How to Watch VRV Canada in October 2023 [Most Updated]


Missing out on your favorite shows and anime from VRV while on a trip away from home? Need a way to watch VRV Canada? In this guide, I’ll show you the best ways you can watch VRV in Canada with the help of a Premium VPN like ExpressVPN!

VRV, pronounced verve, is a USA-based video streaming service that was founded in November 2016 and had its headquarters in San Francisco, California. Currently, it is owned by Crunchyroll and Sony Pictures.

Best shows and anime like Demon Slayer, Your Lie in April, Remake Our Life, and Bunny Drop aired on the platform and garnered many views quickly!

However, there is a problem. Since this service is based in the USA, it is only directly available to residents of the US.

Canadians cannot access the service through normal means. Not all hope is lost, as with the help of ExpressVPN, you can easily unblock this service and freely watch VRV in Canada without interruptions!

In the next section, we’ll cover the quick and easy steps you need to take to access VRV Canada.

How to Watch VRV Canada using a VPN? [Simple Steps]

There are a few simple steps that you can take to gain unblock and view VRV Canada as outlined below:

  • Download and install ExpressVPN on your device. It is the #1 VPN service provider available in the market, in terms of speed, reliability, and security.
  • Sign in to your account or sign up for a new account by visiting the ExpressVPN website.
  • Connect to any server in the USA. We recommend the New York server as it showed the best results.
  • Head to the VRV website ad sign in to your account.

You can now begin streaming VRV Canada with the help of ExpressVPN!

Why do you Need a VPN to Watch VRV Canada?

VRV Canada is home to many popular and high-rated anime, movies, shows, and series. This service is, however, only available for viewing in the US. This is due to the geo-restrictions employed on the website contents by the owners.

If you try to access the website normally, you’ll be met with an error message as seen in the screenshot below:


Your IP address is a number given to you by your internet service provider. This works like an “ID Document” of sorts, which tells the website which country you are accessing it from. Non-USA IP addresses are denied access to the website.

ExpressVPN helps you gain access to VRV Canada by changing your apparent online IP Address. This fools the website into thinking you are accessing the channel from within the US.

The geo-restriction is hence bypassed, and you are free to view its on-demand and live content as you please! ExpressVPN unblocks VRV Canada and many more geo-restricted websites on the internet like ESPN+ in Canada.

What are the Best VPNs to Watch VRV Canada?

As mentioned above, a Premium VPN will be your ticket to gaining access to VRV Canada. But how can you determine which VPN is the best one to use that will satisfy all your needs and provide the best performance?

We’ve done that research for you! We’ve gone ahead and shortlisted the three best VPNs available online after testing dozens of great VPN providers!

Here are our picks for the best VPNs for streaming VRV Canada:

  1. ExpressVPN – Fastest VPN overall
  2. SurfShark – Budget-Friendly VPN Choice
  3. NordVPN – Largest Server Network Available.

ExpressVPN: Fastest VPN for VRV Canada

It is no surprise that ExpressVPN takes the top spot on our list. If you want to watch VRV Canada, this is the Fastest VPN choice for you! The image below depicts a download speed of 89 Mbps and an upload speed of 84 Mbps while connected to the New York server:


Currently, ExpressVPN has more than 3000+ servers worldwide and 24 servers in the USA to choose from, all of them working perfectly well.


ExpressVPN delivers only the highest standard of connection speed, security, and reliability by maintaining connection speeds at a lovely 90% while connected to a server.

However, we do recommend connecting to the New York, Washington DC, or New Jersey servers as they showed the best test results among the others.

We’ve tried ExpressVPN for ourselves and have enjoyed streaming the high definition and uninterrupted streaming quality that it brings!

It helped us bypass the geo-restrictions on not only VRV Canada, but it helped us unblock other services like games in different servers, services available in the US, UK, and many more! Isn’t that cool? ExpressVPN is your all-in-one tool for security and entertainment!

ExpressVPN not only unblocks VRV Canada but comes with the facility of unblocking virtually every streaming platform. These include fuboTV, Showtime, ITV and YouTube TV in Canada all are bypassable with the help of ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN can also be used on devices that do not support the installation of a VPN!

The MediaStreamer function built into the VPN interface allows for geo-restricted content to be streamed on devices that are incompatible with the app! A unique function that pushes it to the #1 spot in the best VPNs list!

ExpressVPN can still be downloaded on a lot of different systems! The various platforms that support it include but are not limited to Android, iOS, Apple TV, Roku, Windows, Linux, and macOS!

The security that comes with ExpressVPN is very reliable and tight, as multiple layers of protection are put in place to protect you from any kind of digital harm!

Android and iOS users can get a 7-day free trial of the app from the Play Store and App Store upon subscription! They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee! Prices start from CA$ 9.12/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) .


SurfShark VPN: Budget-Friendly VPN for VRV Canada

Are you on a low budget and still want to watch VRV Canada? Then SurfShark is the VPN for you! This VPN comes with all the features of a Premium VPN at a smaller cost! Subscription packages start from as low as CA$ 3.4/mo (US$ 2.49/mo) if you go for the 24-month plan!


SurfShark is a VPN that’s light on your pocket but efficient and useful nonetheless! You can get connectivity to more than 3200+ servers in 100+ countries!

For streaming VRV Canada, SurfShark has over 600 servers in 25 cities present in the US and they all work perfectly well! as same as you can watch ABC in Canada through same servers.

The Chicago, Louisville, Atlanta, and Boston servers are our recommendations to connect to!

SurfShark has satisfied our needs and has proven to deliver us a pleasant, uninterrupted streaming experience! It is an all-around app that unblocks almost all kinds of geo-restricted content online, including Sling TV, Disney+ Hotstar, and Voot in Canada.

SurfShark is a great VPN as it also aims for 90% efficiency of internet speeds when connected to a server and when streaming geo-restricted content around the world. It delivers comfortable and high speeds of around 88 Mbps downloading and 83 Mbps uploading when connected to a 100 Mbps connection, as seen below:


Surfshark allows for simultaneous login into an unlimited number of devices. It is operable on many systems, including Androids, iOS, macOS, Linux, Windows, Apple TV, Smart TVs, and more!

SurfShark employs many layers of digital security and efficiency to ensure that you have a pleasant and uninterrupted streaming experience while watching VRV Canada.

SurfShark also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.


NordVPN: Largest Server Network for VRV Canada

NordVPN is also a great choice to use to watch VRV Canada! The greatest feature of this provider is its number of available servers. There are more than 6000+ ultra fast servers worldwide in 61 countries There are almost 2000 servers to connect to in the United States alone! Isn’t that amazing?


The recommended servers for watching VRV Canada are Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Salt Lake, Los Angeles.

NordVPN also shows fast connection speeds when in use to watch VRV Canada. An efficiency threshold of 90% is set, meaning that the VPN ensures you get 90% of your original speed as download speed.

Our members have tested NordVPN, and all of them had positive reviews to share. They had no trouble or discomfort while they were streaming their favorite shows. This makes NordVPN a great tool for viewing VRV Canada and many other streaming services like Hulu, HBO Max, and Discovery Plus in Canada. We could also enjoy DirecTV in Canada using this VPN.

NordVPN shows an average of 85 Mbps download speed and 50 Mbps upload speed when connected and streaming content:


NordVPN can be used simultaneously on 6 devices at once. It can be used on many operating systems that, include Linux, Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Fire TV, and many more!

NordVPN also has a pivotal view on security and delivers only the most secure and trusted protocols for its users.

New subscribers can avail of a great deal offer that entails a 7-day free app trial. It also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee! Prices start from CA$ 5.45/mo (US$ 3.99/mo) .


How to Select a VPN to Stream VRV Canada?

While choosing a VPN to watch VRV Canada, you want to aim for the one that gives you the very best and smoothest experience. Hence, some qualities of the VPN must be observed in detail.

These features make a VPN reliable and accessible for the user. Here are some things you want to look out for when choosing a VPN to stream VRV Canada:

Fast Connection Speeds: The VPN that has proven to deliver the fastest speeds while connected will ensure that you won’t have to worry about bad stream quality or constant loading. This should be the first and most important quality to look out for!

No-Log Feature: Your passwords are sensitive, and your sensitive data should be safeguarded when using a Premium VPN. The VPN that allows for a no-log feature protects you from potential data breaches and reverts threats to your online integrity!

Unblocking Potential: The VPN you go for must be able to access the site or service you wish to watch. Apart from the service in question, it should also be able to access other geo-restricted websites. This way, you won’t have to pay for a new VPN for every other site you wish to visit.

Operating System Compatibility: The VPN should have app releases on multiple operating systems to be used on any device. ExpressVPN, with its MediaStreamer function, makes it so that even VPN-incompatible devices can stream geo-restricted content.

Appealing offers and Customer Support: There should be offers that guarantee your satisfaction, like the 7-day free trial and 30-day money-back guarantee that ExpressVPN provides. Customer support should also be available at a moment’s notice to address a subscriber’s concerns.

How do I Subscribe to VRV Canada?

Once you’ve unblocked VRV Canada with the help of ExpressVPN, you are just a few steps away from beginning your streaming time on the site! VRV Canada has over 20,000 hours of free content but to access its entire library, you still need a subscription so you can access VRV free trial. Here’s how to do so:

  • Head over to the VRV website once connected to ExpressVPN and the New York server in the US.
  • Click on “Sign up” and fill in your basic identification details.
  • Next, fill in your billing details.
  • Once the payment has been processed, you can enjoy watching VRV Canada in its entirety!

If you don’t have a US credit card for the payment, you can ask a friend in the US to use theirs, or you could pay through PayPal or iTunes.

What is VRV Monthly Subscription Plan?

VRV Canada has 8 channels that it airs on its website. These channels can be subscribed to individually with its best price, or you could go for the complete subscription that costs $9.99 (CA$13.87) which entails all 8 channels and a Crunchyroll subscription as well.

How to Watch VRV Canada on Your Device?

The process of getting VRV Canada on your device for viewing is fairly straightforward and follows a general outline for every kind of device. Below are the devices that are compatible with VRV Canada:

  • Androids
  • iOS
  • macOS
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Apple TVs
  • Amazon Fire Sticks
  • Samsung TVs
  • Smart TVs
  • Roku
  • PlayStation 4 and 5
  • Xbox One and Series X

How to Watch VRV on iPhone?

Your main focus in this section will be to change the region of your App Store to the US to get VRV Canada on your iPhone. Here is the process you’ll have to follow:

  • Download and install a Premium VPN on your iPhone. We recommend ExpressVPN as the #1 VPN provider available online!
  • Sign in to your VPN account or create a new one.
  • Connect to the US server. We recommend the New York server as it shows the least amount of interruption.
  • Go to your “Apple ID” settings from the main settings tab.
  • Set your account region to “US”.
  • Search for the VRV app in the App Store and install it.
  • Sign in to your VRV account and enjoy watching VRV Canada on your iPhone.

How to Watch VRV on an Android Phone?

VRV is compatible with android phones as well and can be accessed with the help of ExpressVPN. Here are the steps you have to take to get VRV Canada on your Android phone:

  • Get ExpressVPN downloaded on your Android from the Play Store.
  • Sign in to your ExpressVPN account or subscribe to the service.
  • Connect to the New York server in the US, as it shows the best results while streaming geo-restricted US content.
  • When you’re online, create a new Google account and set the region to the United States.
  • Sign in to the Play Store with that account and download the VRV app.
  • Sign in to the app and now enjoy watching VRV Canada on your Android without restrictions.

Can You watch VRV on Amazon FireStick?

As mentioned, VRV Canada is available in the Amazon FireStick as well! Simply follow the steps outlined below to get VRV Canada on your Amazon FireStick:

  • Get ExpressVPN downloaded on your Amazon FireStick.
  • Sign in to your VPN account or get a new subscription to the service.
  • Connect to a server in the US. We recommend the New York server.
  • Go to settings in your Amazon FireStick and the “Device Settings” tab, and turn on “Apps from unknown sources”.
  • Get the VRV downloader from the Amazon store.
  • Install the VRV TV app once downloaded and sign in to your account.
  • You can now enjoy watching VRV Canada on your Amazon FireStick!

What TV Shows are on VRV?

Here is the list of the current most viewed best anime and best shows on VRV that are present on VRV Canada:

RWBY My Brother, My Brother, and Me
Kimetsu no Yaiba My Hero Academia
Jujutsu Kaisen Attack on Titan: Shingeki no Kyojin
One Piece Fairy Tail
Fullmetal Alchemist Naruto


There are around 20,000 hours of free content available on VRV. So yes, VRV is free. Crunchyroll is also free through VRV. However, to have an ad-free experience, you need to get a monthly subscription to VRV.

VRV is compatible with almost all kinds of devices, including smart TVs. You need to get ExpressVPN, or any other Premium VPN downloaded on your TV and get the VRV TV app from your application store on your TV.

Yes, running a VPN to access geo-restricted content will indeed affect your streaming quality. However, this depends on the VPN you use.

If you use a good Premium VPN like ExpressVPN, there will be little to no chance of server overloading. The well-maintained servers deliver blazing-fast connection speeds as well.

So, speed is a very important factor to check up on before going for a VPN.

Wrapping Up!

VRV Canada is a great destination for anime fans and reality show lovers! It airs the world’s most viewed anime and TV shows in high quality and is available with subtitles, as well as dubbing in English and other languages.

However, the geo-restriction makes it a nuisance to access the service from outside the US. VRV Canada can be accessed with the help of ExpressVPN, which bypasses this restriction and grants you access to the entire library of content that VRV has to offer!

Never again miss out on the latest episode of Demon Slayer or Chainsaw Man again by downloading ExpressVPN! Your all-in-one tool for online security and streaming geo-restricted content in ultra-high definition!

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