How to Watch True Crime Network in Canada? [2022 Updated]


Missing out on your favorite murder mystery and crime documentaries on your trip out of the US and cannot stream True Crime Network in Canada? Well, you have come to the right place for solutions! Do not let your location stop you from binging on your crime fix with the help of a Premium VPN like ExpressVPN.

Are you a murder mystery freak and love watching crime documentaries? Then True Crime Network is your go-to channel for gripping crime and investigation programs! The broadcast channel airs true crime stories and chilling podcasts for its viewers 24/7.

Viewers can watch the best of real-life crime stories and unsolvable mysteries with insights from the police department, justice system, and the FBI. Apart from that, the channel aims to educate the public about the dangers of the real world and measures that can be taken to protect oneself.

Since True Crime Network is an American Digital Television Network, it is available only to stream in the US and US territories!

The content in True Crime Network is licensed on a country-by-country basis. Therefore, the cable provider uses geo-restriction to enforce these agreements.

One way around these restrictions is by simply watching True Crime Network through live channel services such as YouTube TV in Canada along with Sling TV in Canada, and Hulu in Canada by using a VPN.

And what other VPN would we recommend, except the best, ExpressVPN? It is the #1 VPN service available online and allows you to unblock all geo-restricted content in your region. You can watch True Crime Network outside the US by simply using ExpressVPN!

Before paying for any service, you can use their 30-day free trial option to make up your mind and enjoy free True Crime Network Streaming. And trust us, there are plenty of good shows to watch on True Crime Network! Some of them are Killing Spree, Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer, Cold Case File, and Forensic Factor.

How To Watch True Crime Network in Canada? (Quick Steps)

We know why you are here. To find the answer to How can I watch True Crime Network in Canada? In this guide, we will explain in detail each step through which you can easily stream True Crime Network outside the US!

  1. First, download the VPN application on your smartphone, iPhone, Android, PC, or tablet.
  2. Register yourself with ExpressVPN by simply clicking on ‘Get ExpressVPN’ on the homepage.
  3. Choose the plan you want and get a subscription so you can get the True Crime Network app
  4. Enter your login details, and sign in to your newly created ExpressVPN account.
  5. Go to your VPN app and connect with a server located in the United States. We recommend connecting to the New York server.
  6. Visit the official True Crime Network website and enjoy the content!
  7. Now you can easily stream True Crime Network in Canada by following these simple steps!

Watch True Crime Network in CanadaGet ExpressVPN to watch True Crime Network in Canada

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch True Crime Network in Canada?

As we explained above, True Crime Network is only available in the United States and restricted in Canada due to geo-restriction. It cannot be accessed outside the US or US territories. The cable network does this by checking your IP address.

Since your IP address is for Canada, you are automatically blocked from accessing the website/ application. Just as you click on the site or try to access True Crime Network in Canada, you will be shown the following image.


This means no more free access to your beloved crime shows in Canada! Sometimes the government also imposes blocks on illegal content that it does not approve of, but that is only for a few cases.

Most of the time, platforms use this to restrict access to their content due to monetary purposes. To get around this IP Tracking system employed by the platform, you will require a VPN.

A Virtual Private Network essentially provides you with a temporary, anonymous IP address. All of your internet traffic is rerouted to a server provided by the VPN, which is located in the United States! That way, you can stream True Crime Network even while sitting in Canada.

What are the Best VPNs to Get True Crime Network in Canada?

You might be thinking, ‘all right, I know I just need to get a VPN, but which one should I get?’ To answer your question, we test-ran dozens of VPNs so that you don’t have to.

That way, you could watch your shows in peace and at the same time not worry about your privacy! Finally, we narrowed down our list to the top 3 VPNs mentioned below!

ExpressVPN: Best VPN for True Crime Network in Canada

ExpressVPN is the overall best performer on our list. It is the #1 VPN that provides great internet speeds and tight security while you watch True Crime Network with no worries!

It offers 3000+ servers located in 105 countries. So, connect with any server you want and stream away!

For True Crime Network, we recommend connecting to the New York server!


ExpressVPN also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, with a 7-day free trial for mobile users.

In fact, streaming is what attracts users to ExpressVPN in the first place. It shows an amazing downloading speed of 89.42 Mbps  when connected to different servers, as seen below:

ExpressVPN Speed Test for True Crime Network in Canada

After trying and testing ExpressVPN for ourselves, it became a personal favorite for all our users who wished to watch geo-restricted content like True Crime Network in Canada.

Aside from that, ExpressVPN was successful in streaming other platforms outside the US such as CNBC in Canada as well as Peacock TV in Canada and HBO Max Canada! There is a reason why ExpressVPN has been named as the best due to its MediaStreamer feature!

Moreover, ExpressVPN is compatible with almost all devices and operating systems. you can easily download their app on Windows, iOS, Linux, Android, macOS, Apple TV, Amazon Firestick and more!

Its greatest takeaway is the MediaStreamer function! This function allows you to use the VPN to stream geo-restricted content on devices that are incompatible with a VPN. This makes ExpressVPN usable on virtually anything that is capable of playing videos!

The VPN offers three subscription plans starting at CA$ 9.12/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) . In just that, you get 256-bit encryption, IP Leak protection, and Lightway protocol that protects all your data.

Watch True Crime Network with ExpressVPN30 day money back guarantee

Surfshark VPN: Budget-friendly VPN for True Crime Network in Canada

Surfshark is the best choice for our friends who want something budget-friendly with the best pricing deals out there.  You can save up to 69% by selecting the 12-month plan that starts at CA$ 3.4/mo (US$ 2.49/mo) .

This is a dealbreaker for many. The pocket-friendly VPN packs a punch and offers 3200+ servers in 100+ countries!

In these servers, we recommend Los Angeles and New York servers for unblocking True Crime in Canada.


SpeedTest results have shown an amazing downloading speed of 88.18 Mbps when connected to different servers all around the world, as seen in the image below:

SurfShark Speed Test for True Crime Network in Canada

We had a great time using SurfShark, their interface is user-friendly and simple to navigate, and it protects against digital malware attacks as well. Plus, the internet speed remained consistent throughout our connection period.

In addition to unblocking True Crime Network in Canada by using the New York server, we were successful in unblocking several other streaming services like Discovery+ in Canada and different streaming channels such as Magnolia Network, MeTV along with Fox Business Network in Canada.

Surfshark succeeded in running on most of our devices and software. It glided with Windows, Android, macOS, Linux, and other OS and was easily installed on Smart TVs, tablets, and PCs.

SurfShark is as secure as it gets, as customer security is of the highest priority. It uses AES 256-bit encryption.

It is the same level of encryption used by the government and the military. Other layers of security include automatic killswitch, IP/DNS leak protection, Multi-Hop, and Camouflage mode.

What’s more, is that they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you want a refund, with excellent customer support to help you 24/7.

Watch True Crime Network with SurfSharkPocket friendly with money back guarantee

NordVPN: The largest Server Network for True Crime Network in Canada

NordVPN is as big as it gets! With over 6000+ ultra fast servers in 61 countries, it is the largest Server Network for streaming True Crime Network in Canada!

It offers about 1970 servers in the US in which we recommend US server #9803 for unblocking True Crime Network in Canada.


The SpeedTest results of NordVPN showed promising results; it gives downloading speed of 86.49 Mbps and an uploading speed of 79.42 Mbps.


Personally, using NordVPN for us was a treat. The application was beautifully designed and aesthetically pleasing to look at, with tons of added features!

NordVPN not only helped us unblock True Crime Network in Canada, but it also helped bypass the restrictions on Universo in Canada and other websites, including Pluto TV in Canada, NRK in Canada, and Sling TV in Canada!

NordVPN was compatible with all the devices we tested it with. It functioned smoothly on iPhones, Android smartphones, and tablets.

It is also supported by Windows, macOS, and Linux. With their zero-log policy, you can rest easy as your data is wiped clean and not recorded.

You get the very best with DNS/IP Leak protection and camouflage Mode. You can use the 7-day free trial and 30-day money-back guarantee easily. Subscribe and save 70% with the 2-year plan that costs CA$ 5.46/mo (US$ 3.99/mo) !

Watch True Crime Network with NordVPNLargest server network across Globe

How to Choose the Best VPN for True Crime Network in Canada?

Even though we have narrowed down the list to the top three, we know you’re still confused! Start with why you need a VPN in the first place. If you only want to watch True Crime Network in Canada, go for the pocket-friendly option and get Surfshark VPN.

However, if you want fast internet speed with an overall exceptional experience, ExpressVPN is your go-to. But if you want to simultaneously open and use geo-blocked platforms outside of the US, try NordVPN!

The following are the criteria for choosing the best VPN for True Crime Network in Canada:

Multiple Server: A VPN with multiple servers in Canada is ideal for streaming True Crime Network. This will ensure a smooth and uninterrupted streaming experience.

Unblocking Capability of Big Streaming Platforms: The best VPN for True Crime Network in Canada should also be capable of unblocking popular streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu. This will allow you to watch your favorite shows and movies without any interruptions.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: A good VPN for True Crime Network in Canada should also have a 30-day money-back guarantee to test the service before you commit to it.

Downloading Speed: When looking for the best VPN for True Crime Network in Canada, it is important to consider the download speed. The best VPNs offer fast download speeds to enjoy uninterrupted streaming of your favorite shows and movies.

What are the Top Shows for True Crime Network in Canada?

Some of the best True Crime Network Shows with major fan-following are,

How Can I Watch True Crime Network on My iPhone?

You can watch True Crime Network on your iPhone by following these steps:

  1. Before connecting to the VPN, change your Apple ID to the US via settings and Networks.
  2. Open your ExpressVPN and connect to a US Server. We recommend the New York server.
  3. Visit the Apple store and search True Crime Network App.
  4. Download and log in to the app with your credentials
  5. Now you can start watching True Crime Network on your iPhone!

How Can I Watch True Crime Network on My Android?

Follow these steps to start streaming True Crime Network in Canada!

  1. Simply download ExpressVPN on your phone just as you would download any app.
  2. Connect to the US server in the VPN. We recommend the New York server.
  3. Change your region settings to the United States by using a new Google ID.
  4. Go to Google Play and find the True Crime Network app.
  5. Download the app and log in to the app with your credentials.
  6. Now you can enjoy watching your murder mysteries on your Android device!

How Can I Watch True Crime Network on Roku?

Confused about how to watch True Crime Network on Roku? Don’t be, because we’ll explain! Follow these steps and enjoy unlimited access to True Crime Network shows in Canada!

  1. Get an ExpressVPN subscription and install it on your Roku device. 
  2. Open the VPN, connect to the US server, and try the New York server.
  3. Connect your Roku device to the smart TV using an HDMI cable and press Home on your remote.
  4. Scroll and select Streaming Channels, and Enter True Crime Network.
  5. Choose True Crime Network from the list of options and install it on your device. If necessary, enter your Roku PIN to confirm the installation.
  6. Finally, watch your newly bought channel!

FAQs -True Crime Network in Canada

Have further questions that need an explanation? Continue onwards to get them answered!

Definitely, it is perfectly legal to watch True Crime Network in Canada using a VPN! A VPN serves as a privacy tool therefore you are completely free to use it. plus, it’s legal to use VPN in the United States and Canada. Need we say more?

Although you can watch True Crime Network in Canada with a free VPN, we do not recommend doing so. Free VPNs are often slow and unreliable, which can lead to interrupted streaming. In addition, they may not offer the same level of security and privacy as paid VPNs. For the best streaming experience, we recommend using a paid VPN for True Crime Network in Canada.

It was reported that Discovery Plus was planning to air selected True Crime Network programs on January 12, 2021. These programs were to be exclusively launched at Discover Plus.

Wrapping Up!

True Crime Network is known for airing some of the best true crime stories and documentaries that keep you on the very edge of your seat! But due to geo-restrictions, the Canadian audience cannot access the channel.

We provided the fastest and best solution to the situation- get a reliable VPN service provider and gain access to True Crime Network while sitting in Canada!

Now that you know all about streaming True Crime Network in Canada, download the best VPN, ExpressVPN, and start watching what you love most!

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