How To Watch RTE Player in Canada in 2022 [6 Easy Steps]

Want to watch RTE Player in Canada? Irish people who live abroad – US, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Spain, or Australia – can access content from home.

International ex-pat Irish families who are living abroad are troubled by geo-blocking on streaming sites to watch Irish TV shows in Canada.

If you access a show that’s geo-blocked, you may get the following message:

“This program cannot be streamed due to rights restrictions.”

Connecting to an Irish VPN server will grant you a new IP address, thereby bypassing geo-restrictions. The next section of this article will tell you how to watch the RTE Player in Canada.

How to Watch RTE Player in Canada [6 Easy Steps]

Following are the 6 easy steps to watch RTE Player Canada.

ExpressVPN is our recommended VPN to watch Player in Canada. It takes a few minutes to set up and will assign you an Irish IP address from the VPN servers. This allows access to geo-blocked content on the RTE Player, which would otherwise be unavailable if you had a Canadian IP address.

  1. Registering with ExpressVPN will free you from restrictions such as a geographical IP address. You can get started by clicking the “Get ExpressVPN” link on its homepage.
  1. We recommend a plan with prices for 15 months.

  1. Download the VPN app on your computer, mobile device, or tablet.
  2. Insert your information and Sign in to your ExpressVPN account.
  3. Connect to the Irish VPN server.
  4. Open the RTE Player website. There, it will be unlocked.

Note:  In order to watch RTE Player in Canada, you must have an RTE Player subscription.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch RTE Player Canada?

The majority of RTE Player’s content is geo-blocked to international viewers, but you can connect to an Irish VPN server in order to unshackle yourself from the restrictions.

That’s why some content is not available in Canada.

RTE Player pays for the rights to show content, which means that like any streaming service it’s down to what they have agreements on.

RTE has a localized focus for their content, and as such, you may need an Irish IP address in order to view it.

As a result, content that is not allowed in some countries cannot be shown. RTE Player doesn’t want to get in trouble for showing it.

So how do you unblock RTE Player from Canada?

To get past the geo-blocking lock on the RTE player, you can connect to a premium VPN server in Ireland. This will change your IP address and make it seem like you’re in Ireland so that you have access to all content of RTE Player without restrictions.

What Device is RTE Available on?

You can stream RTE player on the following devices:

Devices for RTE Player Canada
iPadSamsung Smart TV

How Does RTE Player App Work on Android Devices?

  • Connect to a VPN server in Ireland.
  • Press on 3 bars at the top of your screen in the Play Store. Then select Account.
  • Google will give you the option to switch your location to Ireland.
  • You should update your payment method and download the RTE Player app.
  • Alternatively, you can find the native Android version of the app online and download it to your phone that way.

What Channels You Can Watch on RTE Player?

Following channels is available to watch on RTE Player.

Channels on RTE Player Canada
be3RTE News Now

What Shows Are Available On RTE Player?

Following shows are available on RTE Player.

Shows on RTE Player Canada
The Late Late ShowFair City Capsule
12 Years a SlaveClaire Byrne Live
UnderdogsNuachtThe Late Late Show


How Did We Choose The Best VPNs for RTE Player?

When there are many VPNs available, it can be hard to choose which one is right for you. Not all VPNs will work with RTE Player, and in order to ensure you sign up for a reliable service we made recommendations by looking at the following things:

  • Must have the capability to unblock RTE Player and other geo-restricted streaming services.
  • Provides a reliable, high-speed connection with 100% uptime connectivity.
  • Must employ unhackable encryption parameters and other advanced security features.
  • Should have a no-logs policy.
  • Provides apps for the major platforms.
  • Must be able to connect different devices simultaneously.

What Else Can You Do With a VPN?

VPNs are usually used to unblock TV shows and movies, but they can also be used for other things.

VPNs provide a virtually uncrackable layer of encryption to your web connection, allowing you greater access to those poorly secured networks in high traffic areas that hackers typically pose as notorious.

VPNs are also a viable option for overseas travelers who might be accessing offshore bank accounts, like Bank of Ireland, Barclays Bank Ireland, and Dell Bank International. Connecting to a VPN and selecting an Irish server before you sign in will prevent any detection that your account was accessed from outside of Ireland.

What are the Best VPNs to Watch RTE Player in Canada?

In order to access the Irish broadcaster RTE player, one must first unblock it from within the country.

Unfortunately, there are hundreds of VPNs that claim to be capable enough of bypassing geo-restrictions; however, when tested and following their methods for finding its location from outside Ireland, we were not successful.

Even though most VPNs are limited to specific regions, some of the more reputable (and expensive) will unblock streaming services regardless of where you live.

Here are the top five VPNs for watching RTE Player from Canada. ExpressVPN is number one on our list for a variety of reasons.

By Using the below VPN services, you can also access streaming services like Oxygen TV, ORFNBC, ESPN+, CTV, Fox TV, Disney+ Hotstar in Canada, and other blocked channels in Canada or outside Canada.

5 Best VPNs to Watch RTE Player in Canada

BestRecommended VPNCheap VPNSecure VPNReliable VPNSpecial Servers VPN


Country of JurisdictionThe British Virgin IslandsThe British Virgin IslandsPanamaUnited StatesBucharest

ExpressVPN-The Best VPN for RTE Player Canada

ExpressVPN Overview
Total number of international servers3000+
Total number of countries servers94+
Total number of Ireland servers01
Total number of Ireland cities01
Rating on Trustpilot4.7
Total Number of connections with devices5
Is unblocking RTE Player?Yes

ExpressVPN Speed Test Data

Average Connection Speed – North America (USA)135.7 Mbps
Average Connection Speed – Europe (US)134 Mbps
Average Connection Speed – Asia (Hong Kong)136 Mbps


  • It has fast speeds in all of its server locations.
  • It offers advanced security on both our apps and servers.
  • Watch geo-blocked streaming sites from other countries, including US Netflix, RTE Player, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime.
  • It also unblocks streaming services in China and the UAE.
  • The company has a zero logs policy.
  • You can chat with live support 24 hours a day.
  • It offers multi-login on up to 5 screens at once.
  • It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • It is slightly more expensive than its competitors.
  • No labeling of Streaming servers.

ExpressVPN is located in the British Virgin Islands. They were founded in 2011. ExpressVPN lets you watch RTE Player if you are in Canada.

There are numerous VPNs to choose from. However, because they are in the wrong location, certain VPNs may not function properly.

They have excellent security and can be enhanced by utilizing TrustedServer Technology and 3,000+ servers located across 94+ countries.

You can also connect your phone or computer to multiple devices through the same account.

Besides RTE Player, ExpressVPN can also unblock YouTube TV, CNBC, HBO Max, and Sky Sports in Canada.

VPN Subscriptions



You can sign up for a 7-day free trial of the app and install it directly from Google Play or Apple App Stores to test it.

Surfshark – Fast Streaming for RTE Player Canada

Surfshark VPN Overview
Total number of international servers3200+
Total number of countries servers65+
Total number of Ireland servers01
Total number of Ireland cities01
Rating on Trustpilot4.3
Total Number of connections with devicesUnlimited
Is unblocking RTE Player?Yes

Surfshark Speed Test Data

Average Connection Speed – North America (USA)170 Mbps
Average Connection Speed – Europe (US)230 Mbps
Average Connection Speed – Asia (Hong Kong)220 Mbps



  • Surfshark has a built-in Kill switch feature in all apps.
  • It has excellent speeds in all of its server locations.
  • You can chat with live support 24 hours a day.
  • It also unblocks streaming services in China.
  • The company has a zero logs policy.
  • It offers multi-login on unlimited devices at once.
  • It allows torrenting.
  • It gives 7-Day Free Trial on iOS and Android devices.


  • Customers’ support could be improved.
  • May prompt captchas when you are browsing on your phone.
  • The auditor needs to broaden the audit.

SurfShark Dashboard after installing

SurfShark is a VPN service based in the British Virgin Islands that was founded in 2018. SurfShark provides an Irish IP address to Canadian viewers so they can watch RTE Player without restrictions.

SurfShark has a few problems with connections because they are audited by a company called Cure53. SurfShark protects data with encryption that is industry standard.

Surfshark uses scrambled technology to change your traffic into ordinary HTTPS traffic. That way, you can access websites outside of Ireland. You can also watch RTE Player on multiple devices without restrictions.

Besides RTE Player, Surfshark can also unblock  Pluto TV, Discovery+, BT Sport, and ESPN Plus in Canada.

VPN Subscriptions


NordVPN – Secure VPN to Watch RTE Player Canada

NordVPN Overview
Total number of international servers5400+
Total number of countries servers59+
Total number of Ireland servers50
Total number of Ireland cities01
Rating on Trustpilot4.5
Total Number of connections with devices6
Is unblocking RTE Player?Yes


NordVPN Speed Test Data

Average Connection Speed – North America (USA)111.7 Mbps
Average Connection Speed – Europe (US)122.3 Mbps
Average Connection Speed – Asia (Hong Kong)112.0 Mbps



  • It provides strong security.
  • It has excellent speeds in all of its server locations.
  • It also unblocks streaming services in China.
  • It offers multi-login on up to six simultaneous connections.
  • It has a big global server network spanning different countries.
  • It gives 7-Day Free Trial on iOS devices.
  • It works perfectly with US/UK/JP Netflix.
  • NordVPN has an automatic kill switch feature in iOS apps.


  • No labeling of Streaming servers.
  • No automatic kill switch feature for Android devices.
  • It has limited logging with device identifiers.

NordVPN Dashboard after installing

NordVPN is a company that offers security. It is based in Panama and has been providing security since 2012. NordVPN offers many benefits – it gives you access to a lot of things that some people might not have access to.

NordVPN is a tool that can help you if you are traveling in Canada and want to watch the TV show RTE Player. It does this by using CyberSec, which provides malware protection and online privacy.

NordVPN also helps speed up browsing through pages by removing distracting advertisements.

Besides RTE Player, NordVPN can also unblock Kayo Sports, Paramount+, and TVNZ in Canada.

VPN Subscriptions



Users of iOS can try the app for 7 days with a free trial and install it from the Apple store.

IPVanish – Special Servers for RTE Player Canada 

IPVanish Overview
Total number of international servers1600+
Total number of countries servers75+
Total number of Ireland servers14
Total number of Ireland cities1
Rating on Trustpilot4.7
Total Number of connections with devices10
Is unblocking RTE Player?Yes

IPVanish Speed Test Data

Average Connection Speed – North America (USA)72 Mbps
Average Connection Speed – Europe (US)31.3 Mbps
Average Connection Speed – Asia (Hong Kong)52.3 Mbps



  • It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • It gives the feature of Zero WebRTC/DNS/IP leaks.
  • You can chat with live support 24 hours a day
  • It has fast speeds in all of its server locations.
  • It offers multi-login on up to 10 devices.
  • The company has a zero logs policy.
  • It provides strong encryption for security.
  • It allows torrenting.


  • Not providing split tunneling.
  • Do not unblock streaming services in China.
  • Can’t unblock some popular streaming services.
  • No app is available for Linux.

IPVanish Dashboard after installing

IPVanish is a company that offers VPN services. It was founded in 2012 and has a no-logs policy. It’s perfect for people who want to watch RTE players from Canada because it provides low prices and great value.

There are several options for downloading apps on a phone or a computer. With one account, you can connect 10 devices.

IPVanish is a good choice for people who like to download files from the internet. Split Tunneling, an automatic kill switch, and DPI Prevention are three features that protect your privacy when you use peer-to-peer file sharing.

Besides RTE Player, IPVanish can also unblock CraveTV, Hulu, and American Netflix in Canada.

VPN Subscriptions


CyberGhost – Reliable Servers for RTE Player 

CyberGhost Overview
Total number of international servers7400+
Total number of countries servers91+
Total number of Ireland servers01
Total number of Ireland cities01
Rating on Trustpilot4.7
Total Number of connections with devices7
Is unblocking RTE Player?Yes

CyberGhost Speed Test Data

Average Connection Speed – North America (USA)78.7 Mbps
Average Connection Speed – Europe (US)54.7 Mbps
Average Connection Speed – Asia (Hong Kong)39.3 Mbps



  • It has a fast connection in all of its server locations.
  • Got a perfect score on the privacy and security assessment.
  • It offers 7 simultaneous connections.
  • This software makes it easy to unblock streaming sites, including US Netflix.
  • You can chat with live support 24 hours a day
  • The company has a zero logs policy.


  • The IP address from China or the UAE blocks this service.
  • There are no apps for routers.
  • The company has a history of poor reputation.
  • The app does not have the option to allow local networking.

CyberGhost VPN Dashboard after installing

CyberGhost VPN is located in Bucharest, Romania, and was founded in 2011. Every person has the right to secure Internet access. It’s really easy to use and supports all major protocols.

You can easily watch RTE Player while living in Canada using this VPN. It works with three encryption algorithms: AES-256, OpenVPN, and L2TP.

CyberGhost VPN works on Windows, Mac, and most popular operating systems and devices.

You may run the same program on all of your home computers or phones because you can connect to 7 different servers at the same time.

CyberGhost VPN offers a dedicated server for RTE Player, so you can watch without interruption when the IP address changes.

Besides RTE Player, CyberGhost VPN can also unblock Sling TV, Peacock TV, and Vudu in Canada.

VPN Subscriptions


How to Watch RTE Player in Canada? FAQs:

If you’re looking to unlock RTE Player, but also want the power to secure your data against hackers and other malicious threats, investing in a premium VPN is an excellent choice.

With modern-day hacking techniques targeting innocent users on an almost daily basis, it might be worthwhile to learn more about all of the security measures these devices can offer

A kill switch and no-logs policy ensure your identity is always protected, even if you connect to public WiFi.

If you use a VPN, your devices will not be compromised with malware and adware.

Much like other video-streaming websites, RTE Player uses anti-VPN technology that detects and blocks VPN servers’ IPs as well as third-party software to create virtual Irish IP addresses.

However, if it does happen (and it doesn’t too often), disconnect from the Irish server and connect to another. This will allow you to access RTE Player and stream your favorite Irish programs.

It is unlikely to free VPNs can’t beat RTE Player’s geo-blocks, and they might compromise your privacy by selling sensitive data or exposing you to malware in addition to cyber threats that often accompany free services.

Stability is key when it comes to security. I’ve tested loads of premium VPNs and narrowed down my favorites in this article.

Yes, with a VPN like my recommendations, you can unlock the global content on Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and others that aren’t available in your country!

Final Thoughts:

That’s all you need to know about how to successfully watch RTE Player from outside Ireland. For residents of the UK, New Zealand, Australia, USA, or Canada there is a VPN with an Irish server such as ExpressVPN needed for accessing live streams on RTE Player without interruptions.

I’ve tested all of the recommended VPN solutions for RTE Player’s geo-blocks. I confirm that they are fast enough to buffer less stream, and thus offer their money-back guarantees without risk.