+ servers in 105 countries and regions that could be employed to unblock the geo-restricted websites.

We recommend the New York server for accessing Sling TV and unblocking Cine Latino outside Canada. Furthermore, ExpressVPN also provides dedicated services to gain access to BBC iplayer in Canada and US Paramount+ in Canada with no response delays. You can also access different channels like Animal Planet Outside Canada and Vision TV outside Canada.

Out of these 3000+ servers available, a user could connect to any of the servers of his liking. ExpressVPN has MG AES 256-bit encryption that basically works by encrypting your IP address and altering it to normal HTTP traffic of the USA.

Multiple speed tests were performed to analyze the speed limits. It shows a downloading speed of 89.38Mbps and an uploading speed of 84.66Mbps on a connection of 100 Mbps.


ExpressVPN shows profound compatibility with any streaming gadget available, whether a smartphone, Android, iPhone, Windows, Mac, or gaming device.

A single ExpressVPN account supports 5 streaming devices by giving them access to services.

The best thing about ExpressVPN is its regard for its clients by giving a 30-day money-back guarantee that allows free access for trial purposes after that, you will have to bear the cost of CA$ 9.15/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) .

Beside Cine Latino you can get full access different sports streaming services in Canada like ABC Sports and Eurosport in Canada.


SurfShark: Budget-friendly VPN for Cine Latino


Surfshark is hailed as a budget-friendly VPN service provider that enables its users to unblock Cine Latino outside Canada.

SurfShark has more than 3200+ servers in 100+ countries. It had the ability to unlock any geo-restricted streaming channel or streaming site outside the region-specific areas.

The New York and Miami server have been proven to be top efficient in gaining access to geo-restricted websites like Voot Canada. Connection to any of its servers enables the user to access blocked websites.

Not only for Cine Latino outside Canada but it could also be employed to watch content on other streaming sites such as NBC in Canada, Sling TV in Canada and American Netflix in Canada without any glitches.

SurfShark employs MG AES 256-bit encryption that makes the user go undercover. In this way, your IP address would not be detected. It also alters your IP address to normal HTTP traffic.

It has a downloading speed of 88.14Mbps and an uploading speed of 83.72Mbps which is fairly efficient.


Smartphones, Android phones, iPhones, or Windows, any operating system could be made to reach the restricted website. Surfshark is compatible with all streaming gadgets.

SurfShark goes a step forward by allowing multiple users to connect to one account/subscription.
Surfshark cares for its clients by providing a 30-day money-back guarantee to its new clients.

SurfShark charges CA$ 3.41/mo (US$ 2.49/mo) . You can avail 81% discount on getting a 2-year plan.


NordVPN: Largest Server network for Cine Latino


NordVPN is another well-known VPN service provided. It has more than 6000+ ultra fast servers in 61 countries. The best Virtual Private Network server is the New York server.

NordVPN allows 6 simultaneous connections to one subscribed account. It supports double data encryption and DNS protection for leakage that provides added security to the users while serving other geo-restricted streaming services such as Vudu Canada and also helps to fix the Netflix proxy error in Canada.

NordVPN has shown compatibility with almost every streaming device, such as Android phones, iOS, Windows, FireStick, Xbox, PlayStations, etc.

The speed test shows a downloading speed of 85.48Mbps and an uploading speed of 48.42Mbps which is commendable.


The cost rate of NordVPN is a bit high. It charges CA$ 5.47/mo (US$ 3.99/mo) . It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee as a free trial to new users for testing the services.


How to choose the Best VPN for Cine Latino outside Canada?

To pick and choose the best VPN for Cine Latino, it is important to keep the following characteristics in mind:

  • Speed: It is very important for a VPN to possess speed so that it can establish a fast and speedy connection with the channel. The VPNs with slow speed show delayed response and poor picture quality.
  • Unblocking ability: To put a VPN to service, it is important to check for its unblocking ability.
  • A VPN with good unblocking ability unblocks a geo-restricted website in a blink.
  • The number of servers in the USA: A VPN with multiple servers in the US shows better results than those with fewer.
  • No Log keeping: For a VPN to be secure, it shouldn’t possess login data saved on its website.
  • Device compatibility: A good VPN is compatible with many streaming devices.
  • Money-back guarantee: A reliable VPN always offers a money-back guarantee to users for trial purposes.
  • Customer support: A good VPN always has a customer support team available to its users.

What are the Best Cine Latino Shows to watch in 2022?

Cine Latino has an extensive stock of Spanish movies, seasons, serials, and telefilms for its Hispanic Canadian viewers. A brief list of the best Cine Latino shows to watch in 2022 is as follows:

  • The Golden Dream (2013)
  • Plan B (I) (2009)
  • Paraiso Travel (2008)
  • Blood of My Blood (2007)
  • Quemar las naves (2007)
  • Chronicle of an Escape (2006)
  • Valentin (I) (2002)

How to Watch Cine Latino on your Device?

You can stream Cine Latino on any streaming device. An extensive list of streaming devices is as follows:

  • Amazon Fire TV.
  • iPhones and iPads (any iOS above iPhone 4.0)
  • Roku: Get Sling TV on Roku.
  • MacBook: Watch Sling TV on Mac.
  • Xbox One: Access via Sling TV
  • Apple TV
  • Android phones, smartphones, TVs, and tablets.
  • Chromecast.

How can I watch Cine Latino on my iPhone?

You can watch Cine Latino on your iPhone by employing the following steps:

  • Firstly, get yourself subscribed to a VPN service provider. ExpressVPN is well-known for its security, agility, and high speeds.
  • Navigate to the Apple App Store and download ExpressVPN on your iPhone.
  • Make an account; add up your credentials in the given slots.
  • Get connected to any US server. The New York server is recommended.
  • Access Sling TV, make an account, and add your credentials.
  • Choose Cine Latino out of all the available channels.
  • Stream Cine Latino outside Canada and watch your favorite shows now

How can I watch Cine Latino on my Android?

You can stream Cine Latino outside America on your Android gadget by following the given steps:

  • First and foremost, get a VPN subscription. Preferably, ExpressVPN.
  • Navigate to Google Play Store and download ExpressVPN on your Android phone.
  • Sign up by inserting your credentials.
  • Connect to the US server. The New York server is recommended.
  • Download Sling TV by navigating to your Play Store. Make an account and sign in by inserting your credentials.
  • Now, you can stream Cine Latino outside Canada through Sling TV Application on your Android device.


How to Watch Cine Latino on Smart TV?

You can watch Cine Latino on your Smart TV by following the given steps:

  • Connect your Smart TV to the internet.
  • Get yourself subscribed to ExpressVPN. Make an account. Add up credentials and connect to the New York server in the US.
  • Download Sling TV, and sign in by inserting your credentials.
  • Now, search for Cine Latino out of all the available channels.
  • Select Cine Latino and stream your favorite content now!


Cine Latino is a geo-restricted channel. It couldn’t be accessed by people living outside the USA. However, to stream Cine Latino outside Canada, various ways could be sorted. Firstly, the user needs to have a VPN service.

We recommend ExpressVPN. Secondly, subscribing to Sling TV and making an account would allow you to watch any blocked channel. Search for Cine Latino from all the available channels and stream your favorite content now!

In Canada, Cinelatino is marketed by Telelatino Network and is currently accessible on the following cable providers:

  • Roger’s Cable
  • Videotron
  • Cogeco
  • Bell Fibe TV

Wrap up!

Cine Latino is a cable network channel based in Canada whose prime focus lies in Hispanic Canadian viewers. As Cine Latino is a Canadian Channel, it has implied geo-restrictions on the channel.

As a consequence, Cine Latino couldn’t be watched outside Canada. Mentioned above is an extensive guide for streaming Cine Latino with the help of a VPN and a streaming channel like Sling TV.

The prime step is to get a safe and secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) service provider. After establishing the connection with the VPN, you would have to get access to a streaming channel by making an account on it. Accessing Cine Latino outside Canada is not an impossible task anymore!

We recommend employing the services of ExpressVPN as it is highly trusted and known for its speedy services, agility, security, safety, and easy accessibility.

Now is the time to get your hands on it, set yourself up, grab popcorn, and stream!

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