How much Does fuboTV Cost in Canada in 2023 [Updated]


How much does FuboTV cost in Canada? This question has been asked by many people who are interested in signing up for the streaming service. The answer, however, is not as simple as its prices ranging from CAD91.24 (US$69.99) to CAD130.35 (US$99.99).

What exactly is FuboTV? You can watch large numbers of sports, amusement, and news channels on FuboTV, which also offers convenient DVR features and reliable performance. Compared to other live streaming services at this FuboTV price, the basic plan offers 124 channels, a significant amount more.

FuboTV, on the other hand, is a geo-restricted streaming service that is accessible in Canada with a limited library. You’ll require a trustworthy Premium VPN like ExpressVPN in order to access the full US library of fuboTV in Canada.

The primary advantage of fuboTV is its extensive streaming of important sporting events on regional, planetary, or global stages. In addition to a large selection of channels, fuboTV provides a number of extra features that cord-cutters look for in a streaming service.

Although most of the live streams offered on the platform are limited to 720p video quality, that is not its biggest flaw. But if you’re a sports fan, fuboTV has a significant advantage over its rivals because it streams a few events in 4K high-definition.

The Turner-run channels, the Bally Sports Regional Sports Networks (RSNs), and the A&E Network are also absent from the streaming service. For cord-cutters who desire to watch various sports, fuboTV continues to be the best streaming option.

Without further ado, let’s jump into a quick guide on how much FuboTV costs in Canada.

Quick Guide: How Much Does fuboTV Cost in Canada?

Four different subscription packages are available from fuboTV, with prices ranging from CAD91.24 (US$69.99) to CAD130.35 (US$99.99). Additionally, new customers in Canada receive a 7-day free trial of fuboTV when they sign up, enabling them to thoroughly test the service before dedicating themselves to a long project.


FuboTV, a sports-focused live TV streaming service, debuted in 2015. At first, it had a ridiculously low monthly cost of just CAD9.13 (US$7). Within a two-year period, the streaming service’s popularity soared, and more streams were added.

Due to the consequent price increase, fuboTV is now much more expensive, but it still provides excellent value for money.

The price and plan details for the fuboTV subscription are listed below in brevity:

  • Cost of fuboTV’s Pro Plan:

CAD91.24 (US$69.99) per month for 124 channels, 3 simultaneous mobile screens, 10 simultaneous home internet screens, and a cloud-based DVR with 1000 hours of storage.

  • Cost of fuboTV’s Elite Plan:

$79.99 per month for 177 networks, which include Fubo Plus and News Plus, 3 simultaneous mobile screens, 10 simultaneous home internet screens, and a cloud-based DVR with 1000 hours of storage.

  • fuboTV Cost for Ultimate Plan:

The cost of fuboTV’s Ultimate Plan is CAD130.35 (US$99.99). It includes 212 networks, such as Fubo Extra and News Plus channels, Sports Plus, Starz, Showtime 3 simultaneous mobile screens, 10 home internet screens, and a cloud-based DVR with storage for up to 1000 hours.

  • FuboTV Cost for Latino Plan:

This package includes a cloud-based DVR with a 250-hour storage capacity, 43 Spanish-language channels, and 2 simultaneous panels (on the go and at home). It costs CAD43.02 (US$33) per month.

Note: It’s very simple to cancel your fuboTV subscription in Canada if the service doesn’t live up to your expectations.

FuboTV Pro Plan

fubo tv pro plan channels

The Pro plan from fuboTV is the entry-level package and costs CAD91.24 (US$69.99) per 30 days in Canada. It offers users to 124 networks, including all major networks save Paramount, ABC, Bravo, and Disney Channel. Additionally, you will be able to watch live streaming of more than 100 important sporting events.

Additionally, you can view some of the top Canadian fuboTV shows. Every plan, even the Pro plan, offers 1000 hours of DVR storage and 10 simultaneous home screens if you enjoy recording your favorite shows.

FuboTV Elite Plan

fubo tv elite plan channels

If you choose the Elite plan, the content offering increases naturally as the price rises. 130 live sports events are available, and you have access to 177 channels.

Additionally, you will receive the Fubo Extra add-on, which gives you access to an additional 41 channels, including NHL TV, NBA TV, Nat Geo Wild, and MLB TV.

You will also receive 12 additional news channels with News Plus, including BBC World News and Africa News. The best fuboTV movies in Canada’s catalog are another draw for movie lovers among all of these channels.

FuboTV Ultimate Plan

fubo tv ultimate plan channels

The fuboTV Ultimate plan, as one might expect, is the most elite package available to Canadian subscribers of fuboTV. You immediately increase from having 177 networks to 212 channels. Even better, you’ll have access to both live and on-demand content.

Showtime, an enduringly popular platform, is renowned for its enormous content library, which features premium shows, films, and sports coverage (MMA and boxing matches).

Additionally, Sports Plus includes NFL Redzone, which you can watch every Sunday afternoon from a touchdown to a game. You can purchase the fuboTV Ultimate plan for 99$ /Month if you have a large family and everyone wants to watch something different.

FuboTV Latino Plan

fubo tv latino plan channels

For only CAD43.02 (US$33) per month (Save 8$ for the first month), you can subscribe to the special 43 Spanish-language networks with the fuboTV Latino plan in Canada. Channels for sports, movies and factual programming are all included in the fuboTV Latino package. You can record 250 hours of content using this plan on up to two screens simultaneously.

There is always the option to upgrade the Cloud DVR to 1000 hours and register for the unlimited screens option if you want enough hours added to the DVR.

What add-ons and extras does FuboTV offer?

For any of your subscription plans, FuboTV offers Feature Upgrades, Premium add-ons, and Channel add-ons.

Upgraded Features

  • With Cloud DVR 1000, you can add 1000 hours of backups for only CAD 22.85 ($16.99) per month.
  • With Cloud DVR 250, you can add 250 hours of backups for just CAD 13.43 ($9.99) per month.
  • For CAD 13.43 ($9.99) per month, Unlimited Screens gives you ten screens at residence and two portable ones.
  • For CAD 8.06 ($5.99) a month, Family Share enables you to add three devices.

Premium add-ons

  • For CAD 26.88 ($19.99) a month, you can now get SHOWTIME, Starz, and Epix.
  • Starz is available for CAD 12.09 ($8.99) a month.
  • Pay CAD 14.78 ($10.99) a month to subscribe to SHOWTIME.
  • Epix is available for CAD 8.06 ($5.99) a month.

Channel add-ons

  • RAI Italia for CAD 12.09 ($8.99)/mo
  • Latino Plus for CAD 26.88 ($19.99)/mo
  • TV5MONDE for CAD 13.43 ($9.99)/mo
  • Portuguese Plus for CAD 20.16 ($14.99)/mo
  • AMC Premiere for CAD 6.71 ($4.99)/mo
  • Entretenimiento Plus for CAD 13.43 ($9.99)/mo
  • Adventure Plus for CAD 6.71 ($4.99)/mo
  • Sports Lite for CAD 13.43 ($9.99)/mo
  • FOX Nation for CAD 8.06 ($5.99)/mo
  • Fubo Extra for CAD 10.74 ($7.99)/mo
  • News Plus for CAD 4.02 ($2.99)/mo
  • Pantaya for CAD 8.06 ($5.99)/mo
  • Sports Plus with NFL RedZone for CAD 14.78 ($10.99)/mo
  • International Sports Plus for CAD 9.40 ($6.99)/mo
  • NBA League Pass for CAD 20.16 ($14.99)/mo

What sports channels does FuboTV offer?

The mentioned Sports Channels are available on FuboTV for various plans.

FuboTV Pro FuboTV Elite FuboTV Ultimate FuboTV Latino Channel Add-ons
Golf Channel Big Ten Network beIN Sports ESPN Deportes Impact Wrestling
Olympic Channel Stadium TLC TyC Sports TVG2
CBS Sports Zona Futbol Fox Soul Fox Deportes NFL Network
Fox Sports 1 NBA TV CNBC GolTV Spanish NHL Network
beIN Sports Tennis Channel Discovery Zona Futbol Tennis Channel
ESPN2 MLB Network ESPN2 beIN Sports Tennis Channel
CBS NHL Network Olympic Channel NBA TV
Fox Sports 2 ESPNews NBCFox Fight Network
Big Ten Network ESPNU ABC MLB Network
NFL Network Zona Futbol

How to subscribe to FuboTV?

FuboTV and other streaming services are becoming a necessity in homes. FuboTV allows you to stream current events from around the world and locally. Your credit card and billing information are necessary if you plan to subscribe to fuboTV and sign up.

Here, we’ll walk you through the straightforward steps to order FuboTV packages:

  • Open the VPN (ExpressVPN), then join a US server. Try the New York server, which we recommend.
  • Launch any browser and go to the fuboTV website.
  • The “Start Free Trial” button should be clicked.
  • Input your email address and choose a password.
  • The packages and plans will come next. Choose the desired plan, then select “Start Free Trial.”
  • If you wish to add any extra bundles, choose the add-ons.
  • “Continue to Last Step” must be clicked.
  • Enter your credit card information and payment information.
  • Enjoy by clicking “Start Watching fuboTV.”

Note: American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and MasterCard debit cards are all accepted by fuboTV.

Can You Watch Local Networks on FuboTV?

In accordance with the viewer’s location, FuboTV provides local networks. Therefore, in most areas, you will have access to many local channels including Telemundo, NBC, and Fox. However, there are a few locations where you can also find CBS, CW, and ABC.

Does FuboTV stream in 4K?

Yes, the FuboTV Ultimate plan allows 4K streaming. Not all sporting events and channels, though, are offered in 4K. In addition, 4K movies and TV shows are available on FuboTV.

Which fuboTV Package is Best for You?

To choose the best fuboTV package for you in Canada, you must consider a number of factors. Add up the number of users in your home and their preferred content to determine which plan will offer the best value.

Both the DVR option and the video quality. The main justifications for purchasing a fuboTV subscription in Canada are as follows:

  • FuboTV networks
  • You prefer HD video quality when watching sports-related content.
  • Your home is full of users who want to watch content simultaneously on various devices.
  • On various devices, you would want to record and browse the content to stream when you’re not connected.
  • You should also check out some of the top movies and TV shows.

If you don’t watch much TV and only want to catch up on live sports, the fuboTV Pro plan, which costs CAD91.24 (US$69.99) per month, will do. The fuboTV Ultimate plan, on the other hand, is your best choice if you want to replace current your pay Tv membership with a live television streaming service.

This package includes 212 major channels, live and on-demand information, all major sporting events, the most recent news, and much more for CAD130.35 (US$99.99) per month. You have complete freedom to choose!


FuboTV is not free, sorry. However, a 7-day free trial with full access to all of its channels is available on fuboTV. You can decide which plan best suits you in the interim. After the free trial of fuboTV expires, the selected plan will be automatically charged to your account. The guide above includes prices and plans that you can review.

Yes, FuboTV has a price tag. For its customers, FuboTV offers a variety of subscription packages.

Sling TV is inferior to FuboTV. Sling TV has 51 channels, compared to FuboTV’s 109. You can also check Sling TV Subscription Cost.

FuboTV subscriptions no longer include the following six channels: History Channel, A&E, Lifetime, Vice,  FYI Channel, and Lifetime Movie Network are among the channels available.

Yes, the FuboTV app is available for free download on all of your devices.

Final Thoughts

We went into detail about how much fuboTV costs in Canada and all the unique packages it provides in this article. You can select from three plans that essentially differ in terms of price, the number of channels, and the content depending on your needs.

FuboTV leans heavily toward sports-related content, making it a top option for people looking for live TV streaming with a wide range of sports. If sports are your top priority, choose FuboTV without a doubt!

Now that you are aware of how much fuboTV costs per month in Canada, you can decide whether to pay on a monthly or annual basis.

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