Where and How to Watch Yellowstone season 5 in Canada

Yellow Stone Season 5

Yellowstone is one of the most-watched series on Paramount Network. Yellowstone Season 5 will premiere on Paramount Network on November 13, 2022. Unfortunately, the platform is only accessible in the US, but we’ll show you an easy way how to watch Yellowstone season 5 in Canada.

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Let’s see what the Montana family has in store for us this season. Read on to learn how to use a VPN:

How to Watch Yellowstone season 5 in Canada – [Easy Steps]

Follow these easy and quick steps to unblock Paramount Network and watch Yellowstone season 5 in Canada:

  • Install and subscribe to ExpressVPN on your selected device.
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  • Search for Yellowstone season 5 and enjoy.

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Where to Watch Yellowstone Season 5 in Canada?

You can watch season 5 of Yellowstone on Paramount Network. Unfortunately, it’s a US-only OTT platform and only be accessible if you live in the US. Therefore, if you live in Canada and want to watch Yellowstone season 5, we suggest you use a VPN like ExpressVPN to bypass the geo-restrictions set by the network.

You can also watch Yellowstone Season 5 via Paramount+ providers, check the list below:

Streaming Providers Monthly Subscription Charges
YouTube TV: $64.99/month
Fubo TV: $69.99/month
Philo: $25/month
Hulu: $69.99/month
Sling TV: $46/month
Direct TV: $69.99/month
Peacock: (only past seasons 1-4)

What’s the Release Date and Time of Yellowstone Season 5 in Canada?

Yellowstone season 5 episode 1 release date is November 13, 2022. As the season is divided into two parts, the first part premiered from November to December 2022. The second half of the season (Episodes 7-14) will appear on screens from January 8th to February 19th, 2023.

Yellowstone’s first season was released on June 20, 2018. Season four is the most-watched season of the network, and it is estimated that this season will break all records and be bigger and better.

So, get ExpressVPN now, if you have issues accessing Paramount Network in your region.

How many Episodes does Yellowstone Season 5 have?

Yellowstone Season 5 will have 14 episodes. The series will be released in two parts: in November and December and the second after the Christmas holiday in January and February.

There were ten episodes in the last three seasons; in season 1, there were only nine episodes. So this season will be longer than the usual one. Each new episode will air every Sunday at 8 pm ET.

Below is the schedule for both parts of Yellowstone Season 5:

Yellowstone Season 5 Part 1-2 Episode Guide (Full Schedule)

Yellowstone Season 5 Part 1 Episode Details Yellowstone Season 5 Part 2 Episode Details
Episode 1 (November 13, 2022)”One Hundred Years is Nothing” Episode 8 (January 08, 2023)
Episode 2 (November 13, 2022)”The Sting of Wisdom” Episode 9 (January 15, 2023)
Episode 3 (November 20, 2022)”Tall Drink of Water” Episode 10 (January 22, 2023)
Episode 4 (November 27, 2022)”Horses in Heaven” Episode 11 (January 29, 2023)
Episode 5 (December 4, 2022)”Watch’em Ride Away”Cigarettes, Whiskey, a Meadow and Fog” Episode 12 (February 5, 2023)
Episode 6 (December 11, 2022)“Cigarettes, Whiskey, a Meadow and You” Episode 13 (February 12, 2023)
Episode 7 (December 18, 2022)“The Dream Is Not Me” Episode 14 (February 19, 2023)

When is the Next Yellowstone Episode On? Season 5 Episode 8

Yellowstone season 5 is going to air its second part on Paramount+ and is releasing on January 8, 2023. The Time schedule is similar to the previous episodes; Every sunday at 08:00 p.m. ET.

Where can I Watch all Seasons of Yellowstone in Canada?

You can watch all seasons of Yellowstone in Canada on Paramount Network with an ExpressVPN subscription. You can watch the episodes in Canada live at the same time that it airs in the USA.

So get your ExpressVPN subscription today and if you want to watch all the Seasons of, Yellowstone Season 1, Yellowstone Season 2, Yellowstone Season 3, and Yellowstone Season 4.

How to Watch Yellowstone Season 5 for Free in Canada without cable?

If you don’t have a cable TV option to watch Yellowstone Season 5 in Canada, try Paramount Network for free for 30 days and watch as many shows as you want. After your free trial period expires, your monthly charge will be $9.99/month, or if you opt for a yearly subscription, you’ll be charged $99.99.

You should be aware; however, that residing outside of the United States will automatically cost you the amount of a VPN subscription in order to access all the episodes in Canada.

What’s going to happen in Yellowstone Season 5?

Yellowstone Season 4 ended on a cliffhanger, and even the trailer for Season 5 got millions of views in just 24 hours. The series will pick from where it ended in season 4.

John will be elected as the new Governor of Montana and will do his best to get hold of Yellowstone ranch. He makes Beth the new chief of staff of Montana.

This season will be epic and full of action as Caroline Warner is all set to take down the Duttons. We will see many new faces as well. Get a VPN to watch Yellowstone season 5 in Canada on Paramount Network on November 13, 2022. 

Keep reading to find out more about Yellowstone Season 5

Meet the New Yellowstone Season 5 Cast Members

Yellowstone season 5 cast includes:

Kevin Costner, aka John Dutton Ian Bohen, aka Ryan
Wes Bentley, aka Jamie Dutton Finn Little, aka Carter
Kelly Reilly, aka Beth Dutton Forrie J. Smith, aka Lloyd Pierce
Brecken Merrill, aka Tate Dutton Ryan Bingham, aka Walker
Luke Grimes, aka Kayce Dutton Kelsey Asbille, aka Monica Dutton
Jefferson White, aka Jimmy Hurdstrom Denim Richards, aka Colby
Cole Hauser, aka Rip Wheeler Jen Landon, akaTeeter

Who does Lainey Wilson Play in Yellowstone?

Lainey Wilson plays the role of a country singer. Her character is named Abby in Yellowstone season 5.

Who are the new characters in Yellowstone Season 5?

The new characters in Yellowstone Season 5 are Kai Caster, Lilli Kay, and Dawn Olivieri. As per the recent reports, Olivieri will join the cast as a ‘confident corporate shark – a new arrival to Montana. It sounds like a perfect sparring partner for Beth.

Is Yellowstone Season 5 based on a true story?

No, Yellowstone is a fictionalized series written by John Linson and Taylor Sheridan rather than being based on a real-life event or book. The difficulties that contemporary cowboys encounter and the problems that ranchers have experienced throughout history served as inspiration for the co-creators.

What do Fans Predict about Yellowstone Season 5?

Yellowstone fans are highly anticipated and already predicted a few of the major turns and twists regarding Season 5. We’ve listed them down below:

1- Jamie is the next villain for the ranch family. (one of the strongest predictions from fans)
2- Dutton dies and the ranch suffers extreme losses.
3- Jamie becomes the new governor after the death of Dutton.
4- Jimmy and Emily tie the knot.
5- Kayce and Monica separate for a good reason.

Visit Paramount+ in Canada now by using ExpressVPN’s US server and let’s find out which fan predictions will come true.

How many spinoffs of Yellowstone are there?

There are three spinoffs of Yellowstone. The show’s creators announced a multi-project contract/arrangement with Paramount Network in early 2021.  This arrangement includes spinoffs plus western-themed shows.

Where was Yellowstone Season 5 filmed?

Yellowstone Season 5 was filmed in Montana and around different parts of the US, but most of the shooting was done in Montana. The filming started on May 16, 2022, and the show will premiere on November 13, 2022, at 8 pm ET, after almost six months.

How to watch Yellowstone season 5 free online in Canada?

You can watch Yellowstone season 5 for free on Paramount Network, as this OTT Platform offers a free one-month trial. So you can signup and can easily watch Yellowstone for free. If you like their service, you can pay as it is pretty affordable, only $4.99 monthly.

Where Can I watch Previous Seasons of Yellowstone?

Yellowstone Season 1 to 4 is available to watch on Peacock in the US, and on Paramount+ in the UK and Canada.

What is Yellowstone’s IMDb Rating?

According to the IMDb rating, 136,599 users have given this film a weighted average ranking of 8.7 out of 10. This rating is considered to be one of the excellent IMDb scores.

What is Yellowstone’s Rotten Tomatoes Rating?

According to the Rotten Tomatoes ratings for Yellowstone72% out of 100 is the average audience score, and 83% is the average Tomatometer.

How Long is Yellowstone Season 5?

The chapters of Yellowstone Season 5 were created specifically for the hour-long TV format, with the exception of the first episode, which was a two-hour television extravaganza.

Yellowstone Season 5 Trailer

Yes, there is a Yellowstone season 5 trailer. It’s confirmed by a news source that the trailer was released by the network one month ago. The trailer looks promising and has already crossed 3.2 Million views in just a month. You can watch Yellowstone season 4 or previous seasons if you still need to. It is an underrated gem, and we 10/10 recommend you watch this.

Why is Yellowstone Season 5 Worth-Watching?

The fifth season of the popular neo-Western show Yellowstone has broken rating records across all categories. Over 12.1 million viewers tuned in to witness the Season 5 premiere of the Taylor Sheridan and John Linson-created series on Sunday, November 13—a huge rise in viewers over the previous season.

Since the series has been a success both critically and commercially from the beginning, it is not surprising that the much-awaited Season 5 has begun with a great start.

Yellowstone Season 5 Soundtracks for All Episodes

The title “Yellowstone” is also the title of its theme song which is composed by Bryan Tyler. The song has zero lyrics but a very dramatic and suspenseful rhythmic combination is all about what it deserves.

Besides the theme song, various other hit collection is also part of the entire Yellowstone series. Isaac Hoskins, Zack Bryan, and Yellowstone’s actors, including, Lainey Wilson and Ryan Bingham also contributed their magical music in Season 5.

Here are all 33 songs of Yellowstone Season 5::

1- Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 1 Soundtracks:

Fire in the Ocean, Alex, and Dance the Night away by Shane Smith & The Saints, Shades of Gray by Robert Earl Keen, Mule Skinner Blues by Dolly Parton, Happy Hour by Hayes Carll, and Whiskey Fever by Zach Bryan.

2- Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 2 Soundtracks:

Nocturne by Frederic Francois and Cosmopolitan by Andrew Ezrin & Chris Hajian

3- Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 3 Soundtracks:

Willie Nelson’s Wall by Vincent Neil, Off the Wagon by Isaac Hoskins, and It’s ‘Cause I Am by Callista Clark.

4- Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 4 Soundtracks:

New Friends by Lainey Wilson and The Good I’ll Do by Zach Bryan.

5- Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 5 Soundtracks:

Intertwine by Senora May and Far From Home by Aubrie Sellers.

6- Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 6 Soundtracks:

Nobody Knows My Trouble by Ryan Bingham, Factories, Farms & Amphetamines and Wrong Side of the River by Myron, Hold My Halo and Watermelon Moonshine by Lainey, One Good Decision by Cody Jinks, and H-Town Turnaround by Isaac Hoskins.

7- Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 7 Soundtracks:

Mountain Song by Flatland Calvary and Let it Out by L.A. Edwards.

Yellowstone Season 6 Release Date Speculation & Renewal Status

Although Yellowstone has not yet received a formal renewal for a sixth season, it is expected to happen in 2023 given how frequently new seasons are released. It’s probable that an announcement will be made near the end of Season 5, which is now airing.

According to Cole Hauser, the actor stated, in the premiere of Season 5, “This is not the end, and there will be more of it. The sixth season is already in its making and will surely be on screens soon.”

Why is ExpressVPN the Recommended VPN to watch Yellowstone Season 5 in Canada?

ExpressVPN is the recommended VPN to watch Yellowstone season 5 in Canada because it provides effective, reliable, and trusted VPN services for bypassing geo-blocked video put by streaming providers like Paramount network.

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Yellowstone Season 5


Yes, users can purchase Yellowstone season 5 by visiting Amazon Prime’s website. Episodes from all the previous and latest seasons are now available on the platform.
We can’t say for sure. But, if you want to watch Yellowstone season 5 live outside USA, then you can do it through Paramount Network’s website and app.
You can watch Yellowstone season 5 absolutely free on Paramount Network using its 24-hour pass.
Yes, you will be able to stream Yellowstone season 5 on Peacock. Since NBCUniversal purchased the streaming rights of Yellowstone in 2020, the first four seasons of the TV show are already available for streaming on the platform.

Wrap Up

Yellowstone is set to release on the US-based platform Paramount Network on November 13, 2022. Unfortunately, as it will release on the US platform, you cannot watch it if you don’t reside there, but don’t worry. We have you covered.

You can use a VPN to unblock and access Paramount Network and watch Yellowstone Season 5 in Canada. We have tested 20+ VPNs, but ExpressVPN works best with Paramount Network.

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