How To Get Peacock TV Free Trial [February-Guide]


Are you tired of the same old television programs and films that are accessible in your area? Or would you like to see some channels that your ISP limits? If so, you must try and obtain a Peacock TV Free Trial today!

Peacock is an online streaming provider that enables customers to view their classic and favorite movies and television shows from anywhere in the world. This platform contains over 15,000 materials of various genres.

However, the vast programming library of Peacock TV cannot be accessible in Canada. To get around the geo-restriction, a reliable VPN is required to watch Peacock TV in Canada.

After knowing what Peacock has to offer, the question now is, “Does Peacock TV have a free trial’

Luckily, YES! Unlike other major streaming platforms like Netflix, Peacock provides such a treat to new and potential clients. This free trial allows them to watch its available contents prior to purchasing a premium membership. With this trial version, you may view Peacock TV material without strings attached.

Peacock can be activated by following the steps on their apps- Android app or iOS app. But you can also do so through Peacock’s official website, as well as on Apple TV, Roku, and other devices.

In addition, some customers from different regions claimed they were not offered the chance to enjoy the free trial, and others claimed they were billed after the trial period concluded. Prior to November of 2021, Peacock did not offer free trials, but it now does.

In this blog, I’ll lay out every detail for you. In the end, you’ll get to have a comprehensive guide on how to get a 7-day free trial or even a 3-month free trial through a third-party service. Read on.

How Can I Get Peacock TV’s 7-Day Free Trial?

To qualify for a free trial of Peacock TV, you need to be an eligible first-time user. Please follow the instructions below to begin your 7-day free trial with the help of the best VPN for Peacock TV.

  1. Subscribe to a premium VPN. We recommend ExpressVPN.
  2. Connect to the US server. We recommend the New York server.
  3. Visit the official website for Peacock TV.
  4. Scroll to the end of the home page to locate the section “Upgrade for More.”
  5. Select “Discover Peacock Premium”
  6. Now choose a premium package.
  7. Using the provided email address, establish a new account.
  8. Now, review and accept the terms of service and privacy policy.
  9. Select “Create Account.”
  10. Confirm your payment details
  11. Finally, click the “Pay Now” button to begin your 7-day free trial.

As soon as these steps are completed, Peacock Premium will start your 7-day free trial. Available for free viewing are your favorite films, television programs, athletic events, such as the French Open Tennis, and more.

How Can I Get Peacock TV’s 3-Months Free Trial?

NBCUniversal previously sponsored a free three-month trial of Peacock to encourage users to sign up. However, this offer is no longer valid.

The 3-month free trial was also offered previously for Android users. Google partnered with Comcast to provide Android users with this privilege. They only need an Android phone, tablet, or Android TV, and they’ll receive three free months of service.

The caveat is that this promotion has already expired. Therefore you cannot join up for a free 3-month subscription to Peacock Premium.

Today, if you sign up for Peacock with or without using an Android device, you will receive the standard seven-day free trial. This is essentially the norm for streaming providers.

Then, if you wish to continue subscribing to Peacock beyond the initial three-month period, you must cancel your subscription. Otherwise, it will be charged to your account.

How To Get Peacock Premium Free With Xfinity & Cox?

To get Peacock Premium free with Xfinity & Cox, follow these steps:

  1. You only need to link your Xfinity account or Cox account to Peacock.
  2. Log in to your Peacock account.
  3. Then, navigate to the Peacock Premium website and click the “Account link”.

For the validity of your Xfinity or Cox subscription, Peacock Premium is included at no additional cost. AT&T also provides complimentary HBO Max for subscribers. This guide allows access to all Peacock content, including the excellent movies on Peacock TV.

NOTE: You must be an existing Cox or Xfinity subscriber to be eligible for a free Peacock Premium account.

What New Can You Watch on Peacock in 2024 in Canada?

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Peacock Free is an ad-supported service that provides on-demand streaming of a restricted number of seasons and episodes. As the name suggests, it has no fee, unlike the premium plan.

On the flip side, Peacock Premium expands the program’s library to include full seasons of every show on demand, in addition, to live sports matches, exclusive content, and current NBC series that have been updated.

Peacock Premium removes the majority of ads from content (some movies, shows, and matches will still have brief ads.)

Users of Peacock Premium can view new original content, including Botched, Bates Motel, Punky Brewster, Girls5Eva, Difficult People, Saved by the Bell, Rutherford Falls, and The Real Housewives.

Basically, a Peacock Premium Plan is an all-access ticket to everything that Peacock has to offer.

No, you cannot watch WWE on Peacock Free Trial. While Peacock has become the streaming platform where WWE chose to move its content before it shut down in April 2021, the same is only available with a Premium Plan.

Upgrade to Peacock Premium to access all WWE Premium Live Events, original series, ground-breaking documentaries, and your top shows from the WWE Archives. Choose a Premium Plan when creating a new account or upgrading.

You may also modify or upgrade your current plan at any time. Please note that, depending on your plan, selecting a Premium plan will include a recurring fee. You may cancel your Premium subscription at any time through your Peacock Account. Still have Questions? Visit Help.

The free tier of Peacock contains 7,500 hours of programming (supported by advertisements), including instant next-day access to all the newest episodes of NBC shows, as well as a rotating schedule of diverse television series and blockbuster hit movies.

Specifically, NBC and Telemundo are free channel networks available on Peacock. These channels provide news, sports, and popular culture programs, as well as more than 30 genre-specific channels with live news from Sky News and NBC News Now.


Peacock TV is offering a seven-day Peacock TV free trial. Claiming this offer is easy. Simply go to Peacock’s website or app, choose a premium plan, and enter your email address.

You can also subscribe to Cox and Xfinity to get Peacock Premium for free by linking the apps. If you are having trouble to access Peacock check the best VPN for Peacock TV which can allow you to access it in Canada.

Additionally, you may cancel your subscription at any time within the Peacock TV free trial period and want as many and television series as you want.

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