How To Fix Vudu Playback Error in Canada? [Sep. 2022]

Vudu is one of the great TV shows and movie streaming services, but sometimes it has problems.

When you encounter the error message “Vudu encountered problems during playback. Please restart Vudu and try again,” you’re not alone!

There are several ways to fix this problem, including restarting your device or uninstalling and reinstalling the app. You can also contact customer support if these solutions don’t work for you.

In this guide, we’ll show you some of the ways that you can fix the Vudu playback error while watching it in Canada. Before we started Vudu is a geo-restricted streaming service and is only available in the US, but you can watch Vudu in Canada with the help of a VPN.

Fix #1 – Changing your DNS settings

If you’re having problems streaming movies and TV shows on Vudu, one possible solution is to change your DNS settings. This section will show you how to do that depending on the device or router you’re using.

For all devices – Router network DNS settings

  • Go to your internet browser window
  • Write “” without the quotes.
  • Hit “enter”
  • Inside your router’s setup, open the internet settings.
  • Go to advanced settings
  • Then WAN settings.
  • Click on any tab to see DNS settings
  • In two input boxes, change the first IP Address to “” (without quotes).

For Windows PC

To change your Vudu DNS settings on Windows PC, do the following:

  • Open Control Panel
  • Go to Network and Internet
  • Go to Network and Sharing Center
  • Click on Change adapter settings.
  • Choose “Properties” by right-clicking on your Network Name.
  • In the dialogue box appears, choose “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCIP/IPv4)”
  • Tap on “Properties”.
  • Select “Use the following DNS server addresses”
  • Write “” in the first input box without the quotes.

For- Mac

For changing your DNS settings on a Mac device do the following:

  • Go to System Preferences
  • Go to Network
  • Choose “Network adapters”.
  • Tap on the “Advanced” button.
  • Click on the DNS tab.
  • Make a new DNS.

For – Android mobile

For changing your DNS on an Android device do the following:

  • Open Settings
  • Go to WiFi.
  • Go to settings by long-pressing your Network connection icon.
  • Tap on “Modify Network”.
  • Change “DNS1” or “DNS2”.

For – iPhone

For changing DNS on iPhone, do the following:

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Head over to the WiFi
  • Tap on the “i” icon.
  • Go to DNS sub-section
  • Tap on “Configure DNS”.
  • Change method to Manual, from Automatic.
  • Change the settings of your DNS.

Fix #2 – Deleting the Vudu Channel

In this section, I’ll be discussing a potential fix for the Vudu playback error – deleting the Vudu channel.

Now, before we get started, it’s important to note that this is just a potential fix – it may or may not work for you. With that said, let’s take a look at how to delete the Vudu channel.

  • First, open up the Channel Store on your streaming box or TV operative system.
  • Next, find and select Vudu from the list of available channels.
  • Finally, click on the Remove button and confirm your selection.

Once you’ve deleted the Vudu channel, you’ll need to add it back again. To do this,

  • Open up the Channel Store once again and find and select Vudu from the list of available channels.
  • This time, however, instead of clicking on the Remove button, click on the Add button.

Once you’ve added the channel, you should be able to watch Vudu without any problems.

Fix #3 – Power Cycle Your Modem and Routers

There’s a thing called “power cycling” that can help refresh your modem and router’s connection to your ISP. By turning off and on your modem and routers, you may be able to fix any connection issues you’re experiencing and get back online.

I’ve had to do this before when my internet wasn’t working right. It’s a pretty simple process:

  • To begin, we must shut down all of our internet-connected devices.
  • Remove and disconnect your modems and routers (sure, it’s crucial you remove the device cable from the wall power outlet).
  • Wait 01 minute.
  • Always reconnect devices in order of importance: starting with modems, then routers.
  • Wait until they are completely functional before proceeding to the next item.

Before you begin the power cycling procedure, make sure to turn off your modem or router’s backup battery or power system.

Fix #4 – Contact Helpline:

It’s doubtful that you’ll be able to fix the problem after doing these three methods, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

We’ll suggest one last thing for good measure just in case. You may always call Vudu’s helpline and inquire about what else you can do to permanently resolve this issue.

According to many of our users, this choice isn’t as beneficial as most people believe owing to Vudu customer care being non-existent, but why not give it a go?

Final Thoughts:

Vudu is a great service for watching your favorite movies and TV shows. However, if you are experiencing an error when trying to watch one of these videos then the first thing we recommend doing is restarting your Vudu app.

If that doesn’t fix it, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app or deleting the channel completely from your device’s streaming system.

The final step would be giving Vudu customer care a call in case they can help with any additional steps to take on fixing this issue permanently.

I hope this guide was able to help you fix the Vudu playback error. If not, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we’ll do our best to help. Thanks for reading!

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