How to Watch Jadoo TV in Canada [Updated Method]


Can I Watch JadooTV in Canada? In this guide, I’ll show you how to watch Jadoo TV in Canada along with the help of a Premium VPN (ExpressVPN)

Jadoo TV tv is a high-end video-on-demand service headquartered in Los Angeles, California, USA. Everything from Pakistan and Afghanistan to India and Bangladesh, as well as the Middle East, is available.

Through programming from all these nations, the Jadoo TV app provides its viewers with a wide variety of cultural programming.

Action, thriller, comedy, romance, drama, etc., are just a few popular genres and themes represented in the service’s extensive library of material available to subscribers.

Because it is restricted to audiences in the United States, South Asia, and the Middle East, Canadians who want to watch Jadoo TV tv will require a VPN service connecting to the US.

Without a virtual private network (VPN), you won’t be able to view any shows on Jadoo TV if you’re in Canada.

Connecting to the US server on ExpressVPN and the other top VPNs I’ll be examining in this article allowed me to watch Jadoo TV Canada.

How to Watch Jadoo TV in Canada [Quick Setup Steps]

How to watch Jadoo TV in Canada? If you’re already a Jadoo TV subscriber but would like to view Jaddo TV Canada, you may do so by following these steps:

  • Acquire a Virtual Private Network service, then set it up (We Highly Recommend ExpressVPN).
  • Launch your preferred VPN program and log in.
  • Join one of the many available Indian servers (India via Singapore is recommended).
  • Visit Jadoo TV’s homepage and sign in using your account details.
  • Watch your favorite Indian shows whenever and wherever you like.

Take note: This is how you may get Indian television in Canada. To access Jadoo TV’s programming in Canada, registration is required.

To become a subscriber, you must download the Jadoo TV app, create an account, and start your free trial.

Watch Jadoo TV in CanadaExpressVPN Pricing Plan

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch Jadoo TV in Canada?

Because of licencing restrictions, Jadoo TV material is not available in Canada and can only be accessed using a virtual private network (VPN).

You will not be able to watch Jadoo TV if you are located in Canada due to the usage of an IP tracking technology. This implies that Canadians are blocked from accessing the full array of Hindi-language channels on Jadoo TV.

The following error will appear on your screen if you try to watch Jadoo TV:

“The content you are looking for is not available in your region. Continue browsing more content”.


Obviously, you want to know if Jadoo TV is available in Canada. Using a virtual private network (VPN), the answer is yes.

Here’s when a virtual private network (VPN) comes in handy. When using a VPN, connecting to a server in India may cause your device to appear to be located in India rather than where you actually are.

When you use a virtual private network (VPN) to access the Jadoo TV Canada channel lineup for 2022, you are effectively masking your true location and IP address from the Jadoo TV IP tracking system.

In addition, you are free to test out VPNs in any country where they are allowed to do so. As not all VPN services can be relied upon, we recommend going with a premium service like ExpressVPN.

How do I Sign Up for Jadoo TV in Canada?

You will need a virtual private network (VPN) in order to access Jadoo TV Canada. You’ll need a Jadoo TV account in order to watch your favourite shows and movies.

Here are the steps you need to do to get started with Jadoo TV in Canada:

  • Get yourself a subscription to a reputable VPN provider. (ExpressVPN is our top pick because to its lightning-fast server speeds.)
  • Mount the virtual private network software.
  • To access content from India, select a server in that country from the list provided. We advocate for the India-based server (through Singapore).
  • Enter Jadoo TV’s webpage in your browser.
  • You may sign up for an app by clicking the Register button.
  • Simply select the “Sign Up” link.
  • Please be sure you complete the required fields.
  • To sign up, select the Register tab.
  • You may now watch free episodes of your favourite shows on Jadoo TV app.

You may try out the service for free without providing any payment details at all. During your free 30-day trial of Jadoo TV tv, you may view any and all of their shows without ever having to spend a dime.

What are the Best VPNs to get Jadoo TV in Canada?

It seems like every VPN out there boasts that they can access Jadoo TV. We put more than 50 VPNs through their paces to see which ones could unblock Jadoo TV without any hiccups and were shocked to find that just a select few succeeded.

I’ve compiled a list of the top 3 Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) for accessing Jadoo TV in Canada. They have more servers, better security, and superior unblocking options.

ExpressVPN: Best VPN For Watching Jadoo TV in Canada

Are you wondering which VPN is best to watch Jadoo TV in Canada, then let me tell you, ExpressVPN is the way to go. Trust me, I’ve tried a bunch of different VPNs and this one outperforms all the others by a mile.

Not only does it have a super fast download speed of 87.18 Mbps and upload speeds of 52.13 Mbps, but it also has top-notch encryption technology that’ll keep you safe while you’re streaming. You can also use it to access Jio TV in Canada and other leading Indian streaming services like Amazon Prime Video and Hotstar, ensuring a secure and diverse streaming experience.


Plus, with over 3,000 servers in 94 countries, you can unblock just about anything you want. I tried using ExpressVPN to unblock Jadoo TV in Canada and it was a breeze. My smartphone synced up with the Indian server in no time and I was streaming Jadoo TV without any interruptions or buffering.


And it’s not just Jadoo TV that this VPN can unblock. It can also get you access to Hulu, Spanish Channels, 9Now, and plenty of other streaming services in Canada.

ExpressVPN has an add-on called MediaStreamer add-on that lets you access blocked content even on devices that aren’t compatible with VPNs. With this advance security features you can safely stream Voot and Romanian TV in Canada with ease.

I tried it out on my PlayStation 4 and it worked like a charm. And the best part is that this VPN works on a ton of different platforms, including Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, FireOS, and Windows.

You can even use it on up to five devices at the same time. So whether you’re trying to use it on your Firestick, smartphone, tablet, PC, smart TV, or Android TV, you’re good to go.

If you want a reliable VPN that won’t break the bank but will still get you access to Jadoo TV in Canada, then look no further than ExpressVPN.

It even has a 30-day money-back guarantee and monthly plans starting at just $6.67. Plus, if you get the 12-month plan, you’ll save 49% and get 3 extra months for free. Can’t beat that deal.

Watch Jadoo TV in CanadaExpressVPN Pricing Plan

Surfshark – Budget-friendly VPN For Watching Jadoo TV in Canada

If you’re on a budget but still want a solid VPN to watch Jadoo TV in Canada, then Surfshark is your best bet. I mean, come on, plans start at just $2.49 per month and you even get a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

In fact, Surfshark has a bunch of Indian servers, plus over 3,200 servers in 95 other countries. And let me tell you, it’s fast.


We tested it out and got an average download speed of 81.32 Mbps and an average upload speed of 76.12 Mbps.


With Surfshark, you can unblock all sorts of streaming services in Canada, like The CW, EPIX, Sling TV, Disney+ Hotstar, BT Sport, and more. Just connect to one of the Singapore servers and boom, you’re in business.

And if you’ve got a device that doesn’t normally work with VPNs, like a Roku, Surfshark’s got you covered with its SmartDNS functionality.

Surfshark lets you connect an unlimited number of devices at the same time. That’s right, you can protect all your devices, no matter what operating system they use, with just one account.

And it’s compatible with all sorts of platforms, including smart TVs, Firestick, Nvidia Shield TV, tablets, smartphones, PCs, and more.

Surfshark even has a live chat where you can talk to someone if you have any questions. Plus, mobile users can try it out for a week without any risk.

All subscriptions come with that 30-day money-back guarantee, so you really can’t go wrong. All in all, Surfshark is the best budget-friendly VPN for watching Jadoo TV in Canada.


CyberGhost: VPN With Unique Features to Unblock Jadoo TV in Canada

If you’re looking for a VPN to unblock Jadoo TV in Canada, then you need to check out CyberGhost. Trust me, it’s easy to use and has some pretty cool features that’ll make your VPN experience even better.

For starters, CyberGhost can unblock all sorts of streaming services, like Jadoo TV, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Netflix, and streaming services in Canada.

But here’s the best part – CyberGhost has a massive network of over 3,100 servers in 60 countries, with an estimated 30 servers in India alone.


And to make things even better, they’ve got this thing called split tunneling that lets you use the VPN and the regular internet at the same time. So if you want to stream your morning Spotify playlist on public Wi-Fi but still keep your work files secure, CyberGhost’s got you covered.

But that’s not all – they also have this Smart Access feature that lets you customize what apps and websites the VPN should and shouldn’t be used with.

And you can even choose which servers to use. It’s all automated, so it’s super easy and quick to set up.

And the speeds? We tested it out and saw just a download speeds of 75.12 Mbps and upload speeds 39.48 Mbps when using the VPN.


Plus, the latency was incredibly low, so we never had to worry about our streaming material freezing or stopping altogether.

That means you’ve got plenty of options when it comes to connecting to servers in different locations and accessing different channel libraries. All in all, CyberGhost is a solid choice for unblocking Jadoo TV in Canada.

What to Watch on Jadoo TV in Canada?

There are a wide variety of Indian channels available on Jadoo TV tv, including Jadoo TV 4 and Jadoo TV 5, as well as Pakistani, Bengali, and Malayalam stations. Infinite Bollywood films and shows are available on Jadoo TV with a paid subscription.

What are the Best Movies on Jadoo TV to Watch?

  • Sardar Gabbar Singh
  • Veer
  • Zero
  • Tum Bin 2
  • Akira
  • Mohenjo Daro
  • Shootout At Wadala
  • Omkara
  • Once Upon A Time in Mumbai
  • A Gentleman
  • Sardar Gabbar Singh

Which Devices are Compatible with Jadoo TV?

This is a list of Canadian-compatible devices for Jadoo TV.

  • Samsung TV
  • Roku
  • Android TV
  • Apple TV
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Samsung TV
  • Amazon Fire TV

How to Watch Jadoo TV on iPhone?

  • Get a premium VPN. (We recommend ExpressVPN)
  • Connect to an Indian server.
  • In the App Store, look for the Jadoo Tv App.
  • Get the app.
  • Login to the App using your current Jadoo5 or Jadoo4 credentials.
Watch Jadoo TV on iPhoneExpressVPN on iPhone

How to Get Jadoo TV on Android?

  • Get a premium VPN. (We recommend ExpressVPN)
  • Connect to an Indian server.
  • In the Google store, look for the Jadoo Tv App.
  • Get the app.
  • Login to the App using your current Jadoo5 or Jadoo4 credentials.
Watch Jadoo TV on AndroidExpressVPN on Android

How Do I Install Jadoo TV App on Roku?

To get Jadoo TV on your Roku, do as follows:

  • Bring up the Roku store.
  • Go to the Videos section.
  • If you want to watch Jadoo TV in Farsi, you can do so.
  • Include Jadoo TV among your Farsi options.
  • To everyone’s delight, Jadoo TV is now available for viewing on Roku!

It’s important to remember that if you want to watch Jadoo TV on Roku in Canada, you’ll need to connect to a VPN server in India.

How Do I Install Jadoo TV App on LG TV?

To get the Jadoo TV app on your LG TV, do as follows:

  • Launch the LG App Store from the TV.
  • Go ahead and use the search box.
  • Go ahead and enter Jadoo TV.
  • Go ahead and launch Jadoo TV.
  • A new window will open.

Warning: if you’re in Canada and want to view Jadoo TV on your LG TV, you’ll need to connect to a VPN server in India.

How Do I Install Jadoo TV App on Android TV?

In order to get the Jadoo TV app on your Android TV, do the following:

  • Launch a web browser in Android TV.
  • Please click on this link now.
  • Click the Download button to begin.
  • Tap JadooTV AndroidTV after you’ve reached the Downloads folder to begin setting up the app.
  • Those in Canada who want to watch Jadoo TV on their Android TV will need to connect to a VPN server in India.

How Do I Install Jadoo TV App on Apple TV?

Here’s how to get the Jadoo TV app for Apple TV:

  • Launch the App Store on your Apple device.
  • Get the Jadoo TV app by doing a search.
  • Select the Setup button.
  • Then, once you’ve installed the app, sit back and watch your favourite shows and movies.

Please be aware that in order to access Jadoo TV on Apple TV in Canada, you will need to connect to a VPN server in India.

How much does Jadoo TV Cost?

Jadoo TV costs CAD 6.80 ($4.99 per month) or CAD 68.15 per year ($49.99 per year). The trial period requires no upfront payment. Cancel at any moment. Live help available around the clock.


You may watch Jadoo TV in places like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and the Middle East. Accessing Jadoo TV in Canada, however, is possible using a premium VPN service, such as ExpressVPN.

More than 600 live channels are available on Jadoo TV. A premium VPN service, such as ExpressVPN, will allow you to access the content of these channels.

You may subscribe to Jadoo TV for CAD 6.80 ($4.99/Month) every month. This rate is the same everywhere in the world.

Yes! This includes every country where Jadoo TV is available. Jadoo TV offers a wide variety of channels in Hindi, Pakistani, Bengali, and Malayalam.

However, access to a few Hindi-language channels is limited to residents of India. Plus, if you’re in Canada and want to watch Hindi stations on Jadoo TV, you’ll require a virtual private network (VPN).

The Jadoo TV app can be downloaded for free on both iOS and Android. In order to watch Hindi programming from the convenience of your sofa, simply instal the Jadoo TV app.


To watch Jadoo TV Canada without being blocked, all you need is a high-quality VPN. In order to access Jadoo TV in Canada, we advise using ExpressVPN because of its lightning-fast servers and plethora of useful extras.

Since VPN use is perfectly legal in Canada, you may unblock all of the country’s incredible material without any worries.

If you have any further queries, please let us know in the comments area. Best wishes for a pleasant viewing experience!

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