How Much Is Netflix Canada 2023? [Everything you need to know]


American Netflix has been a household name for years and with good reason. It is an award-winning company that provides entertainment to all of its subscribers in the form of movies, television shows, documentaries, and more.

Like other streaming services such as Hulu, Vudu, Disney+ Hotstar Canada, etc the price of Netflix varies from country to country due to regulations that exist in each different area.

The company offers different subscription tiers that differ in price and features.

The following section will provide you with a detailed introduction to the Netflix service. It includes information on how much it costs, what services are offered, and more.

How Much Does Netflix Costs Per Month?

Netflix has three different monthly subscription plans that start at $7 and go up to $18.

Each plan has different features, so the Basic plan starts at $8.99per month and it allows you one device to download content onto.

The Standard plan costs $13.99 per month and lets you download on two devices. Finally, the Premium plan is $17.99 per month and lets you download on four devices.

Subscription plan Monthly price Streaming quality Simultaneous streams Access to content
Basic with Add

(available May 2023)

$6.99/month Watch in HD One Some movies and TV shows are unavailable, and unlimited mobile games
Basic $9.99/month Watch in HD
(available May 2023)
One Every Netflix title
Standard $15.49/month Watch in Full HD Two Every Netflix title
Premium $17.99/month HD and 4K Ultra HD Four Every Netflix title

How Much Do Netflix’s DVD And Blu-ray Plans Cost Per Month?

Netflix’s DVD and Blu-ray plans cost a monthly fee. The monthly fee varies depending on whether you want to order DVDs or both DVDs and Blu-rays.

When you order a DVD from, it will arrive in about 1 to 3 business days and when you are done with it, just place it back in the red envelope provided and put it into the mailbox that was also provided for your convenience.

Subscription plan Monthly price  How many discs you can have at once How many discs can you rent per month Late fees
Standard $7.99 for DVDs, $9.99 for DVDs and Blu-rays One disc Unlimited None
Premier $11.99 for DVDs, $14.99 for DVDs and Blu-rays Two discs Unlimited None

Benefits For All Plans Include:

  • Cancel at any time on your Android phone or tablet.
  • You can view it on your TV, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.
  • Unlimited access to material

Which Subscription Is Best?


To get the most out of your 4k devices, a premium account is a worthwhile investment. The other subscriptions that are available are a standard and a basic subscription.

Netflix Basic plan subscribers have limited access to standard definition (SD) streams. Netflix’s Basic plan offers considerably lower quality streams than the Standard or Premium plans.

Standard or Premium subscriptions allow customers to view higher-quality material in order to get the full HD experience.

How To Save Money On A Netflix Subscription?

There are a variety of strategies to save money when it comes to signing up for Netflix. One of the most popular choices is to share the cost of a Netflix account with friends and family, as previously said.

In this instance, you’ll probably want to go with the Premier streaming plan ($18), which allows 4K streaming and enables you to watch Netflix on four screens at once.

Best Countries Pricing Comparison – Netflix Basic Plans

If you just require one-screen access to all TV series and films, the following is a comparison of the top countries for getting the greatest value out of Netflix’s basic subscription from international locations.

Best Cost-Effective Countries Most Expensive Countries Best Value for Money
Argentina – $3.28/month Switzerland – $12.40/month Argentina – $3.28/month for nearly 5000 Titles
Turkey – $3.68/month Denmark – $11.63/month Colombia – $4.95/month for Over 4500 Titles
Brazil – $4.13/month Panama – $8.99/month Australia – $5.93/month for approx. 5500 Titles
Colombia – $4.95/month El Salvador -$8.99/month Turkey – $3.68/month for approx. 4500 Titles
Mexico – $6.44/month Costa Rica – $8.99/month Brazil – $4.13/month for approx. 4500 Titles
India – $6.81/month
Philippines – $7.67/month
Canada – $7.86/month
Indonesia – $8.53/month
Malaysia – $8.67/month

Best Netflix Countries for Standard and Premium Plans

For viewing TV shows and movies, Netflix users want two screens; the typical plan is ideal for such people while others are searching for more than two.

In such circumstances, the premium membership is an excellent fit for these individuals who can watch on up to four displays.

Best Countries for Netflix Standard Plan Monthly Cost Best Countries for Netflix Premium Plan Monthly Cost
Argentina $5.40/month Argentina $7.87/month
Turkey $5.48/month Turkey $7.49/month
Brazil $6.20/month Brazil $8.65/month
Philippines $9.54/month Philippines $11.41/month
Colombia $7.88/month India $10.90/month
India $8.85/month South Africa $10.99/month
South Africa $9.04/month Indonesia $13.23/month
Indonesia $10.88/month Malaysia $13.62/month
Malaysia $11.14/month Hungary $13.70/month
Hungary $10.95/month Canada $14.94/month

How to Buy a Cheaper Netflix Subscription?

Binge-watchers who want to save money on their Netflix subscriptions may use an easy geo-spoofing tool like a VPN service to get a cheaper subscription.

All they have to do is connect their VPN server to a country where Netflix is less expensive and get a suitable plan.

You can change your Netflix region from 2021 onwards in order to access any other international Netflix library, such as the library of Canadian Netflix, American Netflix, Japanese Netflix, UK Netflix, and others.

Here are the simple instructions for purchasing and watching any Netflix library from anywhere in the world in 2021.

  1. Use a secure Best VPN for a Netflix connection.
  2. For a cheaper plan, connect the VPN server to a country like Turkey or Argentina.
  3. Select an appropriate package.
  4. Start watching any country Netflix by changing the Netflix region to your desired location.


Final Thoughts:

Netflix is a great option for those looking to stay home and watch TV, movies, or documentaries. Whether you want access to one screen at a time like the Basic plan ($7) or four screens simultaneously with the Premium plan ($18),

Netflix has an offer that will fit your needs. You can also save money by sharing account costs with friends and family members (up to 4 people). So as compared to the other streaming services like the cost of Disney plus Canada, and many other OTT platforms Netflix is a much better option.

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