Best Shows On Vudu To Watch In Canada! [Most-Updated]


Looking for an all-in-one solution for your extensive entertainment needs? Clueless about what to watch when friends or family come over?

Vudu is your one-word answer to all these questions. It is an American streaming platform that allows you to choose movies or shows from a list of many loved ones. The ownership rights of this video store belong to Fandango Media, which has its colorful history attached to it.

Vudu is one of the very few entertainment services that allows customers to use it without any payments or even the creation of a login account. However, it impresses the users enough that they opt to buy a paid subscription, offering far more movies, show choices, and ad-free service.

Although Vudu is not available for users in Canada, you can access it by using top-quality VPNs like Express VPN. Here we have some tips for you on how to watch Vudu in Canada.

Standing up to improvement, Vudu’s customer list has been increasing rapidly over the years. The next question in your head would be, what to watch on Vudu? That is also not that big a deal.

You sure want to start your Vudu experience with shows that are most watched and potentially lovable for you. Therefore, we have brought together the best shows on Vudu list to keep you updated with what’s ranking on the platform. Read the descriptions and select your match!

The following is the list of the best shows on Vudu that are a must-watch if you have a Vudu subscription. Make a list of your own while going through these shows to ensure you do not miss a potential likable show. Let’s get started!

10 Best Shows On Vudu

Here are the details of 10 best shows on Vudu you can watch in Canada:

  1. 3rd Rock From The Sun (1996-2001)
  2. Heartland (2007- Till Now)
  3. Doc Martin (2004-2022)
  4. Blue Mountain State (2010-2011)
  5. Death Note (2006-2007)
  6. Shameless (2011-2021)
  7. Hunter X Hunter (2011-2014)
  8. Laura McKenzie’s Traveler (2003- Till Now)
  9. Kitchen Nightmares (2007-2014)
  10. Up From Slavery (2011- Till Now)

3rd Rock From The Sun (1996-2001)


Directors: James Burrows, Robert Berlinger, Terry Hughes

Writers: Christine Zander, Terry Turner, Bonnie Turner, Bob Kushell

Cast: French Stewart, Kristen Johnston, Jane Curtin, John Lithgow, Wayne Knight, Elmarie Wendel, Simbi Kali, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Danielle Nicolet, David DeLuise, Chris Hogan

Genre: Sci-Fi, Family, Comedy

Runtime: 1h

IMDb Rating: 7.8 /10

3rd Rock From The Sun is one of the most hilarious and touching shows in television history. Alien visitors come to Earth, posing as a stereotypical middle-aged college professor’s family, and are soon thrown into a world unprepared for them.

Each group member has an unusual reaction to every situation, which gives it a hilarious touch. These extraterrestrials land on the Earth in a crash with humanity but soon learn about the humans from their point of view. Their approach toward the residents of Earth goes under a revolution.

Heartland (2007- Till Now)


Directors: Eleanore Lindo, Grant Harvey, Chris Potter, Dean Bennett

Writers: Mark Haroun, Heather Conkie, Lauren Brooke, Ken Craw

Cast: Chris Potter, Michelle Morgan, Shaun Johnston, Amber Marshall, Jessica Steen, Kerry James, Alisha Newton, Graham Wardle, Nathaniel Arcand, Gabriel Hogan, Jessica Amlee

Genre: Family, Drama

Runtime: 45m

IMDb Rating: 8.4 /10

A multi-generational tale of love, loss, and sacrifice set in Alberta, Canada, and centered on the family unit. Heartland focuses on a family’s struggle to overcome their struggles to ensure their kids’ happiness. As one of the best shows on Vudu, this series is wonderfully quirky and filled with humor and heart.

This saga details McColls’ times as young people struggling to find their way in the world, falling in love, raising children, and dealing with life’s ups and downs. It’s a story about love and misunderstandings, sacrifice, and scandal. A tale of wrestling with faith, passion, violence, and forgiveness.

Doc Martin (2004-2022)


Directors: Charlie Palmer, Paul Seed, Nigel Cole, Ben Bolt

Writers: Jack Lothian, Craig Ferguson, Mark Crowdy, Dominic Minghella

Cast: Joe Absolom, Ian McNeice, Caroline Catz, Martin Clunes, Eileen Atkins, Jessica Ransom, Selina Cadell, John Marquez, Buffy Davis, Stewart Wright, Stephanie Cole, Rory Wilton

Genre: Romance, Drama, Comedy

Runtime: 46m

IMDb Rating: 8.4 /10

In a small, picturesque English town where nothing worrisome ever happens, you might think that life is idyllic. But for Dr. Martin Ellingham, that’s not the case. Having moved to the eye-soothing village of PortWenn in Cornwall, Dr. Ellingham finds life dull – and lonely.

As a socially challenged doctor, most of his interactions put him at unease, but there is no way he could get out of this uncomfortable situation. Qualifying as one of the best shows on Vudu, this show has more to offer than meets the eye.

It is not only a comedy drama but also leaves you with many lessons that will benefit you if you keep holding on to them in the long run.

Blue Mountain State (2010-2011)


Directors: Lev L. Spiro, Jay Chandrasekhar, Clark Mathis, John Fortenberry

Writers: J.D. Ryznar, Drew Hancock, Chris Romano, Eric Falconer

Cast: Ed Marinaro, Chris Romano, Alan Ritchson, Darin Brooks, James Cade, Rob Ramsay, Omari Newton, Kwasi Songui, Gabrielle Dennis, Frankie Shaw, Denise Richards, Karl Dorcin

Genre: Sport, Comedy

Runtime: 22m

IMDb Rating: 8.3 /10

In his quest to become the ultimate Blue Mountain State, Alex Moran follows a group of misfit athletes through their trials and tribulations in a small college town. The gang’s success is more than just about football; it’s about building friendships that last for life.

Blue Mountain State is a hilarious and irreverent portrayal of the world of college football from behind-the-scenes. The show displays that the gang’s success is more than just about football; it’s about building friendships that last for life. What else does one want in the best shows on Vudu?

Death Note (2006-2007)


Directors: Makoto Bessho, Mitsuhiro Yoneda, Tomohiko Itô, Tetsurô Araki

Writers: Takeshi Obata, Toshiki Inoue, Gracie P. Aylward, Shôji Yonemura

Cast: Ryô Naitô, Vincent Tong, Brad Swaile, Mamoru Miyano, Chris Britton, Naoya Uchida, Brian Drummond, Trevor Devall, Aya Hirano, Keiji Fujiwara, Kazuya Nakai, John Murphy

Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Crime

Runtime: 24m

IMDb Rating: 9.0 /10

Imagine a notebook that has the ability to kill anyone whose name is written on its pages. Nearing the end of his century-long lifespan, Light Yagami meets the proprietor of a used bookstore and purchases a particular Death Note from him.

After outwitting the investigators sent after him, Light begins an underground movement as he sets about on a top-secret mission to rid the world of evil. The international authorities soon realize the importance of keeping the book away from Yagami, and they hire L, a brilliant detective, to work the case.

If you are an Anime watcher, then you must watch all episodes of Naruto Shippuden on Netflix.

Shameless (2011-2021)


Directors: Mark Mylod, Iain B. MacDonald, Sanaa Hamri, Zetna Fuentes

Writers: Nancy M. Pimental, John Wells, Paul Abbott, LaToya Morgan

Cast: Jeremy Allen White, Ethan Cutkosky, William H. Macy, Emmy Rossum, Cameron Monaghan, Emma Kenney, Steve Howey, Shanola Hampton, Brenden Sims, Jim Hoffmaster

Genre: Drama, Comedy

Runtime: 46m

IMDb Rating: 8.6 /10

Even with a lot on her plate, Fiona’s flashbacks to her home life as a child can be a bit over-the-top for some audiences. The Gallagher family is full of Irish stereotypes and exaggerated reactions. But no matter how crazy things get, one thing is certain: They have each other’s backs.

The Irish American family is faced with everything from overbearing authority figures to drunken parents and siblings to local gang members threatening their existence. They can turn to no one but themselves. Follow each of their journeys as they try to make their way in life regardless of obstacles thrown in their path.

Hunter X Hunter (2011-2014)


Directors: Tony Oliver, Hiroshi Kojima

Writers: Fumiyo Sakai, Joel McDonald, Yoshihiro Togashi

Cast: Mariya Ise, Christina Valenzuela, Megumi Han, Issei Futamata, Miyuki Sawashiro, Erika Harlacher, Erica Mendez, Michale McConnohie, Keith Silverstein, Matthew Mercer

Genre: Adventure, Action, Animation

Runtime: 24m

IMDb Rating: 9.0 /10

Gon is an ordinary boy with big dreams. At age 14, he discovers he has enormous strength and decides to pursue his dream of seeking the great Hunter Exam. Now, he must face betrayal, monsters, and the dreaded Mafia, who want to eliminate him and another of their kind.

Alongside his friends for support, he starts his hard training sessions. While making steady progress, he ultimately faces a difficult decision when he discovers his mother’s secret. This show has all the drama and thrills you want the best shows on Vudu to contain.

You must check out the Animated Action show on CW in Canada.

Laura McKenzie’s Traveler (2003- Till Now)


Director: David McKenzie

Writers: Bobbi Conway, Laura McKenzie, Lindsay Stone Isom

Cast: Laura McKenzie

Genre: Reality-TV, History, Biography

Runtime: 28m

IMDb Rating: 7.6 /10

Get ready to join Laura McKenzie on her adventures! Her travel guides are filled with humor, advice, and practical information. Whether planning your next trip or deciding where to start, Laura gives a personal, relevant perspective that helps make traveling fun again.

Whether it’s a trip to exotic Thailand or exciting Europe, Laura’s love of travel is contagious. With her infectious laughter and easygoing style, this new series will have you feeling like a VIP by the end of every episode!

Kitchen Nightmares (2007-2014)


Directors: Mark S. Jacobs, Brad Kreisberg, Jay Hunter, Sharon Trojan Hollinger

Cast: Michael Cabbibo, Kim Seeley, Arthur Smith, Gordon Ramsay, Scott Leibfried, J.V. Martin, Marc I. Daniels, Gordon Kennedy, Chris Snee, James Koshak, Elizabeth Ann Koshak

Genre: Reality-TV

Runtime: 1h

IMDb Rating: 7.5 /10

Watch Kitchen Nightmares, an American reality television series on Vudu. Gordon Ramsay’s American Kitchen Nightmares follows the chef as he travels throughout America and attempts to help struggling restaurants become the best in their areas.

During his stay, Ramsay meets with the owners, manages his staff, and cooks with the chefs to get to know them better. In this way, he spots problems that need to be fixed immediately or could damage their business further down the road.

He ultimately challenges his skills and knowledge as a chef and uses his influence in the kitchen to turn around failing establishments.

Up From Slavery (2011- Till Now)


Director: Kevin R. Hershberger

Writer: Baron Blakley

Cast: Byron Coolie, Karla Brown, Ronald Brown II, Coby Batty, Tamon Epps,Pheola Epps, Keydron Dunn, James Davis, Jonathan Failor, Danielle Failor, Tianna Epps, Ebony Etheridge

Genre: History, Biography, Documentary

Runtime: 45m

IMDb Rating: 7.3 /10

This history of slavery in the United States is a robust accounting of how and why human beings had to be bought, owned, and forced to work. Although only a fraction of that number could be held at one time, many more were family members.

In 1860, there were over four million enslaved people in the United States. This documentary deals with the time after the civil war when the US grappled with the painful legacy of slavery.

Several southern states passed slave codes and slave laws as they tried to regulate matters such as marriage, property ownership, and manumission.

Follow this insightful series to develop your stance on slavery and add to your knowledge of where you currently reside.


We finally come to an end! This is the list of best shows on Vudu right now. You may expect some changes to be introduced to the list soon because Vudu keeps on updating its show selection from time to time.

Hopefully, you have kept a separate list of your own to remember which shows you liked and would like to stream first of all. Grab your snacks, make yourself cups of coffee, bring out iced sodas and drag a bin near you to avoid messes. Your experience starts here! Enjoy!

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