13 Best Shows On SonyLIV In Canada For You To Watch Today


“Victim-Who is next?” and “Down Underdogs-India’s Greatest Comeback” are some of the best shows on SonyLIV in Canada.

SonyLIV is an Indian over-the-top Internet streaming subscription video-on-demand platform that has released a variety of original streaming television programs, including original series, specials, and films.

SonyLiv shows provide a variety of programming in English, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam in addition to Hindi content. Popular shows in a range of genres, including drama, comedy, horror, and science fiction may be found on the SonyLiv Network. Get SonyLIV free trial to stream. You can cancel your SonyLIV Subscription.

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These are the best shows on SonyLiv in Canada that you simply must watch are listed below:

What are the best shows on Sony Liv, here is the list

On its platform, SonyLIV has been producing some excellent content such as Shark Tank India Season 2, and  Rocket Boys Season 2. Here are some of the best shows on SonyLIV in Canada that you need to watch right away, ranging from heartwarming dramas to grimy criminal thrillers.

Scam (1992)


Director: Jai Mehta, Hansal Mehta

Writer: Sucheta Dalal, Sumit Purohit, Sucheta Dalal

Season: 1

The narrative starts in the modest home that Harshad Mehta shared with his wife, brother, and both parents in Ghatkopar, Mumbai. The family was content, but Harshad was aware that he wouldn’t be content with less. He joins the stock market as a jobber because of his extreme self-confidence and desire to do something significant in life.

He succeeds in every manner conceivable, and with the assistance of Bhushan Bhatt and Pranav Seth, he quickly establishes THE GROWMORE CONSULTANCY as his own business.

Harshad Mehta’s success doesn’t end here; his comments began to determine the outcome of daily trading in the stock market. As people began to look up to him, he also turned a few others against him, particularly Manu Mundra, the market bear.

After a protracted period of competition with other traders, Harshad Mehta changed his focus to trading in bank securities after realizing the money market offered greater potential than the stock market.

Harshad discovered the several money market flaws that his rivals were also exploiting, and here is when the plot begins to alter and the hero turns into the villain.

Chapelwaite (2021)


Director: Rachel Leiterman, David Frazee

Writer: Peter Filardi, Jason Filardi

Season: 1

After the loss of Captain Charles Boone’s wife, while she was at sea, he takes his family to the ancestral home he inherited in the quaint and seemingly peaceful community of Preacher’s Corners, Maine.

Unfortunately, Charles will soon be forced to confront the riddles of his family’s shadowy history and will have to strive to bring an end to the darkness that has followed the Boone family for so many generations. This shade has followed the Boone family for centuries.

Leonardo (2021)


Director: Alexis Cahill

Writer: Steve Thompson

Season: 1

This is a movie about the historical character Leonardo, who had the ambition of being able to fly across the sky, therefore he devoted a lot of time and effort to building a tool that would aid him in attaining his aims and accomplishing his dreams.

The movie is about the historical person Leonardo. However, he made the decision to give up on his goals because of the unfettered love and passion he had for his ex-lover at the time. This caused him to give up on his objectives.

Passport to Freedom (2021)


Director: Jayme Monjardim, Seani Soares

Writer: Rachel Anthony, Mário Teixeira

Season: 1

A young clerk at the Brazilian Consulate is named Aracy de Carvalho. She has been secretly issuing Jewish people passports without the dreaded “J” stamp for two years, preventing them from traveling and condemning them to the horrors of concentration camps.

Joo Guimares Rosa, a recently appointed diplomat, and the two fall head over heels when he arrives in Hamburg. Aracy would subsequently receive the Righteous Among the Nations Award from Yad Vashem. The greatest Brazilian author of the 20th century would be Joo.

Gullak (2019)


Director: Amrit Raj Gupta

Writer: Durgesh Singh

Season: 3

Gullak is a compilation of stories about the Mishra family that are both disarming and relevant. The stories are set in the heart of India in picturesque bylanes.

Shanti Mishra and Join Santosh and, together with their sons Aman and Annu, as they savor the varied flavors of life in a tiny town with a dash of humor, a dash of wit, and of course, ladlefuls of love.

Victim-Who is next? (2022)


Director: Chimbudeven

Writer: N/A

Season: 1

A spirited daughter of a Dalit farmer in the countryside of Tamil Nadu stands up to an upper-caste landowner, which leads to a cry for violent retaliation from the farmer’s community.

In the conflict between the castes, there is a sickening familiarity as well as clear evidence that the power balance has irreversibly shifted. Both of these things are true.

Maharani (2021)


Director: Megha Mitra

Writer: Singh Nandan

Season: 1

Subhash Kapoor is the creator of the Indian Hindi-language drama streaming television series Maharani, which will premiere in 2021. The show’s main character is played by Huma Qureshi, and it also has Amit Sial, Sohum Shah, Inaamulhaq and Kani Kusruti as recurring cast members.

Chief Minister Rani Bharti is being accused of poor governance and presiding over a “jungle raj” in the state. Will she be able to win this game of power despite the rapidly deteriorating political landscape and the ongoing challenge she faces?

JL50 (2020)


Director: Shailender Vyas

Writer: Shailender Vyas

Season: 1

In West Bengal, a recent aviation crash has been found. But what makes the situation so puzzling is that the plane first vanished 35 years ago.

When the CBI learns that JL 50 was a flight that departed from Kolkata 35 years ago before going missing, their investigation into a recently wrecked airplane takes a sharp turn.

The investigation’s development is aided by Shantanu, the CBI officer in charge of the case (Abhay Deol), who has his own inner mystery.

After taking off, Flight A026 disappears, and it is presumed that it was hijacked because it was carrying several notable individuals.

When the CBI is tasked with investigating the crime by officer Shantanu, they learn that a jet crashed in a remote West Bengal hamlet at the same time but not on the same path as A026.

When Shantanu and his colleague Gaurango get to the scene, they discover that the crashed aircraft was JL50, which vanished 35 years prior.

Piku (2015)


Director: Shoojit Sircar

Writer: Juhi Chaturvedi

Season: 1

Piku (Deepika Padukone) is independent, smart, and short-tempered. She resides in Delhi with her early-70s widower father, Bhaskor Banerjee. Bhaskor da (Amitabh Bachchan) has constipation.

Bhaskor da is continually discussing his gastrointestinal difficulties with Piku and everyone he encounters. Irrfan Khan plays Himachal Cab Company owner Rana Chaudhary. His company drives Banerjees.

The narrative shows how Piku handles her house, office, and cantankerous yet lovable father. Their narrative progresses until Bhaskor da falls at a relative’s gathering. The elderly obstinate father visits Calcutta via road.

Rana chooses to drive Jodi because no one else would. Rana and Piku become close during the ride. This humorous, motion-oriented story depicts a father-daughter duo’s everyday life.

Welcome Home (2020)


Director: Pushkar Mahabal

Writer: Ankita Narang

Season: 1

A plain home in the midst of nowhere is holding two ladies hostage. Because of the good in their hearts, they are in this circumstance. The ladies, Anuja (Kashmira Irani) and Neha (Swarda Thigale) discuss the cowardice of their respective moms at one point during their imprisonment.

Anuja and Neha are both dissatisfied with the way their moms have handled their treatment inside the family. Anuja has a domineering father and a violent brother in Neha. But as they talk, they each realize why their moms acted that way.

We nod in agreement, realizing that sometimes, merely living might be the most valiant action. The sarcastically named Sony LIV movie Welcome Home centers on this struggle to survive under overwhelming circumstances.

Bhonsle (2018)


Director: Devashish Makhija

Writer: Sharanya Rajgopal, Devashish Makhija, Mirat Trivedi

Season: 1

Bhonsle, a retired policeman residing in a local-dominated neighborhood, has a stage 4 brain tumor. He takes a stand when migrant resident politics get ugly.

Through “Bhonsle,” we asked, “Who is a Migrant?” What characterizes a foreigner? Where’s the boundary line? Who draws the line? If our histories go far enough back, aren’t we all migrants in some way? Man’s land claim? Why are humans so arrogant? What price arrogance?

In chaotic Mumbai, when ambitious Maharashtrian politicians employ violence to rid the state of North-Indian immigration, a terminally-ill lone wolf Maharashtrian officer Bhonsle forms an unusual friendship with a 23-year-old North-Indian girl and her small brother, bringing the blazing war to his door. He prepares for a final battle, but it may be too late.

Kadakh (2019)


Director: Rajat Kapoor

Writer: Rajat Kapoor

Season: 1

A Diwali party will be held at Sunil’s home. A few hours before the party, Raghav, a stranger, pays him a visit and identifies himself as the spouse of Sunil’s colleague Chaya. Raghav is aware that Sunil is having an illicit relationship with Chaya.

In the course of their quarrel, Raghav inadvertently shoots himself in the head with a pistol, killing himself. Malti, Sunil’s wife, arrives home from the workplace before Sunil could do anything to conceal the dead.

As they ponder what to do, the party’s attendees begin to show up. Sunil informs her about the event.

They hide their body and greet their friends because they have no other option. Francoise Marie, a thought reader, Paro, a single mother, and Joshi, who is providing food for the entire gathering, are among the group of pals.

Uninvited visitors include Malti’s uncle and aunt, Sunil’s friend Rahul, Sheetal, Yogesh, and his wife Alka, as well as Sunil’s coworkers and Chaya; soon, the entire home is crowded with people.

What follows is a series of twists and turns that ultimately lead to tarnished friendships and broken relationships, including drunken brawls, card games, and covert competition amongst pals.

Hadh (2017)


Director: Sidhaant Sachdev

Writer: Vikram Bhatt

Season: 1

Hath shows how far one will go for money, power, and everything that comes with them. What happens when a company magnate learns he has a terminal illness? He challenges his son, his business manager, and his illegitimate son to a fight for his money.

The struggle and scramble to conquer an empire of millions. Vidur Anand, Pranav Sachdev, Trishaan Singh Mainin, and Meisha Sakshi Iyer are the stars of the drama and crime web series Hadh.

A Simple Murder (2020)


Director: Sachin Pathak

Writer: Akhilesh Jaiswal

Season: 1

Manish (Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub) and Richa (Priya Anand), who have been married for nearly four years, are struggling financially and are waiting for the success of his start-up plans.

As everything starts to come together, Manish kills the wrong lady for a job he wasn’t even contracted for. If at all, how do they elude the law?

Iru Dhuruvam (2019)


Director: Mkumaran

Writer: Mkumaran

Season: 1

Iru Dhuruvam, which translates to “Two Poles,” is a crime thriller web series created in India in the Tamil language as an Original for SonyLIV. It was written and directed by M Kumaran, who was making his directorial debut.

The tales in this series are of the most intense kind of police investigations and deal with questions of suspense, inquiry, and finding clues. The tales in this series are of the most intense kind of police investigations and deal with questions of suspense, inquiry, and finding clues.

Girls Hostel (2018)


Director: Chaitanya Kumbhakonum

Writer: Swasti Jain, Srishti Shrivastava, Shreya Mehta,

Season: 2

When four ladies — Jo (Srishti Shrivastava), Richa (Ahsaas Channa), Zahira (Parul Gulati), and Mili (Simran Natekar) — live together in a hostel for four years, their lives are full of camaraderie, arguments, love, and the odd blame game. Jo is the protagonist of this story.

When something mysteriously disappears from a dorm, the girls are desperate to locate the culprit; and when it’s time for college fest, it’s also time for a rivalry between two different groups of students.

Scam 2003: The Telgi Story (2020)

Director: Tushar Hiranandani

Writer: Kiran Yagnopavit

Season: 1

In the early 2000s, Telgi was born in Khanapur, which is located in the state of Karnataka. He went on to become the genius behind one of the most brilliant projects in Indian history, which affected a number of states and rocked the whole nation. T

Telgi’s scam 2003 was a massive operation that involved counterfeit stamps worth millions of rupees. The scam resulted in losses amounting to billions of dollars for the government and countless individuals.

Though he was eventually arrested and put behind bars, his legacy still looms large over India’s criminal underworld.

Down Underdogs-India’s Greatest Comeback (2022)


Director: Satyajeet Chavan

Writer: N/A

Season: 1

The film Down Underdogs chronicles a young Indian team’s spectacular and motivational comeback on foreign soil. It follows the journey beginning with Virat Kohli’s planned trip back to India to give birth to his first kid, Vamika.

It was also difficult since all the cricket gurus predicted an Australian rout. It provides the audience a preview into each of the four test matches in the series, which ended up being a historic one, through the four episodes.

The documentary includes several experts and players, making the retelling of a well-known series even sweeter with multiple goosebumps-inducing moments.

The thorough attention to detail, which cricket fans are well aware of, adds a lot more emotions to the already overwhelming video. The audience experiences both the highs and lows of the four episodes, showcasing grit and determination beautifully.

What Else is Worth Watching on SonyLiv?


If you are looking for recommendations for quality programming on SonyLiv, the programs that have been discussed in this article are a good place to start. They are fun to watch and well worth the investment of your time. We’ve meticulously curated a list of the3 Best VPNs for SonyLiv in Canada, ensuring unrestricted streaming of your favorite Indian content.

They are the best shows on SonyLiv in Canada, and you won’t want to miss any of them including shows “Victim-Who is next?” and “Down Underdogs-India’s Greatest Comeback”.

Remember that you will need a virtual private network (VPN) in order to access these programs if you are located in Canada. You may unblock SonyLiv and have unfettered access to these shows with the use of a virtual private network (VPN).

Get out there and lose yourself in the world of the best shows on SonyLiv has to offer and you will never again have to spend a weekend feeling lonely and bored. Enjoy watching!

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