How to Watch ReelzChannel in Canada? [2022 Updated]


Missing out on your favorite ReelzChannel in Canada shows and movies while you’re away? In this guide, I’ll show you how to watch ReelzChannel in Canada with the help of ExpressVPN!

Under the ownership of Hubbard Broadcasting, ReelzChannel (More commonly known as Reelz) is a satellite television network based in America and its headquarters in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The channel mainly revolves around broadcasting entertainment-type shows that include films, series, and celebrity scandal documentaries.

Reelz mainly shows original programs, as 95% of its programming is original and produced in the US and internationally.

A research study conducted in 2015 shows that more than half of the population of the US that owns a television set has Reelz as a channel!

Unfortunately, people residing in Canada cannot directly access this television service. However, ways to way the channel from Canada are still present!

Live channel services like Hulu TV and Sling TV allow viewers to watch their favorite shows on Reelz from within Canada through the aid of ExpressVPN. Through ExpressVPN, you can stream other region content libraries like US Paramount+ in Canada and many more.

Here’s a list of the Top 3 shows airing on ReelzChannel:

  • World Without End (2012)
  • On Patrol: Live (2022 ongoing)
  • Autopsy: The Last Hours Of (2014 ongoing)

How to Watch ReelzChannel in Canada? [Quick Steps]

To access the ReelzChannel from within Canada, you need to connect to a server in the US using a VPN, as the site is geo-restricted. Follow these 5 simple steps to know how to watch ReelzChannel in Canada:

  • Install a VPN service. Our choice of recommendation is ExpressVPN for the fastest and most reliable service.
  • Select a server in the United States. The New York Server works best.
  • Navigate to the Sling TV website and sign up for their service.
  • Once logged in, find ReelzChannel in the list of channels provided.
  • Now you can watch your favorite shows on ReelzChannel in Canada with a subscription!

Why Do You Need A VPN to Watch ReelzChannel in Canada?

ReelzChannel is a service provided only to US residents. Their site is geo-restricted. Your Canadian IP Address makes it impossible to directly access their content, so you cannot watch the ReelzChannel in Canada.


Using a VPN, you can change your public IP Address, and you can make it seem like you are a US resident. This allows you to easily view all the content that ReelzChannel provides only to US citizens. Without a VPN, the site denies access to playback, and the player will show the following information:

However, by changing your IP Address, you can view the site completely! Select between your favorite TV shows and series, just like how you would from the United States! This way, you can freely watch the ReelzChannel in Canada along with other sports streaming services such as ESPN+ in Canada.

What are the Best VPNs to Watch ReelzChannel in Canada?

After many rigorous and extensive tests, we have chosen the three best VPNs that are leading in terms of prices, speed, availability, features, security, and other attributes. They are as follows:

ExpressVPN: Best VPN for ReelzChannel in Canada

ExpressVPN remains at the top spot for being the best VPN provider when it comes to unblocking and accessing geo-restricted content such as Comedy Central in Canada. In this case, it is the best VPN to watch the ReelzChannel in Canada!

ExpressVPN utilizes over 3000+ servers in 94+ countries, making the potential of accessing geo-restricted sites seemingly boundless! TrustedServer Technology makes your time on the internet private and safe. Our recommended servers to go for are New York, Chicago, and Washington, DC.

ExpressVPN allows connectivity to up to 5 devices simultaneously, such as Apple TV, Kindle, Laptops, and many more supported devices.

There is no need to save your login credentials during login. With this, you can rest easy that your passwords aren’t being stored anywhere!

ExpressVPN also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with it!

ExpressVPN currently offers an annual plan of CA$ 9.14/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) with other plans available to choose from.

ExpressVPN allows the unblocking of many other applications like DStv in Canada, as well as Sling TV Canada, and Hulu Canada! It shows promising download and upload speeds of an average of around 89.38 Mbps and 84.66 Mbps, which also helps to get fuboTV in Canada.


Android and iOS users can avail of a 7-day free trial of the app from the Play Store and App Store!


SurfShark VPN: Budget Friendly VPN for ReelzChannel in Canada

If you’re looking for a more accessible, cheaper but safer option for a VPN to watch ReelzChannel in Canada then SurfShark is the VPN for you! Originating from the British Virgin Islands, and launched in 2018, this is a VPN with great features to boot!

SurfShark offers connectivity to more than 3200+ servers situated in 65+ countries all around the world! Our choice of recommendation to watch ReelzChannel in Canada is the New York server as it shows the least interference and minimal buffering!

SurfShark isn’t limited to a specific number of devices. This allows you to log onto your account from as many devices as you please. Its greatest takeaway is its price plan!

As of today, the 24-month plan comes at a generous CA$ 3.41/mo (US$ 2.49/mo) which is billed every month. This price comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so that you can try it before you buy it!

Surfshark can also unblock CTV outside Canada and other streaming services like Voot Canada, BBC iplayer Canada, American Netflix in Canada, Sky Sports in Canada, and many more geo-restricted streaming platforms!

SurfShark shows promising download speeds when connected to the New York server which is our recommendation to watch ReelzChannel in Canada. Speeds of around 88.14 Mbps were seen as seen below



NordVPN: Largest Server Network for ReelzChannel in Canada

NordVPN comes in as one of the best service providers to watch ReelzChannel in Canada! It offers a vast network of locations to pick from. Originating from Panama in the year 2012, multiple tests have ensured that it is reliable and safe.

PwC Switzerland has audited NordVPN, making it an authentic app to be used for safe internet surfing. HD videos and live streams can also be viewed through this provider.

It shows the highest connectivity speed among its contenders because of the multitude of servers available to choose from! With over 5310+ servers to choose from in 59+ countries. Our recommended server to watch ReelzChannel in Canada is the Miami server.

NordVPN conceals your IP Address and allows you protection from online malware threats through its CyberSec feature.

It comes with multi-platform support, making it a universal app that can be used from any iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, and many more such devices!

NordVPN offers a standard billing plan of CA$ 4.51/mo (US$ 3.29/mo) with a 30-day money-back guarantee so that you can test it before you buy.

NordVPN provides a consistent speed of around 85.48 Mbps when streaming any geo-restricted streaming services like NBC in Canada as well as ABC Canada and TV channels like Willow TV Outside Canada.



How to Choose the Best VPN for ReelzChannel in Canada?

There are several things you must consider to have the very best, uninterrupted, and smooth streaming experience if you wish to access ReelzChannel in Canada.

Choosing the best VPN might seem like a difficult comparison. We’ve made the comparison easier for you!

Here are some factors you can consider before choosing the best VPN to watch ReelzChannel in Canada:

  • Connection Speed

The first and by far the most important feature to keep an eye on is the connectivity speed that the VPN provides. A faster connection means that you will have a more uninterrupted streaming experience with the least amount of buffering possible.

  • Bypassing Geo-restriction

Make sure that the VPN in consideration can access the geo-restricted site that you are trying to visit. Without making sure that it can do so would lead to you spending money on their subscription to no benefit at all.

  • USA Server Count

The more servers the VPN provides, the faster its connection will be. You can choose between the best servers available to you to ensure that even if one server is malfunctioning, there is always another one available.

  • No Log Saver Feature

If you don’t need to save your passwords or other sensitive data anywhere, you won’t have to worry about your important data being leaked. Hence, data breaches won’t affect your online integrity!

  • Cross-platform Compatibility

Accessing the same VPN from any device makes the VPN convenient because you won’t have to pay for different VPNs for multiple platforms. A good VPN should be accessible on multiple operating systems.

  • Guarantees and Customer Facilities

Go for VPN providers that allow a money-back guarantee if somehow the VPN doesn’t live up to your expectations or doesn’t work for you. Customer support must also be provided for prompt and immediate responses to any queries subscribers might have.

What are the Most Famous Spectrum TV Channels?

Here is the list of the most famous Spectrum TV channels of all time! They are as follows:

Disney Channel Oxygen
Disney Kids Paramount Network
BBC America TLC
FX NFL network
History ESPN
Nickelodeon ESPN 2
Cartoon Network

What are the Best ReelzChannel Shows to Watch in 2022?

ReelzChannel has a multitude of shows available for viewing in 2022, but there are a few select ones that lead the most watched leaderboard! Here are our top picks for the best shows to watch on ReelzChannel in 2022:

World Without End (2012) The Kennedys (2011)
On Patrol: Live (2022 ongoing) CAT. 8 (2013 onwards)
Autopsy: The Last Hours Of (2014 ongoing) Celebrity Page (2013 onwards)
Delete (2013) Ring of Fire (2012)
World’s Most Evil Killers (2017 ongoing) The Real Hunt for Red October (2021 TV Special)

How to Watch ReelzChannel on your Device?

ReelzChannel can be accessed through a VPN on multiple devices. Its supported devices are listed up down below:

Amazon Fire TV iOS Devices
Apple TV Roku
Android Mobiles Web Browsers (Opera being the leading browser)
Chromecast Devices

How can I watch ReelzChannel on my iPhone?

There are a few steps you need to take to access ReelzChannel in Canada on your iPhone. Changing your App Store location to the USA will help you do so. Here are the steps you want to take:

  • Head to your App Store and download a VPN application. We recommend ExpressVPN.
  • Sign into your account with your login credentials.
  • Select any United States Server from within the drop-down menu. We recommend the New York Server, as it is the fastest and most stable.
  • Install the Sling TV application or head over to their website.
  • Start streaming any channel on the ReelzChannel on your iPhone after logging into your account on Sling TV.

How can I Watch ReelzChannel on Android in Canada?

The process to access ReelzChannel in Canada on your Android device is fairly simple as well. Here is the method to watch ReelzChannel on your Android:

  • Download any VPN from the Play Store. Our recommendation is ExpressVPN.
  • Open the application and log in to your account.
  • Head over to the drop-down menu of servers and choose the New York Server in the United States section.
  • Go to the Play Store and install the Sling TV app on your device.
  • Open Sling TV and use your login credentials to sign into the app.
  • Choose ReelzChannel from the channels provided on Sling Tv.
  • You can now enjoy watching ReelzChannel in Canada on your Android device through the Sling TV app.

How to Watch ReelzChannel on Roku?

Roku is another streaming platform that supports the viewing of ReelzChannel. Use the steps given below to know exactly how to watch ReelzChannel in Canada on Roku:

  • Download ExpressVPN on your device as it is our VPN of choice! ExpressVPN brings you a plethora of different features that allow you to view any geo-restricted website that you would like! All at a very generous price! Head on over to the website to get your subscription started today!
  • Grab your Roku remote and open up the home menu on your TV.
  • Press the “Search” button and use the keyboard to type in “Sling TV”.
  • Select the Sling TV app as it pops up on the screen.
  • Click “Add Channel” on your Roku to start downloading the Sling TV app.
  • Once the download finishes, Sling TV will be shown as an app on the Roku home page.
  • Navigate to the Sling TV app and launch it.
  • Sign in to your Sling TV account.
  • You can now enjoy watching Sling TV on your Roku as you please.
  • ReelzChannel is also made available to you after you are signed in!
  • Now you can watch ReelzChannel in Canada on Roku through Sling TV.


Yes! Because it has a reasonable price point and amazing DVR functionality. Thus, you can record shows, movies, dramas and whatnot! Plus, it is perfect for picky eaters who want to watch only their favorite channels including ReelzChannel.

Reelz is part of the Blue Hollywood Extra Package on Sling TV for $5 a month.

Wrapping Up!

ReelzChannel, now called Reelz, is a US TV entertainment platform that has its headquarters in Albuquerque, New Mexico and it hosts a giant palette of American and international movies, series, shows, and documentaries.

It is currently only available directly to US residents due to it being geo-restricted to the country, but as mentioned above, through the use of reliable VPNs, like ExpressVPN, Canadians too can gain access to this channel via a streaming application called Sling TV.

ExpressVPN has proven to be the top contender in terms of speed, security, reliability, server majority, and subscription cost!

Wait no longer and head on over to the ExpressVPN website to start watching ReelzChannel today!

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