15 Best Shows On BBC iPlayer To Watch In Canada [Exciting Collection]

What series should I watch on iPlayer? We have ranked the best shows on BBC iPlayer that are currently available for streaming, and you can pick your favorites from the content titles mentioned below.

Despite this, the BBC iPlayer service maintains a relatively modest background movie library with various films. In addition, a sizable number of them are offered as downloadable content.

Even if BBC iPlayer isn’t accessible in Canada, you shouldn’t let that stop you from using it. You can watch BBC iPlayer in Canada with the help of a reliable VPN such as ExpressVPN.

Therefore, let’s not wait any longer and dive into this article to learn about the best BBC dramas on iPlayer in Canada that you can watch immediately.

Death in Paradise (2011-Till now)


Director: Toby Frow, Alrick Riley, Richard Signy

Writer: Tom Nash, Simon Winstone, Helen Black

Cast: Sara Martins, Ralf Little, Tobi Bakare, Elizabeth Bourgine

IMDB Rating: 7.8/10

To investigate the murder of a colleague, Scotland Yard Detective Inspector Richard Poole is sent to the island of Sainte Marie in the Caribbean. After he accomplished this, he was appointed to the position of the deceased officer’s successor on the local police force.

Poole demonstrates his exceptional investigator by solving multiple complex murder cases. He is not precisely adapted to the pace of island life, and he does not enjoy it. He also dislikes seafood, which is another reason he dislikes living on an island. The location is lovely.

In the following seasons of the show, different English and Irish police officers, such as Neville Parker, Jack Mooney, and Humphrey Goodman, take the reins of the investigating squad.

This Is Going to Hurt (2022–Till Now)


Director: Tom Kingsley, Lucy Forbes

Writer: Adam Kay

Cast: Kadiff Kirwan, Ben Whishaw, Tom Durant Pritchard, Ben Whishaw

IMDB Rating: 8.4/10

A grieving Adam is going before a board about his negligence, and he is unsure at this point whether or not he can continue working in medicine.

Adam goes through his first shift in a luxurious private hospital and discovers that it is not what he had hoped it would be. Adam is devastated. After getting back in touch with Harry, he continues to deliberate his next steps.

The Responder (2022-Till now)


Director: Philip Barantini, Fien Troch, Tim Mielants

Writer: Tony Schumacher

Cast: Adelayo Adedayo, Philip Shaun McGuinness, Martin Freeman, Ian Hart

IMDB Rating: 7.4/10

A crisis-stricken and ethically compromised first responder works a sequence of late shifts on the beat in Liverpool as he attempts to prevent his personal and professional life from collapsing around him simultaneously.

It is one of our top favorites from the list of best BBC dramas.

Shetland (2013-Till now)


Director: Gordon Anderson, David Moore, Jan Matthys

Writer: Paul Logue, James Hall, Gaby Chiappe

Cast: Erin Armstrong, Steven Robertson, Douglas Henshall, Julia Brown

IMDB Rating: 8.2/10

Shetland is a crime drama based on books written by award-winning author Ann Cleeves. The series follows Detective Inspector Jimmy Perez and his squad investigating crimes within the island’s tightly-knit society.

Due to the team’s location in a remote area that may be hostile at times, they have developed a policing strategy that is one of a kind and very creative. The best-selling novels Blue Lightning, Raven Black, Red Bones, and Dead Water served as inspiration for the television show Shetland, which is set in a beautiful setting.



Director: Conor Morrissey

Writer: Tony Holland; Julia Smith

Cast: Adam Woodyatt; Steve McFadden; Letitia Dean

IMDB Rating4.7/10

The typical lives of the working-class residents of Albert Square, an East End neighborhood in the Walford borough of London, which is a conventional Victorian square with terrace houses encircling a park.

The Queen Vic bar and a street marketplace are both located on the plaza. Catch all the episodes of Eastenders now on BBC iPlayer.

Beyond Paradise (2023)


Director: Sandy Johnson

Writer: Tony Jordan; Robert Thorogood

Cast: Kris Marshall; Sally Bretton; Zahra Ahmadi

IMDB Rating7.5/10

Beyond Paradise is a spin-off series of the popular show, Death in Paradise. As DI Humphrey Goodman moves to a new town Devon, he has to deal with an elevated rate of crime in the town.

It turns out that the criminal activity in this region is much more than anticipated. Watch this latest BBC drama and enjoy the crime series in Canada.

Bluey (2018-Till now)


Director: Richard Jeffery

Writer: Joe Brumm

Cast: David McCormack; Melanie Zanetti; Rico Romaniuk

IMDB Rating9.5/10

Bluey is about an Australian Blue Heeler Cattle Dog puppy’s slice-of-life adventures as she enjoys herself with her family and companions in commonplace situations.

The show is honest and funny and shows relations beyond relatives while extending it to the entire community. A must-watch for the kids from the BBC drama series list.

Dragons’ Den (2005-Till now)


Writer: James Cann; Sara Davies; Peter Jones

Cast: Evan Davis; Peter Jones; Deborah Meaden

IMDB Rating6.9/10

Young businesspeople, inventors, and entrepreneurs present their concepts to the five “dragons”—real millionaires and successful businesspeople with real money to engage in the ventures they believe will succeed.

For their desires to come true, each “contestant” must persuade the “dragons” to provide them with thousands of pounds to fund their own business in the future. Watch Dragons Den now as it is one of the best shows on BBC iPlayer.

Interior Design Masters (2019-Till now)


Director: Diccon Ramsay

Cast: Michelle Ogundehin; Alan Carr; Fearne Cotton

IMDB Rating6.5/10

Do you have an interest in interior designing, if yes, then this one show is not to be missed. On this show, you will have some of the best interior designers compete against one another to get a chance to work with prominent commercial clients.

At the end of the show, one single contract will change their lives forever. Check out the show on BBC iPlayer and enjoy.

Vigil (2021-Till now)


Director: James Strong; Isabelle Sie

Writer: Tom Edge; Ed Macdonald

Cast: Suranne Jones; Rose Leslie; Shaun Evans

IMDB Rating7.4/10

The plot of the show revolves around crime and mystery that involves the clashes between the Police, the Navy, and British security agencies.

It all happens after the inexplicable vanishing of a Scottish fishing vessel and a fatality that occurred on a Trident nuclear submarine. Don’t miss out on this feature from the BBC drama series list of all time.

You Don’t Know Me (2021-Till now)


Director: Sarmad Masud

Writer: Tom Edge

Cast: Samuel Adewunmi; Badria Timimi; Yetunde Oduwole

IMDB Rating6.8/10

In the four-part series You Don’t know me, Samuel Adewunmi plays Hero, an adolescent who must contend with a mountain of evidence that accuses him of murder.

He’s determined to demonstrate his innocence by recounting his version of what happened, but the cliffhanger finale has some viewers perplexed. Yet another great feature from the list of best shows on BBC iPlayer.

Better (2023)


Director: Anna Rampton

Writer: Jonathan Brackley; Sam Vincen

Cast: Leila Farzad; Andrew ; Edward-Cook

IMDB Rating6.5/10

Better is the tale of crooked police investigator Lou Slack, who has spent 20 years working for a well-known criminal. Our story starts when something incredibly tragic occurs in her family, which kickstarts her moral transformation.

You can also watch The Gold on BBC iPlayer which is the latest BBC drama that you don’t want to miss out on.

Silent Witness (1996-2023)


Director: John Dower

Writer: Nigel McCrery

Cast: Emilia Fox; William Gaminara; David Caves

IMDB Rating7.9/10

Another top choice in crime and drama on BBC iPlayer is Silent Witness. It involves a great team of pathologists and forensic scientists who investigate various crimes taking place.

It was first broadcast in the year 1996 and since then it is an audience favorite from the current BBC dramas list.

The Apprentice (2005-2023)


Writer: Mark Burnett

Cast: Donald Trump; Kendra Todd; Tana Goertz

IMDB Rating4.8/10

The contestants compete on the show to get a job and be an apprentice to the great billionaire of the USA, Donald Trump. It is more of a hunt for an ideal candidate to head one of many Trump companies.

Call the Midwife (2012-Till now)


Director: Sam Mendes

Writer: Heidi Thomas

Cast: Vanessa Redgrave; Laura Main; Jenny Agutter

IMDB Rating8.6/10

The documentary Call the Midwife explores the lives of the nurses, midwives, and nuns from Nonnatus House (East London) as they visit Poplar’s pregnant mothers, giving the most vulnerable women the best care.

So far, the show has released 12 seasons and to date it tends to gain the attention of the masses with its storyline and production. It is yet another favorite from the current BBC dramas that are available for streaming on iPlayer.

Amanda and Alan’s Italian Job (2023)


Director: Alex Mucadum

Cast: Amanda Holden; Alan Carr

IMDB Rating7.9/10

Another exciting documentary to attract the audience’s attention. It covers the adventures of Amanda and Alan as they embark upon a journey together and work together to get crumbling property in Sicilian back to life.

It focuses on their experiences and how they embrace the local lifestyle while spicing things up at the rebuilt property.


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